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I BOUGHT MY FIRST CAR at 22 + NEW CAR TOUR | 2023 Kia K5 GT-Line Wolf Grey With Red Interior

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Hi guys, Zharia Selayna here 👋🏾. Welcome to my channel. I have waited sooooooo longggggg to do this video. I searched high and low for this car and I finally got it!!! I cant wait to decorate it!! I hope you enjoy today’s video. Dont forget to like, comment, subscribe and turn on post notifications!🥰

Hey y’all welcome and welcome back to my channel i am zarya selena oh my gosh oh nervous yeah it’s a deal oh my gosh yesterday friday so i got my car wednesday wednesday y’all i was not expecting to even get this car this soon y’all i have been waiting for a whole year for this car um and i got a 2023 kia k5 gt line and when i tell you i wanted

A 20 22 because i’m 22 now but when the dealer said that this was a 2023 y’all we was both shocked so i’m gonna go ahead and show the car i’m gonna start at the front and let me let me just show you how this is the exterior you can’t i don’t know why you can’t see the light but this light is on right here okay you can kind of see it a little bit but this is

The great exterior with the wolf gray interior and this right here is a sensor so if i’m stopping it’ll alert me and then there’s also a camera right there um and my favorite part on the exterior well not my favorite part because this this is the favorite part right here but look at the wheels y’all the wheels are black i love that i love that so much and i

Want to get red um calipers and i also want to get this tinted so this is look y’all look at this look i just love the black and i need to get my windows in it because we’re not gonna be riding in no fish bowl but just let me back up let y’all get a whole side perspective of it y’all i’m just in love i’m just in love but it’s just so gorgeous look look at

That this is how the back looks is like a uh it’s kind of like a coop type of thing and then my gas pump my gas tank and the moon roof right here up on the top so let’s go ahead and get in now if the car was off i have my key fob on me i would just come up and if i don’t want to press the button i can come up press this one time and it’ll unlock but since the

Car is on right now i’m just going to get in and let’s get started this is my view and so right here on this side of the door there is um this is to adjust the mirrors up here you can just do left or right and then lock and unlock and then the two windows in the front the driver window and passenger window these are automatic windows back seat of course and

Then the window lock and over here it’s just a cubby i keep my work badges in there but i took them out for this video then down here is another cubby with a cup holder and this cup holder is weird i wish i had a cup to show y’all how this cup holder is because y’all see it’s like at a slant i don’t know how i like that too much and i just i just got you know

Cleaning stuff in there over here on the left side of the steering wheel this is the trunk release button i have no clue what this is i think this is the interior lighting i’m not entirely sure or it might be the infotain it says illumination up here so i guess that’s the i don’t know if that’s that or not but this right here this lane keeper says don’t care

For it too much and i will get into in depth detail about that in a bit and this is track subtraction control uh over here these are the lights i’m gonna go ahead and turn those back on auto because i just turned them on just for the purpose of this video if y’all hear that beeping my car is trying to turn off because i’m just sitting here i’m putting my foot

On the gas okay so i got that to stop and then on this side this is new to me because my windshield wipers i have to click the thing to turn it on but this right here y’all it has been raining for the past two days so i really had to learn it like push it up and then it’ll tell you like which one it’s on and how fast to do it like y’all this this is just all

New to me and then the steering wheel right here this is the voice command this is how you do the volume um call someone to hang up a call and this is how i toggle between my songs on my apple car play and in this mode right here this changes in okay as soon as i press this it went back to my phone and started playing music so it cut my camera off but right

Now it’s playing the um sounds of nature so i’m gonna i’m gonna turn this down because i don’t wanna hear that right now and it’s just other modes now you just got to play with it or whatnot you can customize what you want to say on that screen and this right here changes whatever you see up there so it shows your drive info on the compass i forgot what this

One says i think is one this is when the lane keeper says comes into play and then back to your speed and this is the cruise control you just press this whenever you get to your desired speed and this is the steering wheel like i said with the lane keep assist this is the um it shows you how close you are to a car i believe if i’m not mistaken but this right

Here like if you’re driving and you just you just have to take your hands off the steering wheel you press this button and it will keep the car like on the road it will steer itself for about 30 seconds i believe and the lane keep assist will it alert you if you’re going over and if you have this on too it will correct you and i tried this for the first time

Y’all oh my gosh i was freaking out and i love this i just love this sleek look on the bottom it’s just flat i just love everything about this dinner i cannot wait to decorate cannot wait and then over here all right and then now over here this is the center and right here this this is like y’all i’ve never had a screen in my car coming from a 2007 impala and

Showing the sounds of nature and then you know just got all your settings and whatnot and down here air you got your porch down here you have three ports right here and then you also have a wireless charger right here and i will show you all that in a second i just figured it out today because mine was not working but i figured out what to do to get it to

Work this right here shifts your drive mode so right now i’m in normal i wasn’t smart but when i’m in smart mode it takes a while for it to accelerate so they have smart they have smart normal sport and custom and all you do is just twist that knob so i’m gonna stay in normal because i think smart uses up a lot of gas and this right here people be calling this

