Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Rear Brake Job

This video highlights the difficult steps in replacing the rotors on a 2015 Sonata Hybrid. Not a complete tutorial on how to change brakes. Remember to lube the brake pads! Those screws on the rotors are meant to keep the rotor straight on the hub. You do not need to punch them back in place with the impact, just screw them back in hand tight. It will make next time much easier!

So i’m changing the brakes on a 2015 hyundai sonata hybrid and i’ve i’ve come across an issue that i haven’t seen done on any other youtube videos and when you get to the rear brakes well two things you’re gonna have these screws here they’re gonna need an impact punch to get out and then main issue here is to take off this caliper there is a suspension arm in the

Way of the bottom bolt so i wanted to show you how to get to that bolt since i couldn’t find anyone else on youtube that did it for tools you need a 19-millimeter socket the 14 12 some pliers and a hammer first i’m going to take off this nut here this nut here with a 14 and just take this caliper off here set it aside for now uh with these brake pads these

Ones are really rusted in there i’m just gonna use a flat head to get behind since i’m not gonna be using these rotors so i’m not worried if i damage them just put something behind its pride and rip it out so the problem back here you can easily get this caliper bolt out but to get the bottom bolt out this is in the way so you’re just going to take a 19 right

Here use your pliers to grab that side if you have another i believe it’s a 19 you can grab onto but i don’t so i’m using pliers it came out and it came out with this nut and washer on the other side be careful not to strip this out if you don’t have good enough grip i mean you’re gonna strip it so just be careful of that so now we just need to bang this out with

A hammer hit it a few times till it actually um hit it from the bottom so you can get it upward so we can get to that bolt back there this arm out of the way we can get in with our 12-millimeter socket back there and crank that out all right so now that i got this bolt back here off and i went ahead and got the top bolt back here off uh we can go ahead with uh

Removing this bracket here and we’re gonna get these screws out here oh something i like to mention here i did not have enough torque to get back here on the passenger side so i used the pole right there to my jack to slide over my ratchet to give me a little bit more torque the driver’s side i didn’t need all that because i can lay on my back no problem but here

It’s the opposite way so it’s a little bit harder um to get these screws off here you’re gonna need i should have mentioned this earlier an impact impact hand driver i got this for 36 at autozone and uh it’s something great to have around the house because a lot of these newer cars are gonna have these but basically how it works is it comes with these bits here

And this one is the bigger one just because you don’t want to strip it out with the smaller one you’re gonna hold it with your left hand turn it to the left and beat it at the back of it beat the back of it with a hammer and that’s gonna as you push it inward it’s gonna turn with a lot of force and get these screws out here so i’m gonna do that now all right so

Now we got those screws out and this server’s not gonna want to come off so we’re gonna bead with the hammer as well to get it to slide off i will not be replacing this uh parking brake shoe in here doesn’t need to be so we’re going to leave it as is for now and then uh just do everything in the reverse order you’re going to to get this back in there see it

Doesn’t fit but if you beat it with a hammer it’s going to fit and you’ll be able to put that bolt back in there i hope this video helped somebody i know it’s a very niche video to make because usually the owners of these cars would not be doing their own brakes it’s my mother’s car here’s my car here my cat i own a lexus ls over there and i got a volvo for 700

Over there so yeah i hope this helps somebody take care

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Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Rear Brake Job By Tony Moscato