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Hyundai Tucson Hybrid VS Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid comparison

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Today we’re comparing the hyundai santa fe hybrid and the tucson hybrid they both recently came out hyundai didn’t have hybrids in their suv range now they do let’s have a look the santa fe is bigger than the tucson it’s six inches longer 1.4 inches wider 2.6 inches taller and 478 pounds heavier than the tucson hybrid but they both use the same 1.6 liter turbocharged

Four-cylinder engine matched with a six-speed automatic transmission and of course electrification total output is 226 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque and they are sold with all-wheel drive only they both offer a quiet cabin the tucson even more so they are both smooth quick agile they take corners with ease and have an excellent turning radius they

Both feel more like a pure ev than a hybrid it’s impressive although we do think the gas engine goes on more with the santa fe because of the extra weight so as we mentioned already the tucson is lighter than the santa fe by 450 plus pounds you do notice that you do but it also works in the santa fe’s favor so yes you know the gasoline engine might be coming

On more often but maybe it feels a little bit more plush and you know relaxed feeling it’s definitely a comfortable drive i have to give it that i enjoy it it feels wider feels taller it just generally feels bigger i would suggest that in the tucson the engine and the handling is maybe a little bit more spirited in the santa fe adequate the tucson hybrid is

Wider longer and taller than the previous model it is half an inch taller and wider than the outgoing model its overall length is 5.9 inches longer and the wheelbase is 3.5 inches longer than the previous model our tucson test model is an amazon gray and it has a distinct and sharp looking exterior with angular body panels and a front grille with dark chrome

Accents giving this suv an aggressive and modern look some might not like all of these sharp angles but in person it does actually come off it comes standard with led headlamps and tail lamps panoramic sunroof smart power liftgate and a spare tire kit with 19-inch wheels the ultimate trim that we’re testing gets the led premium projector headlamps and 19-inch

Wheels the santa fe we are testing comes in magnetic gray it has a modern and elegant exterior with a larger front grille and chrome accents throughout it has a bit of a palisade vibe to it the santa fe hybrid comes standard with led headlights a temporary spare tire and 18-inch wheels 17-inch or standard in the us if you want the panoramic sunroof and led tail

Lights you have to add the trend package to the base model trim in canada for twenty one hundred dollars for twenty four hundred more we feel the top luxury trim offers better value you get everything in the trend package plus 19-inch alloy wheels and a smart power liftgate in the u.s the base model comes with folding side mirrors and the smart power liftgate in

Canada the side folding mirrors are not available on the hybrid only on the gas model somebody made a great comment about the santa fe grill looks like the car has braces yeah i don’t think so i really love it um i like the exterior of the tucson better i remember when i did a quick preview video when they unveiled it with all the sharp angles and everything and

I thought is it trying too hard but when you see it in person it looks good especially from the back it’s kind of got the mustang mock e tail lamps yeah it looks really sharp from the back they’ve got that hidden rear wiper which really keeps it clean and modern looking but i do love the santa fe with all of that chrome i think it looks really sharp and it does

Have a similar vibe to the palisade now we’re going to get into the price in a moment you’re going to see there’s not much in it between the two of them i really believe that the santa fe has been developed for a more mature buyer you’ve got the chrome we’ll show you in a moment the inside which really is quite different and i think tucson is skewing a bit younger

A little bit more of a youthful vibe i think that’s what they’re doing i also think some of the packaging in this is a bit strange you get more in the us than you get in canada and also you get more on the gas model in canada than you do on the hybrid so i do hope that hyundai tweaks that a bit there’s some very important stuff still to come in this comparison

Pricing fuel economy the interior so that’s all still to come right now i want to let you know if you go to the links below you will find full length videos that andrea and i did on both of these vehicles just recently so you can watch those at your leisure also follow along on instagram it’s motormouthunderscoreandrea to get comments in she does the exact same

Comparison the day before this video drops and now we’re going to read out your comments i would go for the tucson more practical more boot space but i don’t need much leg or headroom tough one so happy you did this comparison i’m trying to decide still but i like all the extra features in the tucson i appreciate you doing this segment i really like the tucson

But the exterior styling is 50 50 love hate for me i’m loving the new santa fe but i’d really lean towards the awesome new 2.5 liter turbo and dual clutch however the economy seems hard to beat great segment thanks again if you need to carry golf clubs then take the santa fe the tucson hybrid offers a clean and modern interior with piano black trim and no buttons

It comes standard with an 8 inch touchscreen a 10 and a quarter inch digital information display wireless apple carplay and android auto a wireless charger heated leather wrapped steering wheel heated and ventilated front leather seating surfaces the top ultimate trim you get the 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen driver seat memory a bose stereo system and wired

Apple carplay and android auto at this time wireless is not available on the larger screen then we move to the santa fe hybrid that has a very different interior from the tucson it’s loaded with buttons and has a very organized and well-designed center console it too comes standard with an 8 inch touchscreen but only a 4.2 inch information display and just like

The tucson with the small screen you get apple carplay and android auto a leather wrap heated steering wheel and cloth seats unfortunately the larger touchscreen is not available on this hybrid in canada even though it is available on the gasoline model and the tucson hybrid the top trim on the santa fe comes standard with ventilated front seats driver’s memory seats

Leather console molding heated rear seats a wireless charger a 12.3 inch digital information display and a smart power liftgate there are some other odd differences between the santa fe gas model and the hybrid the gas model gets front park assist one touch power windows for the passenger power folding side mirrors a head-up display and a 12-speaker harman kardon

