Hyundai KONA Electric SUV Review

A bold new look for Hyundai. The KONA offers style, sleek looks and is packed with features. Not to mention the driving range that can be achieved from 1 full charge, 279-miles.

Hello everybody and welcome back to another video i’m boris and i’m here at how to i and i to look over this it is of course of a kona electric a highly popular and extremely well designed and fantastic electric car let’s take a look now the version that we’ve got here is the premium se version that means it is the top of the range it can do up to two hundred and

Seventy nine miles which is a ridiculous amount on one charge and it’s got loads of really quite fantastic features to make driving just really quite enjoyable however just before we get into the interior let’s have a look at how her and i have demonstrated that they’ve thought very clearly about making this vehicle fit together nothing feels clunky or out of place

For example the charging port is located very seamlessly within the front section of the bonnet even here at the back of the kkona where most vehicles would be more than happy to whack something on and go our how to do i owned i have really thought about this and added in a wraparound taillight not to mention these tinted rear window sections so here we are inside

The corona electric and i have to say it’s fantastic it’s everything i look for inside a modern vehicle it’s comfortable luxurious but it’s also very clear and very functional for example we’ve got actual physical buttons on the side of the screen that’s a really nice touch because it gives you a tactile response and it means that you’re not worrying about whether

Or not you’ve actually clicked on something then moving down we’ve got this very stylish very sleek centre console storage units which reveals a usb and an aux input as well as a small wireless charging plate for your smartphone that is a fantastic touch from honda because it means that it also gives you the freedom to move around and not worry about whether or

Not you’ve charged your phone then moving slightly back from that we have a very well sized armrest storage units which could hold i don’t know your sunglasses about the water maybe a camera for example if you’re going on holiday so all in all a fantastic sort of front entertainment feature unit but that isn’t where all of the useful helpful tech stops in fact

Far from it this vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system to tell you the individual tire pressure of each tire not only that was got a reversing camera and not to mention a really really intuitive touchscreen display system with apple carplay android auto so that you can connect your phones and see your maps and your music as you’re going along as if it was

Your phone and let’s not forget that all of that tech doesn’t compromise anything in the back we’ve still got plenty of legroom here as well as fold down seats so that your boot space can be made that little bit larger all in all then i think that the kona electric is a very impressive vehicle with it’s really quite good looks its attention to detail and serious

Practicality i mean 279 miles range that is fantastic i genuinely don’t think that there are very many other cars on the market which would give you so much value for money anyway that’s it for me i hope you enjoyed this video make sure to get in contact with our guys they’re really friendly and we would love to have you down so you can test drive this awesome car

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Hyundai KONA Electric SUV Review By Howards Motor Group