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Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV sedan unveiled, Expected Range 482km

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Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV sedan unveiled, Expected Range 482km

Hyundai ioniq 6ev sedan unveiled expected range 482 kilometers we’ll have to see if the rest of it holds up we’ve been extremely curious about what hyundai’s follow-up to the smash hit ionic 5 will look like while we don’t have any powertrain specifics this is the new design the hyundai ioniq 6 has evolved from the drop dead gorgeous prophecy concept given the

Upscale looks of that concept we were a bit worried the real steel car would disappoint especially on the heels of a looker like the ionic five that follow-up sequel is always the hardest one second before we start the video kindly subscribe to this channel that will motivate us to make more videos like this your support is very important for us only you can help

Us to reach the next milestone now let’s get started happily hyundai seems to have found a groove this is a radical departure from the design language of the five but the ionic 6 still rests on the brand’s egmp ev architecture which also sits under kia’s ev6 as a result we do know this car will have the 800 v fast charging found in current hyundai evs but we’re

Here for the design and the camera mirrors for now we’ll spill what we do know about the ionic sxs specs given that shared architecture we should be able to get pretty close if we assume that this is basically a new ionic five with some different bodywork laid over it the picture gets a hair clearer at its hottest the five makes 320 horsepower and 446 lb ft of

Torque via two electric motors that should also mean a range of around 250 or so miles unless hyundai’s battery tech has taken a massive leap since the last time it launched an ev speaking of the five we now also know how big this car will be it’ll be roughly the same size as the five but with a much lower roof line wheel to wheel the ionic six measures 116.1

Inches to the fives 118.1 with the ev6 coming in at 114 114.1 inches still a nice low flat battery pack means that occupants both front and rear will have ample legroom as for the design itself we see a lot of porsche influence there’s that pixelated whale tail spoiler that’s right off a 911 so is that hood line and the rear is very bmw six series from a few

Years back of course the concept cars influence remains especially in the lights and at the rear inside infotainment is handled by two 12-inch displays sitting side by side unfortunately we americans will have to live with plebeian glass rear-view mirrors not the cool cameras our country is a tad regressive like that regardless that means the screens for the

Mirrors won’t take up dash space it’ll be interesting to see how that’s managed the wheel might look familiar but those four pixels probably won’t those change color based on what you’re doing with the car for example they’ll flash white to indicate voice control is working and green if you’ve got the car plugged in hyundai says a total of two trim levels will

Be on offer for the model and both will make heavy use of your standard socially aware sustainable materials like recycled plastics and leather dyed using flaxseed oil happily the ambient lighting you see here is standard we imagine there will also be some more meaningful upgrades for the higher trim which will be revealed in detail when the car officially debuts

Those sustainable materials also make their way outside with twelve paint colors available two of them will use bamboo charcoal pigments to create a gold or green matte finish for now only two will options are available an 18 inch and 21 inch wheel this being at the design reveal and not the real thing we’re not sure what pricing will look like however based on

This car’s size and market positioning we’d say the tesla model three needs to be just a bit worried with those fast running up past fifty thousand dollars we’d imagine hyundai will want to undercut musk pricing the car somewhere north of forty seven thousand dollars and thus just under the model three for now we’re going to have to sit tight and wait for more

Info from hyundai when it comes given the rate at which the brand is both releasing info and teasing the car we’d imagine that it won’t be long what do you think about this let me know this by commenting below i would love to see them i can go through your comments and share my feedback thanks for watching this video completely kindly subscribe to this channel

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