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Hyundai Venue N-Line Review | Stephen Neil | Car Reviews

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Hyundai Venue N-Line review by Stephen Neil. Hyundai launches their second N-Line product in India based on the Venue. The Venue N-Line continues to look similar to the standard model with slight cosmetic changes and a few changes under the hood. We put the Venue N-Line through its paces to find out if it is the sportiest compact SUV in India.

The hyundai venue has been around indian market for a few years now and its facelift has been around in the indian market for a few weeks however this one well it’s very different because of this badge right here now this little badge over here has made quite a big difference of course a few other mechanical elements that we will be talking about in just some

Time but then this car is a little more sportier than its standard variant and i’m here to tell you more about it hello and welcome to drives pack i’m stephanie and this is the new hyundai venue inline and well that inline suffix means quite a lot without further ado let’s go find out now before we dig deep into the design details and few other aspects of this

Vehicle let us start talking about what this bad signifies so what exactly is in line so before we talk about inline let’s talk about n so n is hyundai’s performance division that makes lots of performance cars uh well they are essentially the standard cars converted into performance cars so that is what n does for hyundai and well where does the n come from n

Comes from nam yang where the n division was started and it also stands for nurburgring where hyundai’s n cars are tested however this is not n this is in line and what that simply means is under the hood there are not many changes there are a few other changes even mechanically and aesthetically on this vehicle and before we start talking about the mechanicals

Let’s talk about the aesthetics for a bit because there are a few design details on this vehicle that have changed so let’s get started from the front end so up front you see this grill so this grill might seem very familiar to you uh you already seen it on the standard when you hover on this one it is a little bit shorter and a bit more wider you still get the

Dark chrome elements the studs on the grill and the very prominent hyundai badging in the front but the grill is slightly different now the other element that is very different up front is the front bumper of course it looks very familiar because it is similar to the standard hyundai venue’s bumper but it does get a split design now on the scuff plate and you get

The body color on the scuff plate as well now it’s not the exact same color but it does look very close and well of course you get this red highlight so these red highlights can be found all over the car including on the inline badging so that is another difference up front and then of course everything else remains the same you still get the led drls projector

Headlamps etc so that covers the front end now it’s time to go check out the side and find out what are the changes on the side now the first thing you will notice on the side profile are these 16 inch alloy wheels now these are different they give these trapezoidal shape elements on it and it looks very fancy indeed even when they’re standing still or while in

Motion and of course the hyundai badge has been replaced by the n badging so that there is the end badging that signifies performance now it is short with mrf wander eco trade tires now e coated tires on a performance vehicle well they don’t really quite go together now let’s get on to other details on the side profile starting off with the blacked out orvms you

Get a chunkier roof rail along with some reflective material in red of course because red well is sporty so you get the red reflective material on the roof rail and also on the side fenders and then of course you get body cladding all over on the side profile so that pretty much sums up the side profile of the hyundai venue inline now it’s time to check out the

Rear if you are showing some interest in this car well you might be a performance enthusiast and if you’re a performance enthusiast the first thing you’ll notice when compared to the standard venue is a new exhaustive that’s right you now get twin exhaust tips and well it does look good doesn’t it now the other detail out here at the rear is of course you get the

Red sporty element and then of course you’ve got a slightly redesigned bumper and then you’ve got the inline badging and that’s pretty much it when it comes to the end line now one thing i want you to notice is this color now this is called shadow gray and well well it’s more like nado gray and it does look fabulous especially with all these red elements and then

You’ve got these blacked out elements even in black you’ve got the matte black and the piano black etc so there’s quite a lot going on here and it does look very sporty indeed so when it comes to looking sporty hyundai venue inline definitely checks that box now there are quite a few changes on the inline model when you get inside the vehicle now don’t mistake

Me the layout remains exactly the same as a standard venue so you get your steering wheel the dashboard the seats everything placed in the exact same way even the boot space remains the same at 311 liters however there are few changes in terms of the upholstery starting off with the blacked out interiors so you get black interiors all over the vehicle so you get

Leather seats of course this is standard on the inline models uh let’s start off with the dashboard shall we now right in front of the driver you get the sporty steering wheel it’s a three spoke unit and it has been taken straight from the i20 inline and well it is very sporty indeed a flat bottom steering would have made it a lot more sportier but this one is

Still very sporty you get these red highlights red stitching of course uh so this contrast stitching makes it a little more sporty now these red accents found all over the car to make it a little more sportier uh now coming back to steering wheel you get steering mounted controls for cruise control for audio uh you get lots of functions and you also get flappy paddle

Gearbox so you get these paddle shifters behind the steering wheel and they move along with the steering wheel so it’s not in a fixed position and that makes it very easy to make those gear changes now this is equipped with the seven speed dct gearbox and well all you have to do is slot the gearbox into the manual mode and well you can use your paddle shifters to

Get more control over the gear shifts now behind the steering wheel is a digital instrument cluster uh well you get lots of colors on here lots of information being displayed now to the left is a speedometer and to the right is the tachometer uh well the tachometer is completely digital so it’s the numerical readout that changes with every product of the throttle

