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Hyundai Sonata Gold – V6 Is Smooth But Slow | Faisal Khan

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Hi guys follow me on instagram to never ever miss any of my crazy updates hi guys and welcome to another vlog i’m driving this this happens to be the 2002 hyundai sonata which looks like a jaguar this guy comes courtesy of swastika to me and there are some mods on it like the hood has been colored black straight away let’s open the engine bay there’s this lever you

Press and there goes the engine bay up hydraulic struts he’s actually finished the headers in red says v6 do hc 24 valve again oil cap finished in red red color battery so all this redness actually improves the performance of this car this insulation right there let’s just shut this and there it shuts you know what it gets its own emblem as well yeah this emblem

Is also there you have to move it manually though okay the lights will kind of remind you of the jaguar particularly i think the e-type anyways it gets this carbon fiber lip for added aerodynamic efficiency and it gets a projector set up as well 2002 projector setup well done one day well done the wheels have been colored black i think and the brake calipers have

Been colored red and this cap for the chassis actually actually whoa it’s been finished in green color so that actually improves the efficiency of that cap making it more eco-friendly jokes aside 205 60 16 is the size of the tires and it’s actually a decently long car from the side you can see it’s a very sleek looking sedan i really like it this is the ef model

Actually you get this side molding with sort of a chrome treatment as well ef is written here which you can see at the moment coming to the rear of the car again very much like a jaguar very elegant in fact hyundai logo is finished in gold 2.7 v6 written in gold yes this has the v6 engine absolutely fantastic but the air box is let down this antenna actually comes

Up when you turn on the car and this also has some struts okay that’s the reason it’s kind of heavy to use in fact it’s very like smooth either super smoothly anyways the boot is decent size and the spare wheel is yes it’s an alloy and a full size one as well meanwhile this cd changer it can take i think 10 cds atom time which is kind of nice as well let’s just shut

This kind of happens very easily anyways straight away let me tell you space at the rear is very nice but there are no door pockets here it says sonata right there and under high support is actually not that great legroom and new room is actually good this is very wide the seat and you get a magazine holder slightly scooped out there’s an ash tray here but it gets

No rear ac vents so it’s kind of hot at the rear seat belts get the height adjust function as well so this is the bucky uppercut though handle to hold on to light placement here on the side which is kind of weird now you guys must be thinking that hyundai key always keep giving air purifier which is the new strategy no that is their old strategy because this car

Actually comes with an air purifier right there on the parcel shelf there’s a center armrest you push this between cup holders and some storage space as well see it’s actually quite comfortable meanwhile dashboard also looks quite nice with the base treatment throughout and obviously you get a lot of wood treatment as well you know what when i was in school one of

My classmates had a sonata used to go in this car a lot of time similar colored one and we used to love it because it needs other space my goodness i was like wow somehow my steam challenge anyways is adjust here for the seat movement which is also quite nice and everything works so smoothly so not as light in here just in case you forget which car you’re getting

Into and there you see there’s a proper dead pedal your cooldown here wax is this is actually for the air purifier you can turn it on and when you do it it’ll make some no it makes quite the sound yeah now all the air in the world is pure thank you so much one day there’s this puddle lamp or i don’t know lamb to tell people there was a s another supplementary logo

Which is at the front power window controls they don’t get auto up down only the driver gets it these are controls for the outside your adjustment lot of chrome here this is for the defogging of the side window so that you can see what is happening and the windows are like sorry the seeds are like really nice and comfy he goes right here steering is like huge the

Horn oh my god look at this okay that’s a look at my airbag screen is really small as such air conditioning control climate control air conditioning cabin crab logo we just shut this off for a moment this is full of stuff and let’s do one thing let’s turn off the indicator there’s a clock but then each other clock bulgaria let’s turn off the audio system making

Some sound of noise as well check this out okay check this out okay i just pressed this nice ash tray okay and cigarette lighter so mandatory in those times 12 volt charging socket no wireless charging pad there was no consider wireless charging back there some storage space here some storage space here as well spring cup holders and storage space here okay this

Doesn’t move ahead or behind but oh my god this guy’s like a cupboard handbrake goes way up as well traction control button headlight leveling up to bucket diy and what exactly this this is adjustment for the steering wheel which is height adjustable only instrument cluster actually looks quite nice this is the tachometer there is the speedometer and you are you

Have got twin trip meters along with the time odometer what is your average speed distance to empty beta and here gear position indicator temperature meter as well as the fuel meter right now the temperature outside i kid you not it is 45 degrees i’m melting autodemy inside your mirror sunglass holder also okay this is making noise we should shut this both and

Here you get a mirror same is the case here no no mirror as such but nice material okay light placement here on the top doesn’t work on the right side as such so very nice dashboard design and funky car from that time like real luxury just to open the boot just to open the fuel lid of that position everything come on hyundai bring back the sonata usually message

Let’s start driving right all right we’re all set to go which means turning off the air conditioning first we get into drive mode handbrake down and traction control off as well left foot on the brake rifle on the actuator revving the motor 2000 rpm and this is a v6 engine which behaves like a two cylinder an initial get go but in the top end are really very

