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Hard not to put this at the top of the list for new electric cars. An excellent machine, very sophisticated and cheaper than a 30kWh Nissan Leaf.

Hello welcome fully-charged a very exciting morning we’re in a high under eye on ich 100% electric car it’s the first time i driven this is genuinely the first time it’s moved under my command like that i was like that moment and we’ve been with that we’ve come to a high undyed car launch it’s kind of a bit a little bit at the moment isn’t an engine running

Because this is purely electric but we’re on a cobbled alleyway next to an old liverpool warehouse in the docks which is now a really really posh hotel the titanic so we’re launching away we’re launching from the titanic thankfully we’re not in the titanic because apparently that wasn’t such a good journey we’re going on a drive up into north wales now well

Actually because we’re in liverpool we’re going for a drive down to north wales i suppose that’s probably more accurate if you all the other drivers that are using these cars today are professional proper you really stat hungry proper motor journalists and so they’ll you’ll probably ought to read some of their reviews in future which would be really good really

Professional and you can add that to the slightly more casual approach that i have produce so this is a lecture car it has a twenty eight two kilowatt hour battery pack this is the pure electric version there are three versions the pure electric the plug-in hybrid and the hybrid the electric and the hybrid will be available by the time you see this they’re on

Sale in this country now so 28 kilowatt-hour battery though is considerably bigger than the first generation of electric cars that came out which usually had 22 to 24 color averages nissan leaf 24 renault zoe 22 and so this has a range what they are telling me are that what they claim is over as about 140 miles they’re saying i would say because what’s going

On on that on the dash here it’s telling me 131 miles range at present you know that because the first generation leaf the one belief the idrive still to this day had an advertised range of 100 the realistic range was about 90 when it was brand new 80 85 realistically in all weathers 80 in the winter where is this even if you were driving it in hills in the

Rain in the cold would clearly have arranged well over 100 miles which is a great that’s a dip it’s extraordinary how much difference that that makes it doesn’t sound like a lot i wait a minute no yes ah yes so it’s having to go this is extrordinary this is a genuine surprise so one of the technicians from my home and i went through the basics of the car for

Me and it’s all fairly straightforward you know it’s got cruise control it’s got sat-nav it but then i thought i’d switched on the cruise control which i think i have and it started steering itself i didn’t know they didn’t tell me that i mean it’s kind of keeping it in the lane it doesn’t quite do it so i’m keeping my hands ready so we’re coming up to a curve

Now it’s going say that’s telling me it’s going out of the lane it’s not tesla autopilot it doesn’t steer round but it kind of keeps you in the lane so it’s assisting you it’s actually rather a good system so you have to drive it you have to steer it but a lot of the kind of intricate sort of constantly balancing in the lane that’s doing that all the time it’s

Constantly adjusting itself now i’m not doing i’m not moving it then it goes out now it can’t see what there’s not very good white lines here so it’s a bit lost but that’s a big surprise i really didn’t think i had no idea no one told me that they kept that they’re keeping that secret it’s probably just as well not to tell journalists who are driving cars for

The first time oh it’ll steer itself because it doesn’t but the other really good one and this is i’ve already raved about this in the beer in the mercedes when it has adaptive regenerative braking so i’m going to go a bit too fast up behind this caravan it’s in front of me and then put regenerative braking on one two three that is brilliant it’s like i’ve put

The brakes on and i haven’t touched the brakes and i’ve actually got a bit of juice back in the batteries that i got allowed to go well i’ve now driven over 50 miles in the car and i have to say it’s grown on me mile by mile i’ve really started to appreciate what this car is this is a this is i think a genuine step up in them in the world of electric cars it’s

Doing a lot of stuff but i really didn’t expect like that moment then when it just did itself around the corner but one of the impressive things is i think i’ve done 50 plus miles now we’ve got 86 miles left on the range and that does seem to be fairly idina fairly accurate feedback i’m so watts 1586 136 but what’s really impressive and a thing i absolutely

Love is the adaptive regenerative braking and if you watch the 360 episode of this of this car which is an experiment to say the least um it was really interesting coming down a really big proper welsh hill long long downhill run never once touch the brakes all the way down to control the speed i used the regenerative braking steering wheel paddles and they

Work really well our amazing but at the program as well as that because almost like all electric cars have some regenerative braking as you slow down the motor is still spinning and it generates a certain amount of electricity which goes back into battery same as in a hybrid car they do the same thing whereas this one it feels like you’ve turned it off at the

Moment it’s off if i take my foot off the throttle as you can see we’re not particularly slowing down and now we’re going down a slight hill we’re kind of staying at the same speed no cruise control this is just going along and that is amazing so there’s no incredibly little friction or drag on the car it maintains that’s me still haven’t touched the throttle

And we’re still going on we have slowed down but like one so that is amazing how how smooth this car is going through the air for one thing and how you can kind of burn and cruise so you can sort of get it after speed and then and then go off and it just just keeps going it that’s it’s it feels different it does feel very different it’s very unique it’s

