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Hi guys and welcome to another vlog this is the fourth generation of the hyundai tucson it’s right in front of me this happens to be the petrol model straight away we are going to be opening the engine bay of this vehicle and there it is this actually happens to be the petrol engine it does not get hydraulic struts but it does get insulation now this petrol engine is

A two liter unit which produces 156 horsepower and 192 newton meters of torque the diesel is more powerful it’s the most powerful in the segment it’s also two liter engine which also gives the option of hyundai’s extract system which is h4 hyundai and track for traction which by the way is the most powerful in the segment i already said that 186 horsepower and phone

And 16 newton meters of torque made it to a 8-speed automatic gearbox this petrol is made into a six-speed automatic gearbox both the gearboxes are actually torque converter units now this is longer wider taller and has a longer wheelbase when compared to the older model however it doesn’t look that way you know why because it’s more curvy so you can see the design

Is more curvy right now but the logo is also grown bigger there’s a camera here and the grille is really very nice it’s kind of finished in say gunmetal this is the drl of the vehicle so there are five elements for the drl that happens to be the indicator this is the low beam this happens to be the high beam and you get parking sensors everywhere in fact the parking

Sensors here are kind of close but this is obviously curved okay this is the towing hook and this is a very nice looking car i really love it in red okay now the petrol model does not come with four wheel drive it’s a two wheel drive with front wheel drive of course the four wheel drive model also gets terrain modes snow sand and mud mud is the mode obviously now

Let’s come to the wheels these happen to be 18 inches tire size happens to be 235 60 18 i really like the design of the alloy you can see yeah this uh what do i say side molding around the v latch also looks nice there’s a camera here indicator right there and a request sensor here now they have used this black panel or plastic gliding all around for that suv appeal

In fact you can see the design element here you can see the design element here as well gloss black finishing here gloss black finishing right there this obviously gets a shark fin antenna which is again finished in gloss black and then i think dual tone colors are also available now coming to the rear the design is also very nice again led has been used extensively

On this car however this doesn’t seem to be led and yeah actually it’s a bulb there you can see bulb and bulb now the thing is that the reverse light is on this side okay that is the rear fog light of the vehicle and then the lights look really nice in fact the logo has grown bigger at the rear as well so yeah there you can see the uh wiper and washer is actually

Hidden that’s like what we see on range rovers of course this is the camera system and you get parking sensors here sort of a skid plate and there is the exhaust of the vehicle yeah hidden underneath of course only on one side towing hook and this sort of a 3d finishing has been given now it gets a power tailgate so in order to open the boot here i press the button

And there opens the boot boot is actually quite big decent size for the segment of course and power tailgate now the spare wheel is actually an alloy it’s a full sized one as well well that’s impressive here happens to be a 12 volt charging socket there’s a light placement here and yeah speaker it gets a 8 speaker system in order to recline the seat i just have to

Pull this and there the seat reclines and you obviously get a pastel shelf here so you can recline the seat from the boot of course press this button to shut this we are actually going to put the seat back into place it’s taking its own sweet time to go but yeah that’s powered of course thing is hyundai has gone crazy with the amount of features they have offered

On this car now this is actually upright because this one actually has a recline angle to adjust it you have to use this that is completely declined so you can see there’s a big difference in terms of the recline angle quality levels are actually quite nice yeah it’s very impressive gloss black finishing here this does not get one touch up and down the rear windows

Do not get it although they should have given sun blinds here that’s something which is missed it gets a lot of features which focus towards tech but you know what it’s got something known as the boss mode so here you can see there’s not much space on offer well worry not because now you can push the seat ahead by pressing this button that’s not it you can actually

Move the angle of the seat and then you can push it all the way ahead there you see i’m pushing it ahead so that i can increase the legroom of this vehicle and legroom is actually very impressive huh very impressive headroom is also very impressive like look at the amount of headroom i have obviously i’ve reclined the seat right now light here on the top there’s

A handle to hold on to seat belts get the height adjust function ac vents are placed here two usb charging sockets given below slight hump here but you obviously get a center armrest and this has twin cup holders too isofix child seat mounts see it’s actually very nice and comfortable and you get this massive panoramic roof like really huge i just showed that to

You in a bit but look at the dashboard design that also looks very nice i love the way the dashboard has been done hyundai is taking quality to the next level in certain areas and also the design elements are absolutely fantastic okay some hard plastics are here of course magazine holders slightly scooped out but legroom and new room not an issue at all under the

Eye support is adequate i would say not the best not bad either okay there is some stuff here we are going to remove this and listen to this okay guys three two one that was so satisfying as well so it has got 64 colors for ambient lighting too now let’s just shut this so let’s get to the front i don’t know why this logo has grown bigger in similar size okay

Here there’s a request sensor i don’t think they will have a request sensor on the other side because usually honda does not offer requests on the other side but this car gets request sensors on both the sides that’s so amazing okay from here i’m going to show you the massive panoramic roof look at that it’s like really big and huge okay let’s shut this feels

Very nicely put together this is eight-way adjustable powered seat for the driver says tucson here in fact you get memory function you can save up to people’s settings front power windows are one touch up and down these are the controls to lock and unlock the vehicle these are for the power window controls and obviously this is for the child lock in fact the whole

Treatment is amazing this is also beginning of this light here as well okay look at the steering wheel it is so nice and sporty i really like the way the whole cabin has been done so now we are inside first and foremost let’s turn off the hazard lights glove box is big enough but you know what unfortunately it doesn’t get the cooling function there’s the first aid