Strong actually the gearbox is disappointing with the four-speed torque converter unit but this is a very smooth car suspension is so soft so soft it kind of glides through the washer roads and the steering wheel has no feel no feedback there’s no precision pocket precision you don’t even know where you’re going the front wheels are not connected to the steering

Wheel they’re just connected to magic it magically turns according to the navigation system there’s no navigation system what are you even talking so when you’re coming around the corner there’s ton of bodywork because of soft suspension and you know what it’s my lucky day i’ve spotted a car there what car is that okay zero one tc 100 minutes anyways anyways onto

The throttle and off we go low end is very poor this is a v6 engine which is uh 2.7 liters in displacement produces 166 horsepower and the torque output is 266 newton meters over bumps there’s no problem because it kind of glides over the worst of roads and yeah so on is actually loud enough that response is lacking completely around the corners yes you get a lot

Of roll engine sounds so nice as well but because of the soft suspension kind of gets bouncy yeah so low speed ride is good high speed ride is kind of nervous which is a trait of old hyundai cars for sure and the steering has a mind of its own as well so i would say it’s a good car when you drive it seriously because it’s all about comfort here it’s not about

Mashing the throttle even though the v6 engine will give you other ideas which it is giving me for the moment kind of hairy huh in that regard when this car was launched it was such a looker now that everybody wanted to have one including me but you know mechanically it was not that strong it competed with the honda accord of course it kind of feels heavy somehow

Even though it’s not that heavy but it kind of feels that way it’s a long car it’s like i think 4.7 meters in length and fuel economy is very poor because 2.7 liter engine is a thirsty one it will give you a mileage of around five to seven kilometers per liter which is quite poor when fuel cost is like 120 rupees anyways that said gearbox is so disappointing here

So what we’re going to do we’re going to get into manual mode now we have to clear the speed breaker it could be a bit of an issue actually this mirror keeps moving all over the place so yeah people cars have auto gaming mirror this has auto moving mirror it’s a completely different technology here now we are in manual mode we are in what we are in first gear okay

Getting is so tall it will do like 16 first itself so here mid-range response is actually nice yeah top into those nice low end bottom enough is where it’s that kind of robs away the drivability there was a two liter engine as well will it shift yeah it shifts it does not hold on to a gear i remember watching that movie dawn where that chase was happening and don

Got caught because he was in a sonata if he was in an accord he would never have got caught because the sonata just could not handle the curves and then he used to bang here and there meanwhile in an accord you could easily corner well and get to the destination you’re looking for while uh what are these speed breakers okay these are car breakers i’ve never seen

A speed breaker like this in my life are they crazy or something like that we have to angle a sonata imagine if i got a car with lower ground clearance i would have to maybe stop lift the car and then turn now turning radius isn’t that bad steering is actually heavy so steering is heavy throughout but it’s not consistent in the way it weighs up that’s a bit of a

Disappointment under the throttle i don’t know why they gave manual uh option only when it does not let you control the gas it will shift when it feels like it downshifts when it feeds like so fantastic engine i would say not for the city driving of course because of the poor drivability but in other regards it’s kind of messed up they’ve not been able to get a

Good gearbox paired here redline also quickly around 6 000 rpm and i see everyone is like crawling through these bad roads so i don’t even know where we are at the moment but yeah we’ll have to take it carefully even though the ride is just phenomenal here come on sonata now it’s in second gear it should downshift you first here now come on gearbox is so slow in

Responding take some massive pause brakes are fine but because soft suspension a little bit soggy here and there left foot on the brake rifle on the axis driving the motor 2000 rpm and a figure i lifted off the throttle doesn’t matter because kuch have any low end mass such this is not a car for a flat-out driving it’s a car which makes quite the statement in fact

The owner swastik doesn’t have one but he has two sonatas uh this one is one of them the v6 he has a i4 as well that one is i think finished in silver this is finished in gold because uh he has a thing for sonatas actually that works in honda so he’s kind of happy getting sonatas because he gets all the parts very quickly as well that’s what i believe so yeah should

You buy a sonata probably if you want something which looks this stunning you want a jaguar on a budget i don’t think anything comes close to this car for sure but that said a court was better in many regards but then that was also quite a drinker and spare parts was an issue there as well so here hazard lights on we’re going to stop and we’re going to launch air

Conditioning is off but left foot on the brake right foot on the actuator traction control is off 2000 rpm this stock converter gearbox actually works like an amt you know between shift there’s this lag i think command goes to korea koreans approve it then the gear shift happens that is how slow the gearbox is and with a fantastic engine the only fly in the

Ointment is of course the gearbox here look at the kind of understeer the front has no grip it just lets go and the tires and mercy saying that v6 engine is not really meant for spirited driving so guys this is my vlog of the hyundai sonata v6 i really wanted to drive the generation of the sonata because you know i’ve already done a vlog of multiple generation of

The sonata and i feel that the sonata should come back to india because the fantastic car now the skoda superb is running away with everything because that’s how it is is this the car we saw earlier i guess so yeah he just put a cover and he’s gone for lunch what the fluff i was like rocking to look at and on that disappointment timeline thank you so much for watching bye

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Hyundai Sonata Gold – V6 Is Smooth But Slow | Faisal Khan By Faisal Khan