Sound system but these features are not offered on the hybrid in the u.s it’s a different story on the middle and top trims you get the harman kardon sound system and the 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen andrea i’m going to use a word that’s not used very often yes it’s a it’s a bit hodgepodge a hot mess yeah of packaging decisions by hyundai canada compared to

The united states like why can’t they just have oh this is the middle trim this is the high trim and gas you get the exact same thing but it’s hybrid why do you have to give up the big screen to get the hybrid you can’t get wireless it’s just a mess yeah and even with the spare tire you get a spare tire on this hybrid but not on the gas model it just doesn’t make

Any sense yeah i don’t get it and then the tucson you don’t get the spare tire i don’t know it just seems strange that you’ve got this wonderful product with the santa fe and it’s available with the gas model with this beautiful interior in the big screen but you get the hybrid no no not for you that’s why i like the calligraphy trim the best on the gas model i

Think that is a win especially with that turbocharged engine i think i would pick the gas model even though the fuel economy isn’t as good that calligraphy trim gives me everything i need okay so we talked earlier about the skewing older for the santa fe and skewing younger for the tucson i’m going to stick with that i think santa fe with the traditional button

Layout and a volume knob is going to appeal to gen x and baby boomers younger millennials will probably like the clean tucson interior kind of looks a little bit sort of tesla inspired with one big screen and no volume knob i love me a volume knob so if you had that in the tucson it would be perfect but you know what i know a lot of tesla owners that are older

And they like that modern clean look i don’t disagree with you zach that it’s skewing older but i also think that older people will like the tucson hybrid and it’s green it’s not cotton dry andrea i’m just saying the trends that’s the trend i agree santa fe offers more space for front and second row passengers 2.7 inches more front leg room in the front and a

Half inch more in the second row however the tucson offers more space in other areas you get more headroom for front and second row passengers plus you get 63 liters more cargo space when the second row seats are down 78 liters more than the santa fe hybrid the research department did a whole lot of digging on this and it was very confusing because you would

Think the santa fe being bigger has more cargo space but no no no that’s not the case and a lot of people were saying how is that possible and i have to agree with you when we picked up that santa fe i couldn’t believe how big that cargo space really is so if you need the extra leg room then the santa fe is better for you or you need a wider vehicle once again

The santa fe but if it’s cargo space that’s most important to you then get the tucson hybrid we have a follower subscriber who has a pizza store or restaurant in australia and it’s most important to him just to have the cargo space and he was trying to decide between the santa fe and the tucson and it’s the tucson that’s the winner because of it i love pizza in

Canada the tucson hybrid has two trims the luxury trim for just under thirty nine thousand dollars and the ultimate trim for forty one and a half thousand in the us there are three trims and the blue trim base model trim starts at just over twenty nine thousand dollars it’s the same for the santa fe two trims in canada one cheaper base model in the us first up

Is the preferred at just over thirty nine thousand dollars and then there’s the luxury trim in canada that’s just under forty four thousand dollars the blue trim in the united states is just over 33 and a half thousand dollars the tucson does get better fuel economy because it’s lighter using the same drivetrain 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers in the city 6.6 on the

Highway that’s 37 miles per gallon city and 36 miles per gallon highway the santa fe hybrid gets 7.1 liters per hundred kilometers in the city 7.9 on the highway that’s 33 miles per gallon city 30 miles per gallon highway and both of these vehicles get a five-year hundred thousand kilometer warranty so it makes total sense that the tucson hybrid gets better fuel

Economy because this santa fe is actually based on a seven seven-seater platform like the sorrento yeah and the sorento is available with a front-wheel drive hybrid system in the us but not in canada same thing some odd packaging choices there so we talked about it when we did the review of the santa fe once again the longer videos are in the description below

If you want to watch them uh andrew and i both kind of chose the tucson just on for me it was just on the exterior looks for me it’s about the drive the tucson is quick and it’s agile and it just has a really quiet cabin i feel like i’m driving a pure electric vehicle when it comes to the santa fe as zach said it just doesn’t feel as spirited so for me i’m going

With the calligraphy gas model with the 2.5 liter turbocharged engine i would love to be able to get the exterior look of the tucson with all of those buttons and the interior of the santa fe but with the bigger screen like that calligraphy trim you mentioned with all the buttons on the bigger screen just give us that like why do you have to make it so agonizing

For people this to decide and the thing about that ten and a quarter inch screen is it’s so easy to use when we got into the santa fe hybrid and that eight inch screen was there i said to zach no why yeah well here’s the good news uh hyundai is coming hard and strong with hybrid options and two mainline vehicles they’re going to be adding plug-in hybrids of these

Soon when we get those can’t wait we’ll test them out and let you know but there’s a lot of excitement around these two products that we’ve had a lot of feedback from the gas models and the hybrid models so it shows you that hyundai is on the trajectory up i am so impressed with hyundai products right now what they are coming out with the fit and finish the tech

That’s available and this hybrid engine is terrific you have to give it a try you will be just as impressed as us when it comes to a comparison with toyota’s hybrid system frankly i like this better yeah i do encourage you to follow andrea on instagram because she does drop these same comparisons the day before the videos it’s motor mouth underscore andrea and

Please subscribe we do these every single week so when when we see them andrea we’ll see you again next week and don’t forget to hit the bell

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Hyundai Tucson Hybrid VS Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid comparison By Motormouth