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Hello and welcome to the car buying website that helps you buy better on today’s show we have the all-new hyundai santa fe for you now this is a car which hyundai took its own sweet time to bring into india and the reason for that is because they simply wanted to take it up market this car not only competes with the honda crv interior fortuna but

With its features and engine spec it also goes head to head with the audi q3 now let’s have a look at what the car is all about well hyundai have followed the same fluidic styling which has become part of their new cars now so you get a big muscular hexagonal grille with a lot of chrome in it you get these nice headlamps which get zenon lamps in them and the good

Part is corning fog lamps which really help you figure out that corner when you’re turning well just like the face of the car even the side isn’t very very aggressive but it’s very classy it’s very elegant you get these pronounced wheel arches and you get this nice rising waistline of the car which gives it a very koopa-like look now let’s have a look at what’s

At the back of the car well the rear section of the car is really dominated by this huge tail section which is all led and this really helps this car get that urbane classy and sophisticated look perfect for young buyers now let’s have a look at this big suv’s luggage bay well it’s nice and big when here you can load a lot of luggage and the best part is there’s

Absolutely no loading lip which means putting in that heavy luggage will be very easy and comfortable and you can really improve this luggage space by flipping all the seats down and getting a massive loading area well getting inside the santa fe is a real breezy affair the big doors help you get in easily well the best part about the rear seats is that you can

Actually pull them forward if somebody at the back needs more leg space or you can take them all the way back and there’s one more thing the seat backs actually recline quite nicely so you can actually go off to sleep after that long and hectic day at work and the best part though is still to come and that is this completely flat floor which means a lot of leg

Space for the central passenger now this is one of the only suvs which is actually a proper three seat at the back good for those long journeys with three ab rest over here well let’s have a look at the last row of seats on the santa fe now to get into that you have to well move the second row of seats first and if you’re tall and well built like me getting in

Can be a little well clumsy to say the least once you’re in these seats well there’s just about adequate leg room for a tall adult but ideally these seats are meant for someone who’s not more than five or six years of age small kids will enjoy spending time here but anyone more than that is really gonna have a tough time sitting in there well this is one of the

Best interiors that i’ve ever been inside the hyundai car the dashboard is very easy to understand and operate the quality of material is absolutely frustrating everything looks and feels very very plush over here and there’s a lot of room to put in those knickknacks there’s a box here there’s a big big glove box over here a lot of space inside the cabin as well

And there’s a lot of adjustments available both for the steering as well as for your seats which really means finding a comfortable place is very easy behind the steering wheel the big glass area the high set seats really gives you a very commanding view of the road ahead making this a very very good suv seat to be in well the santa fe comes with a 2.2 liter crdi

Engine which develops about 198 bhp of power and hyundai have done a fantastic job with this diesel engine it’s supremely refined effortless to drive in the city and you just need to press the accelerator and it responses instantly well the steering comes in three settings which you can choose via this little button here on the wheel you get normal mode where it

Weighs up nicely and is ideal to drive in the city there’s sports mode where it becomes heavy and responds well and becomes very feel some actually and this is a good mode for the highway and then there is comfort mode where it becomes super light in fact you can actually move the steering with just a finger not really recommended but this is the mode most people

Will use to drive it around town and park it into tight spaces while hyundai seemed to have found a very good ride quality for this car the comfort factor is phenomenal it managed to analyze most portals with ease and uh despite that it’s still quite an agile handler considering its weight and its size in city it’ll be easy to maneuver because it’s light steering

And on the highway because you can change the steering settings quite well it also feels very well planted when you raise the speed well hyundai seems to have really upped their game when it comes to the all-new santa fe it’s got a very nice cabin it’s comfortable it’s classy it’s sophisticated it looks very nice and the engine just has a lot of performance with

It at this price point it might look a little expensive when compared to that fortuner but based on pure talents and abilities the all-new santa fe can actually take on bigger brands like bmw and audi if you are in the market for a premium suv and half the cash we would suggest going for the santa fe you’d really be foolish not to consider this as your next choice

Well we hope you liked our little review of the santa fe over here and to know more about this car and its rivals head to our website and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel here it’s bye for now and hope to see you soon you

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