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Hyundai KONA Electric 2022 I Kona Electric 2022 I Electric Car I Hyundai Kona i Hyundai Electric Car

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Hyundai KONA Electric 2022 I Kona Electric 2022 I Electric Car I Hyundai Kona i Hyundai Electric Car

Electrifying style and performance meet the new kona electric the eye catching and bold style features a newly designed front bumper and aerodynamic closed grille light your way with the signature shape of the led daytime running lights and led headlights wrap around led tail lights are sculpted to the new and striking rear design and body color wheel cladding

Perfectly frames the new design of the alloy wheels the kona electric can travel up to 415 kilometers on a single charge thanks to the high efficiency electric motor powered by the innovative lithium-ion polymer battery enjoy an impressive non-stop travel range to get you where you want to go with confidence when it’s time to power up recharging the battery

Couldn’t be more convenient the charging port is stylishly integrated in the front grille for easy access and when connected to a 100 kilowatt fast charging station it can be approximately 80 charged in less than an hour the kona electric’s lithium-ion polymer battery is designed to perform with canadian winters in mind the battery temperature management system

Pre-warms the battery while the vehicle is connected to the charger to help maximize performance and minimize cold temperature range loss and the heat pump system helps improve hvac efficiency which reduces power demands to heat the cabin and lessens the effect cold weather has on overall vehicle range now let’s talk about what makes the kona electric so much

Fun to drive steering wheel mounted paddles let you increase and decrease the level of regenerative braking energy working to extend your range further conveniently change gears at a touch of a button with the intuitive shift-by-wire system located in the center console maximizing interior space by providing an extra storage area and customize the steering feel

And overall powertrain responsiveness with drive mode select choose between eco or normal for more conservative power delivery sport mode which uses the electric power to boost torque levels for a more dynamic driving experience or eco plus to further maximize your efficiency inside comfort and convenience is everywhere starting with the proximity keyless entry

With push button start heated features keep you and your passengers toasty in the winter while ventilated front seats help you cool off in the summer with the automatic temperature control just set your temperature once and the system will maintain your preference automatically now open the power sunroof and enjoy a breath of fresh air the kona electric is

Filled with technology access your playlists podcasts and more with apple carplay and android auto you can always find out how energy is flowing or battery information with the 10.25 inch digital instrument cluster with electric technology display meanwhile the head-up display lets you see important information within your line of sight so you can keep your

Eyes focused on the road when equipped with the navigation system you can also map out your range to find nearby charging stations elevate your drive with the harman kardon premium audio system and make use of the wireless charging pad to charge your smartphone conveniently cable-free another convenient technology feature rain sensing windshield wipers that

Keep your windshield clear automatically and our blu-link app connects you to your kona electric via your smartphone to remotely access a wealth of features and information you can remotely set your climate unlock or lock the doors activate your horn or discreetly flash your turn indicators to locate your vehicle set your target charge for the battery see your

Charge status and range set a routine charging schedule including charging during off-peak hours and so much more looking for flexible cargo space thanks to the innovative packaging of the battery you can still enjoy full cargo space including 60-40 split-fold seats that can even fold flat for maximum cargo space let’s talk safety the core of the kona electric

Is the superstructure constructed with our own advanced high-strength steel the superstructure is designed to give you a safer smoother ride the kona electric is also equipped with our hyundai smartsense safety technologies an innovative network of high-tech cameras and sensors that are constantly monitoring your surroundings to help keep you safe like lane

Following assist which can assist your steering to help keep you continuously centered between the appropriate lane markings and if you drift outside of your lane the lane departure warning with lane keeping assist will provide an alert and can gently correct your steering to help you remain within your lane forward collision avoidance assist warns you of a

Potential collision with a vehicle pedestrian or cyclist if you don’t stop in time emergency braking can be applied to help make driving at night safer and easier high beam assist will detect oncoming traffic and automatically toggle between your high and low beam setting adaptive cruise control is great for longer trips the system adjusts your speed to keep a

Preset distance from the vehicle ahead and even works in stop and go traffic highway driving assist is like your co-pilot helping you keep to the speed limit by adjusting your cruise control speed as the speed limit changes based on gps and highway data and automatically decreasing vehicle speed before entering a highway curve section and driver attention warning

Monitors signs of driver fatigue and can suggest taking a break change lanes with confidence thanks to blind spot collision avoidance assist if the system detects a vehicle in your blind spot it will alert you and can also apply gentle braking to deter an unsafe lane change rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist is helpful in busy parking lots with low

Visibility warning you if a vehicle is approaching from either side and can apply braking if no action is taken parking distance warning can notify how close you are approaching to an object in the front or rear of the vehicle for easier parking once you’re parked safe exit warning alerts when a vehicle is approaching from behind in the adjacent lane to help

Avoid exiting passengers stepping out into oncoming traffic and providing an added reminder rear occupant alert sensors provide an alert to check the back seats once the vehicle is turned off we are proud to back the quality of the kona electric with a five-year 100 000 kilometer comprehensive limited warranty and eight-year 160 000 kilometer electric vehicle

System warranty plus enjoy added peace of mind with our five-year unlimited kilometer roadside assistance program there’s one more benefit of driving the zero emissions kona electric too it may be eligible for government rebates in your local area

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Hyundai KONA Electric 2022 I Kona Electric 2022 I Electric Car I Hyundai Kona i Hyundai Electric Car By Athar Automobile