And in the middle is your mid that displays a lot of information you also have your driving modes that are displayed on the screen so you’ve got your eco normal and sport being displayed on the screen and well the colors and the color theme really changes along with the driving mode selected so that is the instrumentation and the steering wheel now let’s come to

The dashboard as i said earlier the quite a few of these red accents all over the vehicle including the dashboard for example these ac vents now the design of the ac vents remains exactly identical to the standard when you however you do get these red accents on these vein control units and then of course you’ve got the touchscreen infotainment system now this is

An eight inch unit and well you do get uh hyundai’s blue link you get apple carplay android auto etc and well you get lots of information being displayed on this including maps navigation you can project your phone onto it and well of course you can use hyundai’s connected suite which is blue link underneath it you’ve got these buttons that help navigating through

The screen a bit easier so while you’re driving you don’t really have to always use the touchscreen you can go to media and well you can always uh choose what you want to be the source of your music and well you have your hazard switch beneath it and beneath that you’ve got your ac controls your climate control unit and then you’ve got red accents on those two

And there’s a little circular display here that displays your climate control settings and beneath it is your charging solutions so lots of charging solutions out here you got a usb type a then you’ve got your 12 volt or 120 watt socket and then you’ve got a type c uh as well and then of course you’ve got wireless charging on this vehicle as well so there’s quite

A lot of charging solutions so that all your devices can be powered always and then now coming to the seats now this is where it gets really interesting because it gets black leather seats with contrast stitching and contrast beading so the beading on the seats and the stitching is done in red which is of course a sporty color like i’ve already told you and like

Hyundai has time and again emphasized and then of course you’ve got the checkered flag on the back and hyundai and badging embossed into the seat so this is a very sporty seat probably the most sporty seat in its segment and well we really like this seat it is pretty comfortable uh we’ll talk more about the driving comfort while we are actually driving the vehicle

But then at first glance well these seats are amazing the rear two hasn’t changed much you get the same red accents on the seats apart from it nothing much has changed uh well it’s the same standard layout as the standard hyundai venue and now finally now that we’re done with the interior now it’s time to get to the whole point of this car the sportiness of it and

That is felt only while driving it so let’s get behind the wheel and on the road this is the hyundai venue in line so it’s only an inline it’s not the proper end treatment as a result the engine and powertrain remain similar or it is the exact same engine power train as the top spec hyundai venue the first major change you’ll notice is the new exhaust system it

Has a new deeper growl and sounds very nice irrespective of the engine speed or the engine rpm the exhaust drawl is more pronounced when the dual clutch gearbox shifts a cog so this is something that is very nice irrespective of what engine speed it is while it shifts the gear it sounds very nice thanks to the new exhaust system the engine is the same one liter

Turbo petrol gdi unit it has a capacity of 998 cc it’s a three cylinder turbo petrol that puts out 118.3 bhp at 6000 rpm and 172 nm between 1500 and 4000 rpm with 172 nm coming in at just 1500 rpm one would expect a really strong surge of torque however that really doesn’t happen it pulls hard but it doesn’t really kick you back into the seat that is because of

The dual clutch gearbox however post 3500 rpm you do feel strong acceleration and it is very easy to get to triple digit speeds the venu n line comes with drive modes normal eco and sport and each of these modes have their own characteristic the normal mode feels nice and acceleration is linear while gear shifts happen earlier in the rev range in the eco mode the

Gearbox is too eager to shift up and it prefers staying in higher gears even at lower speeds while the throttle response is slightly delayed sports mode changes the way the engine and gearbox feels the gearbox is no longer eager to shift up early and it is easy to see that this is the mode enthusiasts will prefer driving in all the time if the dsg isn’t delivering

The thrills you want in sport mode the paddle shifters will certainly liven up things they feel good and shift fast higher speeds is where you really feel the difference that the inline treatment is making hyundai has tweaked the suspension to make it stiffer thereby improving handling body roll is well under control and the suv changes direction quickly and with

Confidence irrespective of the vehicle speed the steering too has been tweaked and it is pretty heavy even at lower speeds at lower speeds in fact the steering feels a little too heavy but this is a boon at higher speeds and you feel very confident chucking it into different lanes or even into corners at higher speeds in fact the hyundai venue inline is the best

Handling suv in its segment and there’s no two ways about it the compact suv segment in india has taken off to heights never seen before and well there is quite a lot of demand for suvs now if you want an suv that can tackle our indian roads and at the same time be sporty in this segment well you have only one choice and that is a hyundai venue in line so that

Was our take on the end line do let us know in the comments what do you think of the hyundai venue n line and is it worth that extra premium of rupees 50 000 over the standard when you stop and model so do let us know in the comments what you think of it and also if you have any queries or doubts about it ask us and we’ll answer them for you thank you so much for

Watching this is stephen neal signing off for drive spark and we are going to get back to driving because we have had quite some fun in this vehicle

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