The prendle but i feel like a lot of females when they’re doing a card tour they don’t really know like the correct terminology for cars so they’ll just say the prindle but this is a gear shifter so you push this button in of course and you just pull it back um this right here is auto hold like if you’re in a drive-through and you just want to you know take your

Foot off the brake you just press this and it will hold it and to get off of it just press the gas again and this is your emergency brake and just got your two cupholders of course and then on this side um you got the glove box with my manual in here this manual is cute y’all like that sounds weird like a manual is cute yeah it’s cute everything about this

Car is cute and then onto my armrest right here it’s got a you know i got some spray this is for something later got some wipes some lotion you know hair glue hairspray whatever just close that back down and now up here i still have the plastic on because y’all this car is fresh off the lot and you know still has the plastic on the mirror and everything and

Over here this is the interior lighting just turn that on if you want both of the lights on well all the lights are on and this right here will come if you want the lights to come on when you open the door and y’all check out these lights all you do is roll your hand across it or your finger and this is the uvo i believe this is like like if you get an iraq and

You just need assistance um same thing over here now this is the moon roof so let me go ahead and do this so y’all can see if you you got to push it lightly i don’t think i pushed it lightly yeah i didn’t push it lightly at all and if you want to stop you just okay well there you go and i saw something new today i want to try it okay stop it go back okay so

I saw somebody say hold it oh it did it so all i did was push this up i held it up and it lifted the moonroof at the back so push it back down and let’s go ahead and get in the back seat the back seat is very very basic um let me go ahead and get in here i do have a few supply little accessories in here with the back seat i have two ports down here two usb

Ports and it has two of these two what do you call these what do you call these i don’t even know but in my back seat i have this hat from my dad and this is sergeant fuller this is a marine bear my brother was in the marines and now he’s in the army but i got this when he was at paris island and this right here i have not pulled this down yet this is actually

My arm rest let me get sergeant fuller out the way this is an armrest and a cup holder this is what it looks like if i have someone riding in the back i need you know i just want to whatever put these back so this is the back seat and this is how it looks back here now coming over onto my trunk let me see you got my back up camera something i never had let

Me go ahead and push this button open the trunk this is what it’s looking like right now i had to take everything out of the car because y’all started decorating and i got to film a little decorate with me and i can actually pull my seats down i’m gonna do one right now so i just pulled that and this seat comes forward it lays flat and the other one does it

As well but that’s that’s a neat gimmick or feature that they have i love it the trunk opens automatically with these it’s a smart release trunk so i’m gonna go ahead and show y’all that in a second okay so i’m walking a good walk up the distance away from the car and then i’m gonna walk up on it and you’re gonna hear it beeping oh my god it hit me but yeah i

Don’t know if y’all can hear the beeping but it was beeping before it opened so i just think that is very very neat now that i’m outside the carbon go ahead and use this hand and show y’all it’s locked right now so just press it one time and open it up and check this out y’all in my dash y’all see that and when i turn the car off and close the door it does the

Same thing as well it’ll do the same thing when i enter and exit i had to set that up but as i can see i’m going i’m gonna take the plastic off when i do the decorate with me and i’m actually show y’all this right here i’m gonna show y’all the wireless charger so i have to push it in slowly until that orange light comes on and then i just drop it down and it

Works y’all it works so my phone is now charging right here and it is showing right here can you see that it’s blinking it doesn’t want to focus but yeah it’s blinking right there telling me that it’s charging and look y’all it’s playing from my phone now i got my phone plugged up in there and so i don’t know this is my dad i never showed my dad on my channel

I don’t think but yeah this is me and oh bout to turn the wipers on but there this is me and my dad and okay let me turn these wipers off oh my goodness and i have this in here if you ever hear me talk about cardinals or butterflies this is why my dad is the reason why and driving around for a day and some change and it is now up here i got the car off the

Truck it was at four miles so y’all see how far i have gone since then it is friday i got the card wednesday so y’all see your girl been riding a little bit show for my mom around and when i had a full tank it was at 418 miles and now that it’s dark out this light is on on the door and i’ll show you how it looks inside whoops let’s see okay like i said okay

Now and look at the white light in here i love the white light i love it and it shows you which door is open quick feature that i forgot to show y’all was this right here so you lock it in and the car is now on and to turn it back off and now it’s off so i hope y’all like this car tour i’m in no way trying to brag about this car um i’m just thankful that i

Was able to purchase this car because y’all like i said i’ve been wanting this car for so long um this month actually will make six years with my old car like i promised my dad that i would keep it all through college and that’s exactly what i did so this was my late graduation gift to myself i made it happen i cannot say that i like payments because i didn’t

Have a car payment i’m just truly truly thankful make sure y’all like comment and subscribe stay tuned for the decorate my car video i want to decorate this car y’all it’s going to be nice um yeah it’s going to be real nice i got my stuff is coming in tomorrow so i am super excited i cannot wait y’all i’m just ah i’m just so excited to have this car finally

Because this has been a long time coming for real but i hope y’all enjoyed this video and i will see y’all in my next video

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I BOUGHT MY FIRST CAR at 22 + NEW CAR TOUR | 2023 Kia K5 GT-Line Wolf Grey With Red Interior By Zharia Selayna