Kit lying there here you have some storage space it’s actually deep enough but obviously it doesn’t slide because the design is such now you can cool the seeds and you can heat the seeds both the front seats get the ventilation and heating function twin cup holders here lot of buttons here you know why this is the electric parking brake this happens to be for the

Parking camera parking sensors downhill assist and auto hold it says drive mode here now for the four wheel drive versions for the diesel it also gets that terrain mode which i was talking about there’s some storage here this is obviously the wireless charging pad usb usb and 12 volt outlet steering feels sorry again feels nice to a steering feels even better to

Hold in fact it’s adjustable both for reach as well as rig so you just want to push it back some amount of gloss black here but okay it has got something known as multi-air mode which diffuses the air like it does in an aircraft that’s the reason it comes out from here can you see the spores i’m not too sure if you can but yeah it actually comes out from there

That’s also very unique feature auto dimming mirror of course light placement here on the top let’s open the sunroof let’s see how much does it open i think it opens quite a bit okay that’s gone far and we own that’s it it won’t open any further but i am really impressed by the two song i think it’s a fantastic kind of this sunday obviously close you just have to

Tap it once because if you tap it a little harder then okay now i struggle with this because they only have one button for this press it inside push it slightly no no no what are you doing okay yeah now it opens so they could have had different buttons like say the tata area light is operated like this now this thing opens here there is a mirror there’s a light

On the top which has to be manually activated and there is this extension also for the sun blind it’s kind of nice okay it’s not really hard plastic but lower down it’s hard but this is sort of soft which is very impressive this is a 10.25 inch screen this is again a 10.25 inch screen the screen is amazing it’s very high definition these are the controls for the

Air conditioning that diffuse thing i was telling you about multi-air mode this is the one where the air actually comes out from here and it’s a chiller the air conditioning is obviously very nice it’s actually got a dual zone climate control air conditioning so yeah that’s also good okay now let’s get into reverse this is the reverse parking camera it obviously

Gets a 360 degree camera and there you can you know back zoom and stuff like that it gets guidelines of course let’s get out of reverse what we’re going to do is we are actually going to turn on the camera so this is the camera system which we already saw but there are multiple modes for the camera so you can see a lot of stuff here yeah that’s the wire dangling and

Also yeah that’s also nice you can see the quality of the screen is actually amazing and it obviously gets a pm 2.5 air filter as well so yeah easy to browse you get apple carplay you get android auto connectivity you get hyundai’s blue link with more than 60 plus connected car features this valley mode is quite mode you also get to hear sounds of nature so yeah

Maps and all navigation is amazing okay if you’re not going to navigate anywhere but yeah the quality is very nice i really love the screen which honda does because it’s very readable it’s very nice and very well done as well okay it gets a 8 speaker bose sound system let’s listen to an audio right away let’s turn into fm come on clicky challenge i like the way

The steering wheel has been done okay there are a lot of buttons here now this is for phone call of course and then this is for volume this is actually audio control and this is a voice command there are a lot of buttons here as well and these buttons happen to be for the cruise control so this is actually to browse through that screen so there you can see this

One has a lot of information you know why because it has got 19 a dash function 19. out of those 19s most of them are for say the forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking and then lane keep assist lane departure warning it also has this blind spot monitor blind spot assist their guardian is trying to figure out you know how is the car and he’s

In a very intense discussion there but anyways coming back to the car well automatic wipers automatic headlights okay it has got this blind spot monitor here i give a right indicator there it works give a left indicator there it works so very similar to the one on the alcazar let’s use the wipers right away wipers also very nice so like i was telling you about

The adas functions got plenty of weight as functions which is amazing firstly and uh like i was telling you blind spot monitor is there on the mirrors it has got all these adas and all those i mean forward collision warning it also has i mean honestly hyundai has gone overboard by giving us level two eight ass functions in this car and we are going to experience

Them tomorrow let’s listen to the horn horn is also actually quite nice now this cluster actually changes when i change the drive monitor eco normal and sport similar to the one on the alcazar but then you can obviously go into the screen and decide which mode you want to see when so that’s also a possibility yeah guys so that’s about it okay there’s some buttons

Which i didn’t talk about so this is to open the boot of the vehicle this is for traction control and this is the headlight leveler by the way how can i miss hyundai claims that this has got 29 unique or first in segment features and i think this car is going to sell in decent numbers but that brings me to the price of the car so what is going to be the price of

The cycle i think top end will almost reach around 38 39 lakhs on road mumbai for the four wheel drive diesel automatic it is only automatic there is no manual available in this car let’s do one thing let’s actually turn off the vehicle so the engine start button is actually hidden here so when i turn it off the doors obviously unlock and then we’re just going to

Open so showing exactly which door is open and then it obviously has the hyundai greeting which is coming on both the screens by the way and let’s quickly have a look at the wipers so there they are this is the wiper yeah so this actually fouls here so i don’t know how the washing guys are going to manage that and that’s about it guys let me know in the comment

Section below what do you think about this hyundai tucson i think hyundai has another winner in its hands but yes at the end of the day i think diesel is going to sell more than petrol but yes they have a better option if you like this vlog make sure to give it a thumbs up that’s a like button also subscribe to the channel since we are at it let me do one thing let

Me just hand over the keys of the car and quickly jump to show you what is actually written on the diesel model so they have this badging at the rear which says h-track hyundai traction yeah there it is this is the thing which actually differentiates the two-wheel drive and the four-wheel drive version and i just show you a glimpse of this car which is actually

Being charged right now because the battery’s gone capoted was on for a long duration which happens with almost every car but look at this the curves the cuts and creases on the side really very impressive bye bye

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