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Live large in Santa Fe even if your home is in Duluth. Hyundai’s three-row crossover is a very serious competitor. Tom Voelk checks out a loaded Limited model in Driven.

When it comes to vehicles americans must not like the image of being mothers and fathers baby boomers abandoned station wagons in the 80s because their parents drove them minivans suffered the same mommy mobile stigma in the mid-90s i’m tom volk with driven for the new york times fashion-forward families have now migrated to crossovers such as the third generation

Hyundai santa fe and why not it’s a decent looking rig keep in mind there are two santa fe’s this one which is just called the santa fe it has three rows of seating and there’s the santa fe sport it gets two rows sport gets stronger lines santa fe the big one is drawn more conservatively and is about four inches smaller than ford explorer in every exterior dimension

Santa fe replaces veracruz and can seat up to seven have fewer children if you want this fancy limited model it only has chairs for six this one is fully optioned the price is just under 39 grand the heated mid row adjusts to give those in back a little extra room there are handy extras but a dvd entertainment system is not on the option list sport gets its go

From two different four cylinders the three row santa fe is only available with a 3.3 liter v6 it’s smooth and makes 290 horsepower tow up to 5,000 pounds the transmission is a six-speed steering effort can be adjusted right down to feather-light santa fe moves out quite nicely the epa mpg numbers are among the best in class 18 city 24 highway with all-wheel drive

Hyundai says the all-wheel-drive system doesn’t just react to road surfaces it anticipates traction needs and sends torque to the proper wheels brake torque vectoring helps santa fe corner smartly a small consolation for parents who wanted a sports car if you can swing the extra $2,900 for the technology package it’s a great value you get a high end infinity sound

System navigation heated steering wheel and a glass roof that completely changes the ambiance of the vehicle the – santa faz air the same basic interior look with some unique and rich looking textures parents don’t need extra frustrations nice that the storage nooks intuitive interface and supportive seats with heat are well done so the question is will adults fit

Back here yes for short trips keep it to kids around 5 feet tall so everyone’s happy there’s a climate zone back here and a spot for snacks and drinks the mid row can be dropped by this handy release in the cargo area resulting in a completely flat load floor power lift dates can be very convenience they can also make you very impatient there’s room for a couple

Bags of groceries with all the seats filled tuck small things away and keep electronics charged the back row is easy to drop for loads of space the tipi trunk test is always done with the third row folded and santa fe easily swallows 16 packs the same as the larger explorer it’s tough to find much to knock here ok the steering is kind of numb and the wood like trim

Won’t fool too many people overall the third generation hyundai santa fe is a practical comfortable and stylish choice one that could even make you proud to admit that your apparent you

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