Hyundai Velsoter N vs Subaru WRX Sti, can Veloster N be your choice? Drag and Roll Race

Hyundai Vesloter N vs Subaru WRX Sti, can Veloster N be your choice? Drag and Roll Race.

Hello everyone welcome back to another video welcome back to another drag race this one is going to be quite interesting so we have a velociran which was present in another video on my channel but this time apparently there is a tune change on it and this thing makes about 305 horsepower at this point so this is a front wheel drive and we’re going to drag

Race it against the wrx sti which it is a manual transmission but it’s a all-wheel drive system so that’s going to be quite interesting we first did the uh honda type r against this but at that time this made about 290 horsepower but today we’re going to drag race it against the wrx sti so we’re gonna find out how much faster is that thing we did a few

Runs um they seem to be neck and neck i don’t know uh everything that’s gonna be decided today we’re gonna find out how this is gonna go it’s quite an interesting race because technically they’re both performance cars the difference is this is not a full sedan like the uh sti this is only three doors if you know the lusters they only have three doors

Well four with the trunk special thanks for this video goes to the owner of the wrx sdi and uh jay for allowing me to drive his veloster and it’s my second time driving this thing i like these things i like they’re pretty powerful the only problem with this car generally is trying to put the power down if you can manage to put the power down you can get

This car to be pretty fast today we’re at toronto motorsport cayuga to find out how fast is the veloster and compares to that and again this is not a stock vehicle it is tuned and has a softer tune i believe uh you’ll see the specs somewhere here and the owner said that makes about 305 on a dyno 305 horsepower not wheel horsepower so it’s pretty much tied

Up with the sdi let’s see um so what no way um um so uh now oh god damn i got a 200 kilometers an hour well this was quite interesting man um i’m quite impressed with the whole thing i mean from uh from a lunch you’re definitely taking me but like from a roll that tune really helps this veloster and that’s for sure it’s the tune because

If you’re stuck per stock you’d be eating me alive kind of thing yeah thanks a lot but i appreciate this was a lot of fun guys i appreciate this um quite impressive this little car here but again the tune helps a lot with that in mind thanks for watching guys this was very very interesting i love this kind of cars um i get to see them now again keep in

Mind this is not stock so if you’re out there saying that oh i can buy the last iran stock per stock this would lose against the sti 100 but again you’re always going to pay more for the sdi so that keep in mind um it comes down to the price as well i i love this little thing it’s such an amazing vehicle in many ways i love the sti because you get that

All-wheel drive system and you get a better traction at lunch but this it’s a lot of fun it’s a small car it’s quite interesting um thanks for watching and thanks to everybody for helping out today with any mind stay safe cheers

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Hyundai Velsoter N vs Subaru WRX Sti, can Veloster N be your choice? Drag and Roll Race By Sam CarLegion