A unique eye on each so i’ve learned a lot more about this car over the delightful lunch in the delightful high undyed dome in the middle of a delightful field in the middle of wales has been a very delightful day so this car is about twenty four and a half thousand pounds after the government grant which is interestingly seven hundred pounds cheaper than

The nissan leaf 30 kilowatt hour battery which is the newness and leaf this has a slightly smaller battery with a larger claimed range so that is still debatable but it is very interesting to see how these companies like highland i like nissan like renault like ford like bmw all these companies that make the vast majority of their income from producing fossil

Burners but are introducing electric vehicles simply because legislation is forcing them to that really is the reason because cities all over the world are saying you can’t drive a diesel in this city as of 2020 2025 they know that the end is nigh for the machinery that they have invested billions in producing that they produce in vast amounts you know if you

Actually consider how many diesel engines are made every year it’s in the many tens of millions which gives them the benefit of economies of scale and all that stuff and why are electric cars more expensive because the arguments as to why are getting more and more questionable because batteries are getting much cheaper and the actual mechanical engineering in

An electric car is much simpler there’s far less parts there’s far less stuff in it but you know why is this one so much more expensive and is it to do with just the cost of the batteries now it isn’t because batteries have got hugely cheaper in that time in the 10 10 the last 10 years they’ve dropped dramatically so all this stuff is going to change and clearly

Within i’d say five years electric cars will be cost the same as or they’ll be cheaper than petrol cars but will that price differential be maintained by big companies that make fossil fuel cars because if they were to produce and say hi and i were to produce the electric version of this car five thousand pounds less than the petrol one what’s going to happen

To their petrol market it’s not going to be happy it’s not going to be you know – right they’re really in a pickle this isn’t a criticism of any one individual company because they’re all exactly the same i mean the only company at the moment that is producing large amounts of electric cars is tesla and they don’t make any others and their cars aren’t cheap i

Can testify to that from bitter and painful personal experience so that is a bit of a mystery but that’s aside just forget that for a moment because this car is amazing one of the deals they’re doing so it’s on sale on the 27th of october which will be about the time you see this the first few thousand of them are going to get a free pod point charger fitted in

Your house so you can charge your car home they’re doing a preferential deal with pod point one of the things that this has got that the mercedes b250 ii doesn’t have is rapid charging this has ac rapid charging 50 kilowatts so you can charge it on motorways and where those rapid charges for wool or red light or roadworks or regenerating gorgeous but yet so

You can recharge it 30 minutes will give you 80% of the battery on that which makes motorway driving very plausible they reminded me of what they claimed ranges 170 miles if you could get 170 miles in this car you would be a genius but i think a realistic 120 130 in normal road conditions normal driving with hills with rain with cold all those things this car

Would do whatever between hundred twenty hundred thirty miles easily so you know that’s pretty damn good and it’s you know the argument is the cost of an electric car is all upfront because running it is much cheaper all those things are really important but i don’t need to tell fully-charged viewers that because you’re all highly educated highly intelligent

People now the other great thing about this car is its connectivity that is really state-of-the-art so it will do android auto and apple carplay automatically and i didn’t even know it would do it i put i’ve got an iphone because i live in the gated community of exclusive ultra-liberal clintonesque apple elitist people i have no idea what it’s like to live in

The real world etc etc gone and i have got my i had my iphone in the car it was you know just there i didn’t try and do anything and suddenly it said do you want to connect to two apple carplay new how cool is that it just does it like that you don’t have to die didn’t do anything i didn’t download anything or switch anything on it just knew that it was in range

Of it and then all its the sat-nav is actually really good it’s one of the better ones i’ve seen it’s very automatic so if you’re coming up to a junction it expands if as you’re on a long straight road that hasn’t got any interesting terms it goes it goes into a distance well i’m going to be honest with you i really love the high on dye ionic electric car

If you’re in the market to buy an electric car i think you should definitely have this on your list because it’s really really good i’m really impressed with the way it drives the the range i think is actually much more than i first guessed i was thinking like 120 i reckon you can you could genuinely get 150 miles out of this car which is really impressive it’s

A really neat little package it’s a really easy car to drive it feels really compact it although it feels roomy inside when you’re driving it you can get it in and out you’re talking to someone who’s used to driving a tesla which is essentially you know containership on the road so this is a really neat tight little car really well made i’m really impressed

With it and it should definitely be on this i mean the other manufacturers have actually got to jump their game a bit to keep up with this this is really good it’s cheaper than this and leaf and unsimilar or greater range you know it’s but it’s a really impressive entrance into the market anyway that’s all we got time for have a quick look at the patreon link

Just yeah i’m just saying that casually and of course please subscribe to fully charge because there’s loads more fabulous fabulous organic goodness coming your way and of course as always if you have been thank you for watching you

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