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Hyundai Palisade vs Nissan Pathfinder Walk-around and test-drive

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Hey this is mikko and today i got an opportunity to compare side by side brand new 2022 hyundai palisade and brand new 22 nissan pathfinder uh the trims are fairly comparable this is the sel this is the nissan sl i believe at that finder yeah sl so they’re all the closer name srp 45 versus 43 some options might not be exactly the same this is front wheel drive

This is all wheel drive but for the sake of what we want to look at that’s that’s really good these cars are pretty comparable both are eight seaters um suvs full size suvs um size is comparable all the oldest specs are pretty much in line there’s you know slight deviations here and there balance 8 i know it happens to be extremely popular pathfinder not as much

But we’re going to take a look at both so first of all i’m going to sit in and both of them try the rear seat and then i’m going to take both of them on a quick run so let’s try it with this one but we’re not going to drive so i just want to do this just to show you my position so this will be a normal sit in position for me more or less like this there’s a lot

Of room which i like for my knees so good comfortable sitting position okay so right now here i can adjust the recliner pretty low normally i would sit like this and i can move it back and forth they’re separated between the two pieces so this will be really comfortable for me comfortable there here some room to spare and let’s pop the let’s move the seat so i

Can get into the rear the step is nice and comfortable nice touch okay and right now i’m in the back very comfortable zero complaints i have uh usb i have ac outlets in the in the ceiling for some reason i have all the seat belts right here small cup holders so decent position in the back to get out i push the button so easy enough need to lean a little bit

Let’s look at the trunk so the big selling point on this one which everybody i think would like well you didn’t know that it’s got power controls for the seat so if you want to fold seats down they’re powered so it’s really good for convenience i like it for convenience it might be small miners because it’s another thing that can go wrong but that being aside

You can see you still have trunk left uh not a lot of storage here this is the privacy cover that is stored here so if i take it out i have a little bit more room um let’s see let’s just fold it quickly see if i can hold it nope it doesn’t fall okay so works fine a little slow but no big deal and there you go that’s folded all right let’s look at the pathfinder

Just for comparison so we’ll do the same thing in the front i will sit more or less like this yep that’s getting comfortable second row so pretty much the same idea i have the same adjustment here i can put it down pretty low but normally i would probably sit like this yep that’s pretty good and let’s check that the third row okay so you have the step here

As well so that’s comfortable get inside slide it back okay so this is not this it’s a little weird like i have to stop it otherwise it it goes all the way back so not the best design but you can manage it and same thing i have ac outlets a little different position i have pretty much same cup holders i have seat belts there’s no usb on this side but there’s one

On that side so almost the same thing and let’s get out of here let’s look at the trunk and there you go pretty much identical as you can see same thing same room here similar storage here does not come with privacy cover but you can get it separately uh the big difference will be that if you want to fold them you fold them manually the plus size that it’s way

Faster minus size i don’t know whatever so that’s it now let’s take them out for quick rides we’re going to start with their family and see how it feels okay so this the shift controls as you can see are very different kind of unique you know neither here nor there doesn’t really matter uh the camera i’m sure on a high trim you can get surround view but this

One comes with just review camera and sensors it’s lower than c a little bit so it’s not as loud comfortable ride feels luxurious maybe a little too soft but uh really not gonna complain okay this street is closed we’ll go a little bit further down the acceleration is nice and smooth throw it in the corner good steering yeah just a little soft i would say for

You know for tight turns but uh you know it’s not a sports car so it’s not really uh you know not trying to talk it down and overall the car the design of the car is really nice no complaints the car is just designed beautifully big screen there’s your i’m gonna pull up the map nice display over here driver display i don’t see um digital speed display so maybe

Available on higher trims again not a big deal just a small thing okay takes the pumps takes them fine a couple more hear the engine otherwise it’s very quiet okay let’s see um so one thing i’m not sure i’m sure it has different driving modes i just don’t they’re not obvious oh right here yeah that’s right so let’s try the sport mode and we’re just waiting for

The light to change here heated seats heated steering wheel nice controls here pretty well organized a little confusing the cruise control but there’s also this is where you change the display so i would put it probably over here if i was designing otherwise it’s fine and looks like this car has the adaptive cruise control yeah all the safety systems are here

There are buttons for blind spot detection lane departure traction control so you know i can see why these cars are popular it’s a nice car uh sunroof is small but there is a sunroof let’s see what else do we have here i’m trying to see quickly how to okay that’s probably here there we go i like this display all right so we’re in sport a little kind of like

Loads in the back uh meaning like when you accelerate the weight shifts to the back again not a big complaint i’m just kind of noting what it feels like yeah a good power accelerates um easily up to speed so yeah it’s it’s a great car no complaints the thing is like the why we’re comparing these cars is that the main thing it’s really hard to find these cars

As new and even before the shortages and call that 19 and everything these cars would go for way over an smp like five to ten thousand and there were waiting lists while you know pathfinder not as popular but pretty comfortable car and um we’re gonna try right now all right let’s hop into the pathfinder yeah so that’s the the sl comes with uh so i would say

All right so we gotta wait for the train a little bit we can look closer to the car and talk about it um a little more performance oriented rather than luxury on this one so far and again we’ll drive a little bit more we’ll get a better feel for it same heated seats heated steering wheel that’s all the same the display is the same adaptive cruise control on the

Pathfinder it’s available pretty much on old trims maybe not on the house but on everything else seats are different um it’s hard to say what i would prefer i’ll need to i would need to try more nissan has this zero gravity seats okay so yeah so definitely on the turn this one feels a little bit more agile doesn’t feel as big and as fleshy on acceleration right

Now this is regular mode you know not nothing great it’s fine let’s see let’s take a couple more bumps yeah that’s a deep one yeah definitely stiffer feel to the car stiffer suspension a little bit more performance oriented and let’s try the sport modes the other way okay so now we’re in spa a couple of cars go all right so one more thing these are not exactly

Like i said apples to apple because this is front wheel drive the other one was all-wheel drive so you’re always going to have better traction all wheel drive that’s why when i peeled off in the corner you can hear the tire screech would not happen on the overdrive car as much so we’re just waiting for the light to change you can see the display is pretty nice but

Yeah it’s the other one feels more like luxury oriented i would say both in design and in the feel of the car so it’s kind of like mercedes versus bmw one is more younger sport oriented the other one is more little older luxury oriented not really judgment just trying to say it how it is what else so okay so this one no moon roof at all so you’ll have to go up

To um platinum to get the moon roof on this one and but then it’s going to be the panoramic moon on the palisade the scl that we drove has it but that’s a small move yeah one more thing in the back okay it’s really hard to say but they all have a sport mode yeah so not really fair this one really peels off but yeah a little bit more aggressive on acceleration

But yeah what i was saying which what’s nice on the talisade it has actual like three prong power outlet in the back um together with the climate control and uh and the heated seats yeah so yeah basically what i want to show you um cannot knock either car down palisade definitely has some um some things that they’ve done better the feel of the car like on

The turn and handling i prefer this one better but it’s um it’ll be a tough choice between the two and that’s what i want to show you and thanks for watching

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Hyundai Palisade vs Nissan Pathfinder Walk-around and test-drive By Mico Silver