Hyundai Ioniq 6 :: What Youve Been Waiting For.

So it’s starting to feel like that EV future we’ve all been dreaming about has arrived. This is what was promised 5 -10 years ago. So what is it, how is it, and is it the future?

All right i gotta say it’s actually very refreshing to see a brand spanking new ev that’s a not an suv or some crossover sort of thing and b just downright weird and bizarre mostly in a good way though yep there is something different and new set to land on our shores from a far away place called south korea and what can i say this thing is actually pretty cool

What’s up motorheads and welcome back to gearbox pizza if you haven’t noticed we’re sort of into all kinds of weird stuff so today’s oddball electrified streamliner just sort of fits in with the rest of the misfits and the outcasts right hang with us for a few as we take a look at the james dean of k-pop of evs that almost made no sense anyway so this is the honda

Ionic six and you’re most likely already familiar with the ionic five that is unless the youtube algorithm is done lost its mind again but if that’s the case you probably didn’t make it this far anyway so all right so this guy well the six has a wheelbase that’s two inches shorter than the boxy ionic five but it’s almost nine inches longer mega tapered on both

Ends with this pretty cool boat tail style booty that’s sure to turn some heads this shape yeah i mean i think it’s sort of sexy right yeah it’s also functional because boy is this thing slippery like a half used motel sized bar of dove soap how slippery you say how’s the drag coefficient of just .21 and that’s just about as good as that benzo eqs the difference

Here though is that the ionic 6 actually has some real personality yes pretty sexy while the eqs is about as exciting as just about any aspect or the entirety of the sport of golf or like a warm 45 minute nap either or yep so props to the the design team on this one and as you’d expect anything this slippery is going to be all sorts of money in the efficiency and

Range department and that’s very much true here the ionix 6 is just way more efficient than that boxy ionic 5. check it honda is saying that the rear drive version with the big boy 77 kilowatt hour battery is going to get you over 610 kilometers or more importantly well maybe maybe not more importantly oh my i better stop this okay 378 miles of range yeah that is

Some serious range right there i mean these days anything you can round up to like 400 miles of range well that’s sort of an elite club usually reserved for mega expensive land yachts and such now this isn’t all due to the slippery shape as the honda engineers well they’ve also said that the six benefits from several powertrain optimization developments including

Some next-gen semiconductors in the inverter reworked motors that feature hairpin windings whatever that is and as well as re-optimize motor operations when you’re swapping between single and dual motors alright so what do you guys think so far i mean not too bad right well let’s keep going so the motor options are looking very familiar to the ioniq fives offerings

Because both cars are built on the same platform that’s called electric global modular platform i mean that’s a bit of a mouthful and to be honest not that fun so i don’t know why not have some fun here when you’re naming your platforms i mean i don’t know steve let’s just rename their platform steve i mean it’s better well maybe it’s not it’s funnier anyway i think

Anyway the dual motor matches that of the ionic 5 with 321 horsepower and a solid 446 pound-feet of torque yeah it’s plenty of go for the money if you ask me actually it’s a you know it’s pretty crazy that we live in an age where over 300 horsepower and over 400 pound-feet of torque is sort of borderline forgettable i mean it was not that long ago where numbers like

This were reserved for serious sports cars but bam here we are what a time to be alive my dudes also like the ionic 5 there’s going to be two battery options if you’re looking for the rear drive only model you can choose from the smaller 53 kilowatt hour battery or step up to that big boy 77 kilowatt hour battery because not only do you want it dude you deserve it

You’ve been crushing it for like three years treat yourself my man trust me i mean you ever looked back and said man i wish i would have wouldn’t have gotten the fast one anyway speaking of fast ones if you’re good to yourself and you go with the all-wheel drive you just have to get the big battery as it’s not even offered with a small battery which personally i’m

Good with again like the ionic 5 the 6 is built on that 800 volt architecture that’ll let you juice this guy up from 10 to 80 in just 18 minutes that is if you can find the fast charger that actually works and one that can dish out 350 kilowatts of power i mean look don’t get me started on the state of public charges i’m in a good mood today i’d like to stay that

Way all right on to the inside and things are nice here also and as you’d expect this is kind of familiar with the ionic 5 in a way it’s just kind of sexier i don’t know you ever see a pair of twins that sort of look the same but ones just a little bit more attractive and the other one just i don’t know just kind of gets into that cheese dip a little too much well

I don’t know sort of the same thing here i guess anyway there’s not much info out there on the price but expect this to come in at a slight premium over the ionic 5 which is already priced pretty well man i remember a few years ago looking forward to when we’ll get some seriously cool ev options out there that are not only stylish but pretty quick and fun to drive

And have range that more or less equals that of most gas cars and just won’t destroy your bank account you see the thing about the future it’s sort of just happening all around us in like slow motion and unless you’ve suddenly awoken from a coma you really have to focus on noticing it yep the future is here dudes let’s rejoice

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