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I bought a Truck 2002 Ford F-450 SuperDuty 7.3L Diesel

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I bought my first company vehicle. It is going to take a lot of work but I think it is going to be worth it to haul inventory. What say you? Drop your comments down below.

What’s going on youtube thought i’d make a quick video uh showing the truck that i just bought uh we just got it home actually last weekend um haven’t had really much of a chance to do anything with it but get inspected uh it does need a bunch of work in the front end and then a bunch of like these front tires shocks um sorry the uh the neighbors cut the grass

So it’s kind of loud here but it needs anyhow needs a bunch of work but one of the big projects i’m going to try to tackle is the the floor rust so anyhow this is a f450 super duty it has a 7.3 liter super stroke uh turbo sorry a little distracted here because i was on my way over basically it has severe fluoride and i’m going to try to to tack weld in some metal

And then i have a bunch of other like bondo grinding wheels uh patch kits um basically the inspection place just had said um if you can patch it to the same grade as factory or higher meaning like the metal grade and the welds they would pass it so my goal is to tack weld it bondo metal fill all the seams and try to just get it sealed up the main concern is

Exhaust fumes going up into the cab of the truck so as you can see it’s definitely a beater truck it’s got a lot of rust but i got this thing for six thousand dollars it runs great and only has a hundred and nine thousand miles on a diesel engine which is barely anything when i bought it my initial goal was to go ahead and put a new flatbed on it um removed this

Box truck because it was an old chipper truck as you can see it’s a chipper dump truck uh my goal was to remove this and make it just a regular flatbed and buy like put like a nice new flatbed on it now with all the mechanical stuff it needs i think i’m going to try to salvage this for a year or two um it’s going to be hard to see but basically restore and patch

Some of the deck boards take everything off that’s here um sand down and and remove any loose metal and then possibly patch and paint some of these spots i bought like rust restoration kits and rust paint so anyhow it’s gonna be a project i’m gonna spend a day or two doing what i can on it and then it’s going down to my mechanic to start doing all the mechanical

Work and then we have to take it back uh we have 30 days in maryland to get once you have a failed inspection you have 30 days to bring it back so um hopefully this thing is going to be too much of a money pit most trucks around this size this year with between 150 to 200 000 miles go for around 10 grand if they’re in good shape um so at 6 000 with less miles uh

And i knew i was gonna have to put some work into it but the question is gonna be how much i was initially thinking like a two thousand dollar budget so if i got it all said and done for eight thousand that would be a pretty good deal but anyhow the birds are chirping it’s a beautiful day i am going to start by prepping all this metal cutting cutting back what

I can and see if i can start patch welding some new metal in there and then i have things like wiper blades wiper blades and battery hold downs and just small things that i can do before it goes to the mechanic for the final repairs the bigger repairs i’m sorry anyhow i thought i’d just jump on real quick show you guys what i’m up to uh the purpose behind this

Truck is now i’ll be able to have pallets delivered to a warehouse which will eliminate the work the residential storage and liftgate fee which per delivery is anywhere between 150 to 200 bucks depending on the company so i’ll be able to remove that fee and i’ll be able to go semi-process the inventory at the warehouse re-palletize it and drop it right on this

Truck to either bring here or bring to directly to uh wherever i intend to sell it so if i say i’m doing a flea market or one of those big like pop-up bazaar not bizarre but uh yard sales or things like that like for like for instance like a church sale i could pay to be in the church sale and easily take um this would take up to four but something like that i

Probably wouldn’t take a pal or two because it’s just because there’s so much inventory you can get on one pallet but previously i have to hand load all that stuff into my vehicle um unload it all when you get there load it back up then unload it again until the next time so now we’ll be able to put it on the forklift when i get there i will have to manually

Unload it and reload it but then when i get done for the day it’s already ready to go back up on the shelf at the warehouse so anyhow just a quick video uh this is just one next step the business has bought a vehicle so now i got to take some time to fix it up so wish me luck and uh maybe down the road when it’s all said and done i’ll do a quick video i’m sure

You guys will see it in future videos in probably a month or two so wish me luck and cheers hope you enjoyed the video so you

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