WASSUP EVERYONE, I bought a new car guys!! I’m buying my second car at 23 and I’m so excited. Thanks you guys for watching my videos and for supporting me. This is only possible because of your support! Thank you all so much!! ❤️

What’s up youtube it’s your boy meek we are back with another video guys today is the day today okay so today is the day that i will be getting my brand new car um i’m really excited i want to thank all of my friends family supporters everyone that participated in the last video where you guys submitted vehicles that you guys think i would look great in but i

Didn’t go with any of those vehicles that we’ve seen i kinda decided to go with my dream car and i just want to make this video like motivational and inspiring to other people i want you guys to know that if i can do it and you guys see where i came from y’all made all the pizza cruising jokes if i can do it you can do it too i feel like you guys are gonna be

Excited but i need to go to the bank because it is now um nine o’clock i need to meet my 9 30. if you go to the bank get this cashier’s check or cash whichever you know i can get my hands on but before we hop into this video guys make sure you guys like comment and subscribe um because the video is just starting off i want you guys to comment what vehicle do you

Guys think that i’m getting and then at the end of the video you guys will see what car i actually do get but you know we want to get this call oh my god here’s the pizza cruiser i’m gonna miss this baby so bad we’ve been through so much together so much this might be the last time i count this baby wait while i’m acting like i’m not like i’m about to trade

This car in i’m still gonna have it for a little bit longer before i go to the bank i want to go get some shades because like when i go to this dealership like i need to kind of like push through like so i just came all the way to cumberland just to find out that y’all hoes don’t open until 11. are you kidding me i got to do now i’m running late for

No reason let me just go get this damn car good how are you um so i’m trying to take out like a very like large amount of money excuse me ma’am excuse me you’re in my business yes don’t do that anyhoo get that bread get that head then leave well i ain’t getting no head but i got the bread now i’m gonna go get this car y’all i’m so excited for you guys to see

What i’m getting oh my god you guys about the gag all right you guys so it’s time for me to pull up to this car lot now let me flip the camera so you guys can see where i’m headed is it monster nope this where we going baby this is where we are going uh did i see what that said that’s where we going baby i know y’all at home gagging right now this is where we

Are at maserati and alpha romeo y’all see these cute ass cars excuse me before we get started thank you should i have my pencil in my hand or what what my paper all right i appreciate you doing that’s fantastic i know right i’m excited wait you don’t think that i’m capable of doing that huh that’s amazing i’ll take water thank you so how are you

Guys feeling like what do you guys think of my decision are you guys um you know amazed with the decisions that i made but you guys didn’t even see the card yet but like you guys have a good idea what car i’m gonna get um we have two options now two options you have the alfa romeo and we have the keep coming to guys what do you guys think i’m going to be getting

I am let me show you guys the car that i was thinking about getting y’all see this red car right here i was thinking about getting this model it’s beautiful but it has black interior i think black interior is boring so everyone that you know i told i was getting a new car i told them all that you know i wanted to get something with red interior but

Unfortunately the car that i got does not have an interior they didn’t have any cars here with red interior actually so i guess that’s really popular in atlanta these hoes are better to your seats get into the kits get into the cakes y’all appreciate everything no problem yeah congratulations thank you very much yeah oh my gosh how are you doing i’ve been

Saying like are you serious i’ve been seeing people have really bad reactions to it yeah i didn’t i had a sore shoulder twice uh second time i had nothing the first time i was a little lethargic the next day my wife at the same time she was fine after the first one after the second one i thought about getting it for like i’m scared i’m just gonna wait i don’t

Have a reason to get it so i’m just gonna wait i’m just gonna wait it out like the actual plate okay all right is uh two such aside uh so are these papers important like should i keep them with me in my car no just at home no just your registration yeah 2019 okay no oh i’m gonna pull the car around the front okay thank you

This my bad boy all right here we that’s go that goes prepare for our registration all right get into my baby y’all we did it and just like that ladies and gentlemen we did it i’m in my brand new car is a alfa romeo get into it get into her but what i plan on doing guys is um for my next video i might give you guys like a car tour or something i’m not

Sure yet but if you guys want that video make sure you guys comment that down below make sure you guys like comment and subscribe tell me guys what you guys think about my brand new car um you guys will be seeing it first it won’t be instagram won’t be my friends it will be youtube so if anybody wanna see my brand new car they gotta tap in on here but um that’s

It y’all see you guys soon about to pull out from my car and make sure you guys stream now that i should buy as involved see ya bye

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