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I Bought a Salvage Porsche Cayenne S

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I bought another salvage car,. This time it’s a 2003 Porsche Cayenne S. I knew it was crashed but had no idea how disgusting and broken the rest of it was. I’ll walk you around this thing and show you how gross it really is and why I decided not to fix it.

Welcome to drawless garage i bought another salvage car stay tuned what have i done this is a 2003 i believe uh let’s see o3 porsche cayenne s has 139 000 miles it does run and drive apparently it runs fairly well i haven’t driven it yet i haven’t even started it yet uh obviously it comes from copart the battery’s completely dead so i bought it knowing

That obviously has a little you know a little minor damage on the front no big deal bumper cover and some grills whatever shouldn’t be a big deal uh what i didn’t see in the pictures you know is that this thing is filthy like i don’t know how well you can see but it’s filthy disgusting um yeah it’s just disgusting so uh radio missing but whatever listen

Here’s the deal i paid 1300 bucks for it for a running driving kion s v8 that runs in drives 1300 bucks 13.50 actually okay with fees and everything it was 18.53 another 500 bucks in shipping so i’m all in 2300. 23.50 basically into this cayenne i i’ve been wanting to get one of these to see about doing uh i don’t know one of those overlander you know kind of

Jack it up with some tires and stuff on it i don’t think this is going to be the one just because it is so disgusting i mean it’s not just dirty okay dirk can be fixed but i mean clean but it’s just everything is just i don’t know it’s just grimy and filthy and i mean it’s just disgusting so uh if i’m gonna get into some kind of a project i’m gonna start with

Something a little nicer but i mean look at the stain i don’t know how much you can see how much uh the phone actually shows but ain’t nothing good going on here that’s for sure everything is broken everything it’s just it’s just disaster uh no power whatsoever so first thing i’m going to have to do is open the hood uh get a battery some jumper cables uh there’s

Got to be some uh some jumper posts up in there somehow somewhere and put some power to this thing and get it running the motor does run well it is the uh the v8 so that’s a good thing and uh let’s see the oil okay oil looks okay i mean i don’t know how clean let’s see but let’s see it’s not too bad the important thing is uh no head no blown head gasket which i

Guess i had no way of knowing before it actually got here so okay so i looked out there but i mean think of figure you know for 3 900 bucks i mean what am i talking about 2 300 bucks can i really go wrong you know i don’t know where the oil fill i guess this must be no that’s like an egr okay here’s the awful duh staring me in the face you know looks okay so

Yeah i need to uh clean it i kind of just gonna go through it i see this is loose here oh crap this pallet here gonna kill me um i just gotta see what’s going on here uh tires are obviously uh pretty much shot um it’s just filthy disgusting disgusting all right it is what it is again twenty three hundred dollars for a v8 cayenne i gotta see if i can find

This piece here so i’ll see most likely i’ll just clean it up a little bit throw it up on ebay or something like that i don’t know what else what else am i gonna do with this thing you know what else is it good for somebody else maybe you can use it for parts or someone with some ambition can go through it but these calipers look just like the ones on my

Rs they might even be not on the rs actually on the gt3 because those are i think i believe those are 350 millimeter uh front rotors on there so we’ll see i got to go grab a battery and see what happens all right so i hooked up the jumper cables here to the little thing here and uh it’s just going beep nothing’s happening though oh huh look at that mess of

Wires there wow what a hunky all right um i don’t know just making that noise but it’s not doing anything i know it’ll crank because i wasn’t here when the car got here but my buddy was here and uh it started they drove it off the truck so i don’t know maybe i’ll have to pull my truck over here and give it some proper juice let me try that all right so

I got my truck here with my old comments baby let’s see i was uh i hooked up juice i was able to get the key out of it so let’s see what happens with this piece of german engineering here let’s see kian uh-huh nothing okay let’s see places only starts in neutral it’s not wanting to do anything right now huh i realized the noise was because the lights are

On and that’s probably why the battery is completely dead so let’s see all right we’re getting some signs of life here nothing okay my buddy told me it started in neutral now we’ll go into neutral all right and let’s turn that on let’s turn the key on nothing okay we have sign of life nothing okay so in order to stop screwing around with the jumper cables

I’m going to remove the seat the battery’s under there and i’ll just drop out the battery the easiest thing those jumper cables are obviously aren’t doing the job so let’s do that so like on the 911s two screws in the front probably two in the back i hooked up the okay we’ll do the posts up there at least i’ll give it some juice until the seat moves man there

Isn’t anything on this car that isn’t disgusting or broken or fatal at least the seat moves back and forth like it’s supposed to that saves me a whole lot of hassle what a pain in the butt i had to take the seat out over here i guess this thing here somehow has to come out when or if it feels like cooperation i don’t know anyway i need my hands for this so i

