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Hyundai Malaysia | The all-new Hyundai Palisade

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Marrying a bold design with a touch of elegance, versatility is the hallmark of the Palisade, making it perfect for everyday driving comfort or even those seeking adventure.

Class and presence has arrived in the next level as the all-new hyundai palisade the arrival of class prestige and elegance beat for an orchestral recital golf domination or a muse bouche the all-new hyundai palisades build and presence stamps your arrival every time it’s ecstatically pleasing cleverly designed dual led headlamps are equipped with high

Beam assist which automatically switches from high beam to low beam when an approaching vehicle is detected equally beautiful are the led combination tail lamps that’s unmistakably superior on the road the signature vertical led daytime running lights glows seamlessly making sure your arrival is well noticed welcome to your surroundings in style with the

Large tilt and slide power sunroof for the front and panoramic sunroom for the rear allowing you and your passengers a breathtaking enjoyment every time you cruise equipped with beautifully designed 20-inch alloy rims and premium tires as standard total comfort and performance is a given a full-size alloy spare tire is neatly tucked at the rear undercarriage

For your additional peace of mind drive and comfort with the sophisticated well-balanced individual front and rear suspensions for any road conditions with confidence the hyundai palisade brawn meets beauty on par with your drive to success the hyundai palisades powertrain comes with a 3.8 liter direct injection two-wheel drive patrol engine and a 2.2 liter

All-wheel drive turbo diesel engine each produces exceptional power and performance be it in two-wheel drive or active on-demand four-wheel drive the eight-speed automatic transmission gives you a silky smooth ride that is a reflection of your stature the conventional gear lever is now replaced by an ergonomic and modernistic design shift-by-wire gear selector

That’s intuitive and future forward giving you a seamless and pleasant state of art cockpit surrounding while you are in control be welcomed into the palisades luxurious leather or premium napa leather seats that gives you an above the rest experience with a seating selection combination of your liking with electronically adjustable front seats with individual

Heating and ventilating functions you and your passenger will never want the journey to end anytime soon if you do decide to take your entire management team out for a well deserved lunch you can do so by just touching the smart one touch walk-in button that ushers everyone in with ease and if you decide on a stargazing adventure simply touch the one touch flat

Folding to create that large cargo space on top of the already large boot capacity approach the smart power tailgate with the key fob and it’ll open automatically without the need of your hand or leg the digital 7-inch tft lcd screen an instrument cluster displays all the necessary information for you and crisp high resolution graphics with the traction mode

Selector for diesel engine and the drive mode selector you’d be assured that being in control in any terrain has always been at second nature step into the comfort zone with a three zone climate control that is made available for your occupants which could be adjusted to each personal preference simultaneously get your playlist connected to the all-rounded

High-quality 8-inch wireless apple carplay android auto and voice recognition audio system and connectivity the hyundai palisade is a digital age thoroughbred from electronically activated parking brakes to wireless phone charging numerous charging ports to windshield head up display but that’s not all equipped with the highly advanced hyundai smarts ends you

Will be assured with a high level of smart features on board with you to begin with is the radar guided smart cruise control that automatically keeps your vehicle and crews at a safe speed and distance hyundai smartsense assists you in avoiding collisions so that you and your important passengers are kept safe with features such as blind spot collision avoidance

Assist and rear cross traffic collision avoidance for any oncoming vehicles that you may not be aware of while reversing out from a parking lot the lane keeping assist will warn you and keep you within the lane if you start to drift gently correcting the steering to get you back on track the lane following assist technology detects lane markings and makes my new

Corrections to maintain your car at the center of the road while the forward collision avoidance assist is in place for any potential collision with any vehicle or pedestrian by sounding an audible warning and applying emergency braking automatically hyundai palisades intelligent high beam assist will automatically adjust to any oncoming vehicles to minimize

Glare yet not compromising on visibility and safety if your attention on the road is reducing the hyundai’s driver attention warning will alert you to take time off from the road the leading vehicle departure alert will notify you once the vehicle in front of you starts to pull away another smart safety feature is the safe exit alert the sensors will detect

Any oncoming vehicles approaching from behind and provide warning at the meter cluster to prevent any passengers from exiting onto oncoming danger if motion is detected at the rear of the vehicle after locking the rear occupant alert will sound the alarm to prevent your precious ones from accidentally being left behind with its large cargo space six airbags

For added protection and many standard features such as anti-lock brake system vehicle stability management electronic brake force distribution electronic stability control and traction control system there’s never any doubt in your decision making the hyundai palace aid allows you to conquer any topography with its hill start assist control downhill brake

Control and even levels itself when attached to a trailer with the trailer stability assist you can find isofix points neatly tucked in the passenger seats for the little ones the hyundai palisade a sophisticated dynamic and prestigious intelligent vehicle that will etch an impression in every way experience the hyundai palisades class and presence at

Selected authorized hyundai showrooms or you can virtually experience it from our website register your interest for an exclusive test drive today and experience the new meaning of you have arrived with the all-new hyundai palisade you

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