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Hyundai VENUE, India’s First Connected SUV with Blue Link technology smartly engineered for India offering connected car service that robustly protects your car thus making your life more convenient. It is not just a smart SUV but comes with all the interior comforts and high tech features that makes it the smart choice. To know more about Hyundai VENUE visit

Making your life more convenient the venue is not just a smart suv but comes from the first look the venue is a force the iconic front and rear lights are connected by the bold character line sporty and exciting to the exuberant design and shark’s fin type c-pillar the venue’s interior delivers on practicality too with every detail tried structure was simple but iconic details

Creates a fun and sporty interior design a circular display are intuitive to use giving you the complete smart car more frequently used buttons are designed larger less frequently smaller if you are tech-savvy the smartphone makes life easier and more efficient why from before you even get in your car – after you’ve reached the end of your on those harsh summer days in sticky

40 degree heat remote control will start up using your smartphone while driving is both dangerous and difficult let your your eyes on the road we have partnered with soundhound to bring you natural search for weather using only your voice you can easily send your destination information to your car ahead of time select your destination on the avn once you’re in the car and

You’re ready to go keeping friends and family updated on your progress and all without using your do you worry about something happening to your car while you’re away steal your car is detected and if it has been stolen use the stolen vehicle we are also introducing a feature specifically designed for india’s setting geofence and curfew alerts you’ll be instantly notified

When your using the smart and secure connected car stress-free without worrying about some of life’s unforeseen events added some special features to ensure a quality driving experience for instance configuration of the controls we recognize that many drivers in india we also recognize the particular needs our customers have due to the climate more in the scorching weather

We have built in 1 litre water bottle holders in the rear seats we have provided console air vents charging points and music on the venue is equipped with the our kameez speakers which provides a everyone can enjoy the listening experience by activating vip mode rear with family and friends enjoy some quality time in your venue with the the smaller the vehicle is the more

Likely people are to worry about its has a total of six airbags including a curtain airbag that wraps around the keeping the seatbelt tense and use safer in the event of a collision if you have these difficult times if you are having trouble with your car just press the the sos button to be promptly connected to our call center where you can request to give you peace of

Mind whatever happens we’re there for you

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Hyundai | VENUE | Smart Engineering By HyundaiIndia