Got to put the phone down and there it is so two tens and there’s a thing down there this one here which i guess is probably a 10 also that holds it down so i’ll pull those out and that battery should come out and then i’ll put another one in there in its place battery doesn’t look too old it’s got a 12 17 date on it so yeah it’s a little on the older side

I’ll put on the charger so i got the battery in there let’s see okay we have power it starts got some lights on the dash what else um but it runs let’s see what we got going on over here got a little valve tick going on got a bunch of dust on here but it runs i put a little bit of water in the coolant thing and it all leaked out as you can see here so the

Radiator definitely has a leak uh i don’t know i think for right now i’m just going to wash it i need to put the battery to charge also what i did here was i put a couple drywall screws down there i know it’s kind of a you know a rig but whatever listen i put it a little bit together um i don’t know i think i’m just going to wash it vacuum it clean the inside a

Little bit and probably put it on ebay uh i don’t know uh back here there’s another battery back here look how disgusting this is it’s disgusting there’s another battery back here i didn’t know that so i’m hoping that i’m going to put a charger up there on the on the the little ports up there in the front under the hood and just leave it charging and hopefully

That’ll charge the batteries and again i’ll just clean it up and i’ll put it for sale um ac i i feel it i hear it blowing and it blows down there but nothing comes out of the vents you know you put this over here and um nothing you know you hear it but it doesn’t blow anything obviously the radio is missing look at the grime look at how disgusting this is i mean

Look at this it’s just absolutely disgusting i don’t think this thing has ever been cleaned since 2003 i really don’t it’s gross anyway whatever i’m gonna put the batteries to charge and um i don’t know so probably wash it take some pictures of it clean it you know put it on ebay i say i got 2 300 bucks into it i don’t know i’ll put it for 4 500 or something

Like that maybe somebody can use it for parts or i don’t know whatever i don’t care what they do with it um i really don’t care so that’s where i’m at all right i’m gonna move this thing uh out of here i’ll probably put it in the air next door and um yeah and just wait for the batteries to charge shame because otherwise it’s a clean truck like the outside of

It’s pretty clean there’s a dent right here uh but otherwise another little one right here obviously that trim piece is missing can’t be anything complicated or expensive and uh on this side i mean it’s a pretty clean car it’s just i i don’t understand how somebody could live with a car that looks like this it’s disgusting disgusting so i took the battery out

Of the cayenne i put it to charge i have it here supposedly it should be done let’s see i’ll put it a hundred percent so okay now there’s another battery in the back of the cayenne this is the one that goes under the seat but there’s another one i bought this solar charger solar panel here at harbor freight for my boat actually i use this on my boat to keep

The batteries charged and i figured well i’ll hook it up here since i have the other one inside i don’t feel like pulling this battery out although it’s probably not too much of a hassle uh i’ll just leave it like that i’ll leave it hooked up to this and uh that battery will charge and the other one and you know the other one should already be charged also now i

Would think that those batteries are probably in conjunction like they run in in parallel so i would think that if i hook up that charger to the posts that are up here under here uh it should charge both batteries at the same time so maybe i’ll try that i’m gonna go ahead and pull this battery out this one that i put i’ll put the original battery that i took

Out of here back inside and uh and then i’ll hook up that uh the thing over here and put the the solar panel up on the hood and just leave it let it ride let it charge i’m gonna end this video here i’m gonna put the seat back in it i showed you guys the situation with the batteries i’ll just leave it like that i need to decide what i’m gonna do with this thing

If i’m going to go ahead and fix that radiator or not if i’m going to actually clean up the inside or not it’s so filthy in there i might see if i can find somebody a mobile person to come over here and just spend a few hours on it and just scrub it if not i’ll just put it on ebay listen if i put on ebay all my all my listings and all my ads are very transparent

They’re all honest i will put that the radiator is bad uh the car actually does run well i drove it up and down the street it runs strong um but uh you know it’s i don’t know if this thing would be considered it’s already more on the verge of being a parts car as opposed to you know someone who may want to actually keep it for their families or whatever uh

I don’t know um i don’t know i wouldn’t put my family in that thing if i had family i don’t have any kids but if i did have kids i wouldn’t put them in that disgusting car so uh i don’t know i’ll see what i do with it anyway thanks for watching guys um i reached my thousand subscribers so i’m really happy about that i want to thank all of you who subscribed and

Uh let’s see what happens now you know uh so but thanks for watching and please subscribe if you haven’t already done so i need that number to keep going up see if i start getting paid so i’m gonna go ahead and put this thing to rest for right now and i’ll decide what to do with it at least it runs it drives i figured out it’s the next safety neutral switch that’s

Giving me a hard time uh on the shifter to get it started but once uh once that little light comes on on the on the the console there uh it starts right up so that’s it that’s the video on the cayenne s thanks for watching

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