Hey guys welcome back to electric okay repair live thank you guys for watching and subscribing to the channel today will be super helpful video guys if you have a hyundais another year 2009 to year 2015 and you’re trying to find where the fuse for the radio amplifier is the audio sound amplifier stay with us actually you have two fuses we’ll explain which one

To check so make sure you stay until the end guys before we start let me tell you if you guys need to buy any pirates tools we’ll share the links in the description of the video below where you can get all that form for a really good price and quick shipping as well that’s where we get our tools and parts from another thing we make guys at least two to three

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Sonata on this channel that you’re watching right now in addition we’ll have more than 300 videos guys about mechanical parts fixing the engine fixing the outside replacing almost anything on this car and that will be published on our main youtube channel known as autorepair guys check it out we have helped more than 100 million people we have information that

Can save you thousands of dollars guys so with that being said this is it 2013 sonata we’ll demonstrate on we have the fuse box right here we’re going to go ahead open that fuse box okay squish and pull up check it out and we need to get the fuse pull from here squeeze like that and pull it out perfect now we need to come inside and let me show you what we have

Specifically here and where these fuses are actually located guys okay specifically for the amplifier and uh you actually as i said you have two of them you need to come right here open that cover guys that’s the first one that we will need to cover in order okay to find these fuses and that’s where things uh things get a little bit interesting guys we need to

Locate the fuses that we need now so the photo’s fuse is pretty easy to uh notice it’s actually a fuse that’s called amp and it’s a big fuse it’s a 3m fuse let me focus quick so i can show you with a great detail so if you come this way it will be one okay two that second fuse right here not totally infused hope you guys check it out how we know if that fuse

Is good or bad just go ahead pull it out okay with a few spools spread it go on top of the fuse pull it okay this is your fuse right here and now if you guys don’t know for sure that fuse is burnt or not sometimes you can see with your eyes sometimes you can what i recommend always test them it takes only a few seconds and we have a special video that explains

How to do that on our channel that way you will know for sure that the fuse is good or bad because if you think you have a bad fuse excuse me you have you think you have a good fuse but you actually have a bad fuse you put it in you may start replacing more parts and components and that could lead to even more expenses guys so i recommend to always test the

Fuse or replace it with a new one we’ll put the link in the description of the video below where you can get the replacement ones for a really good price guys okay affordable super affordable price now we have another fees that we need to check and the other fuse okay is actually guys known as a quark fuse okay so if you come to the forward row one two three

Four that 10 amp fuse on top right here that’s the fuse that we need to check so those are the two fuses for an amplifier hopefully guys the video will be helpful to any of you trying to figure this thing out if you have any questions let us know thank you for watching and see you guys next time

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