Hyundai Kona 1.6 T-GDi 7DCT 4WD TEST POV Drive & Walkaround ENGLISH SUBTITLES

2018 Hyundai Kona 1.6 T-GDi 177 7DCT 4WD

Kona is a new representative in the compact suv / crossover class which is currently the fastest growing automotive segment every manufacturer wants to have a small suv or crossover and everyone tries it joining the larger and older brothers, tuscon and santa fe it dictates the latest style of the brand that will be followed by all other off-road models especially since

The new santa fe has already been presented and looks similarly because actually we can choose among many vivid colors, but the style itself here one part is at the top of the bonnet, and the other in the bumpers of course, the koreans were not the first, and, for example citroen c4 cactus, jeep cherokee and nissan juke had a similar system, but kona looks the best thanks

To very sharp shapes the car looks both aggressive and sporty appearance is the matter of taste, but personally i like it. i have to deny the rumor that kona and kia are were twin cars well, no, cars have a different floor plate, and the manufacturers had different ideas for both cars this can be seen even in drives, as kia doesn’t offer an all-wheel drive and such a

Powerful engine as hyundai. the trunk has 361 liters which is not a brilliant result but it is enough i don’t know why the trunk has a triple bottom, under each layer we have another smaller compartments, which, thankfully, can be removed to get more space after folding the seats, we get an almost flat floor and the luggage capacity of 1 143 liters in the trunk we will

Also find a fastening for nets holding the luggage and shopping hooks despite not very large size, kona offers enough space on the back even for me and i have 186 cm i have a few centimeters of free space both for the head and for the feet an armrest with cupholders and nets for small items at the back of the seats are useful of course, the front seat is the most comfortable,

As it can even be fully electric and offer heating the manually adjustable steering wheel is adjustable in two dimensions the so-called head up display, which appears for the first time in hyundai, is also a novelty it’s a very useful gadget thanks to which we can see speed and other data without having to take your eyes off the road the dashboard itself is not as flashy

As the exterior, r although thanks to the optional yellow details, the interior looks bette a really cool option. the layout of the board is classic and similar to other hyundai models we have analogue clocks with a digital on-board computer displaying the most important data and a 7 or 8-inch screen that allows us to handle multimedia i must admit that it works quite well,

Sometimes there are slight delays in general, kona’s equipment is impressive and i haven’t found an element that would be missing if only we have money, kona can be very well equipped inside kona there are also several small storage compartments including one behind the gearbox which can be an induction charger, usb and aux; below we have two cupholders as well as a place

For parking cards and in the armrest and in front of the passenger a bit larger compartments. we will fit a small bottle in the door, and a place for glasses is provided in the ceiling. the board itself is also well made; the materials are quite hard that’s good news, because it used to be different in hyundai we will find even better news under the hood of the tested

Copy there we have a 1.6 t-gdi engine, i.e. a 1.6 turbo gasoline. it reaches 177 hp and 265 nm available for 1500 revs in addition, we have an all-wheel drive and an automatic two-gear transmission it should accelerate to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds, and i could easily get 7.5 seconds! it’s a great result, and the driving experience is even better the car is very brisk and

Flexible, the gearbox quickly reduces gears even the driving didn’t irritate me, as hyundai used to have very light steering systems, but here it was just right just right for an urban suv, because i didn’t expect obviously, enormous precision and strength there is a perfect compromise. similar for the suspension, even though it is in my opinion it’s a bit too hard in

The city, going down to less than 10 liters requires a lot of skill i managed to do it once, when i rode as much eco as i could when driving home from work i devoted myself and even turned off the ac. the result was 9.5 liters in the same route, at the same time but driving normally, my result was 12, 13 and even 13.5 liters i have already mentioned that kona has four-wheel

Drive, which is of course electro-separated, where the maximum torque on the rear can be 50 %. unfortunately, everything happens automatically and we don’t have the opportunity to choose whether to drive only with the front drive or with the automatic one the only option is to lock it up to a certain speed, for example, when we see a muddy terrain we also have a downhill

Assistant, which will make sure that we don’t go down too fast with such additions and a clearance of 17 cm, this is obviously not a all-road car, but we can easily drive into some light terrain or into the forest the ability to drive through curbs and speed bumps without problems is an advantage. the choice of engines, drives and gearboxes doesn’t look interesting

At the moment either we can buy a 3-cylinder 1.0 turbo gasoline with 120 hp, a front wheel drive and manual transmission for a minimum of pln 69 990 unfortunately, there are no diesels, but they will be available at any moment because the price list for 2019 is already on the website. i’m talking about the well-known 1.6 crdi with 115 or 136 hp the more powerful one

Will be available with a front or all-wheel drive, but unfortunately only with an automatic transmission it is a pity that there will be no stronger diesel with a manual and a front wheel drive oh, and in the price list for 2019, the basic kona 1.0 is more expensive by pln 1 300 and the basic 1.6 turbo gasoline by almost pln 5 300 so if you’re interested in buying it,

Hurry up on the old price list it is also worth adding that kona with the all-wheel drive has a multi-hinged suspension at the rear while the one with the front-wheel drive has a torsion beam as for the price lists of the competition, i will not mention them here, because it is far too big and it takes a few minutes only to enumerate the models from what i saw, however,

Kona prices are close to the competition when we compare the power but it has a slightly richer equipment, which is a hyundai’s advantage is hyundai dying? definitely not, and kona is a perfect example it is a really great car, and if you ignore the combustion which is quite big for a 1.6 turbo of course, the noisy style will not please everyone but if you like it and

You are looking look for a small suv or crossover then a trip to the hyundai’s dealer seems like a good decision after the test, i’m positively surprised and i say this with a full awareness of the competition, which is huge almost every manufacturer now has a similar vehicle in the offer despite this, i think that kona is one of the best in this class

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Hyundai Kona 1.6 T-GDi 7DCT 4WD TEST POV Drive & Walkaround ENGLISH SUBTITLES By Autowizja