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I BOUGHT THE NEW MERCEDES-AMG C63 S E PERFORMANCE! – The all new 2023 / 2024 AMG C63 S E Performance is coming to my garage, and I can’t wait! Check your cars history with Car Vertical here;

Hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and to another video where today you join me where i’m back in my rs3 i’ve arrived back from japan and we’re back with a bang because today i’m heading to mercedes-benz guilford for a very good reason because while i was away one of the most hotly anticipated cars has been dropped right in front of our very eyes

And that is the mercedes amg c63s my channel originated from a mercedes a45 that’s basically where a lot of you guys came from and not only that i’ve had the a35 and i also had the a45s and i wanted one to get back in my garage i’d be numbing an awing of a few different cars such as e60 tree you name it but the c63 has been one i’ve never done and we’re doing it

Let’s get an early order in because that is going to be a great bit of kit and a drag race king a hell of a lot of fun with so let’s get cracked into mercedes-benz guildford and have a good day right i’ve just got out of my rs3 it needs a serious serious clean looks a little bit wrong parts of mercedes and rs3 so i hope i don’t offend anybody but yeah being on the

Road for ages a dusty car park doesn’t help things along so what we’re going to do have a look at the cars at audi and we’ll have a look at the cars that are here at mercedes as well there’s a couple of really nice things and this is very fitting for today’s video of ordering a new c63 because we have the older one here i loved these cars i’m sure loads of people

Watching this video this will bring back memories these were insane and still are insane i love them they still have so much presence and looks i love all the carbon that you get on the back as well but just they were just insane weren’t they oh and if we walk a little bit this way here we go everybody there’s cars galore uh what we have is a very nice g-wagon

Love it in satin black this might give me ideas for my c63 maybe we get one and sat in ppf it or whatever there’s a few different options on what we can do we have an sls which is just there and what we have is this brings back even more memories as well because i obviously used to own the a45s it’s such a good car and genuinely one of the best cars i have ever

Owned it really was insane i shouldn’t have sold it when i did i would still be able to sell this car today for more money than i paid for it how about that two years down the line three years down the line but anyway they are very very cool and maybe that blue will give me ideas for the c63 as well but it is mad isn’t it that the cars two or three years ago that

I bought a 35 a45 all of those sorts of cars when i saw them when i did i didn’t actually lose money on them then i would actually make money on them i’m pretty sure three years later i mean we didn’t predict what was going to happen did we and now since we’re at audi next door um let’s have a little look at this sq8 in this lovely gold what is that is it gold is

It orange we don’t know well that is lovely look one’s leaving that’s a q8 still looks awesome and then we have an rs7 in a very nice blue color so that’s got lots of presents love that and then baby baby i’m still obsessed i still think the rs3 to this day is like one of the best road cars you can buy genuinely because i when i see another one in a different

Color i’m like it’s still so flipping good and that is lovely i just love the rs3 brilliant sportback obviously my sportback is no longer so that is a bit of a shame and then let’s have a look in here what we have but that is an r rate rear wheel drive and guys if you haven’t already make sure you check out car vertical it is a complete game changer i have it

On my phone right here and if you are worried that your car’s been accident etc you’re not sure when it’s cars history make sure you check out carver school because it really is a complete game changer stolen vehicle check what we can see here always want to check the mileage but damage damage we have an issue but the photos so this car has been in a really bad

Accident everybody and you wouldn’t have known if you didn’t have car vertical so make sure you check out get signed up to carve vertical long-term partners of the channel go go go right on back onto mercedes everybody uh we have an a35 and genuinely i paid what did i pay for my a35 i swear it was like 35 grand now they’re 43. how many miles is this one dub 12 000

Gla 45 which reminds me of uh very much of my a45 dave i did i was actually really tempted to get a gla45 and we have an eqc see a lot more of these around don’t we they have another c43 which is just here oh look what we have in here and find out more information and get an order in on the new c63 all right let’s check out what we got inside here i’m just about

To speak to the sales guys and i’m very very excited about finding out more information on the c63 so we’re going to see that in a second but what we have here this is an absolute flipping b so gle 63s one three five this will cost you everybody to buy one of these one three five wow but it is a mega mega bit of kit isn’t it they’re beasts it’s got all the new

Interior and everything oh it does as well look at all the dash very very cool one three five though it’s a lot of money well you can buy for one three five new range rover uh sbr and say put thirty thousand pounds in your back pocket new range of sport that’s a lot it’s a beast very much a beast then what we also have here is a g-wagon in a satin black as well

So very very cool i love i’m getting ideas everybody about the satin black it must be a sign telling me and unfortunately it’s a dying breed of v8s because on the theme of today’s video it is no longer really it’s a dying breed which is sad it is sad okay guys i have got exciting news we’ve bought the new c63s and it is coming to the garage when give me a couple

Of minutes and what’s going to happen is i’m going to be talking you all through the car i want to show you overlays and things and stats and you name when we get home but the exciting news is a c63s the all-new one is coming to my garage i have uh placed a deposit on the car and that means that i am pretty much one of the first people from this dealership to be

Getting one of those cars that’s basically all we can do at the moment and now we just literally wait for more news when i can spec it that will be coming in about 8 to 12 weeks and i think the biggest question on this is when will you be getting it because obviously it’s literally just been announced and yes that’s that’s pretty much why i’ve got an order in on

One um a few that’s the r8 leaving i think the safe bet here is summer next year we will start to see c63s on our roads um i personally have gone for the saloon like i say i’ve not had a chance to spec it yet the moment i’m allowed to we’ll come back down we’ll spec it i want to do something a little bit different but we’ll see on that uh close to the time but

I just wanted to bring something like that it’s a beast i know it’s a little bit controversial with uh the v8 situation but it will still be a very very good car someone i can’t wait till summer next year but let’s step now into my flat and we can have a little look at some of the fun stats of the all-new c63 so let’s have a look at this incredible all-new c63 i

Cannot wait to get mine but doesn’t it just look insane i’ve gone for the saloon because i think personally it looks better in my eyes v8 lover i’m sure you were going to slowly be convinced by this i do like the estate which is directly in front of us but i’ve had too many estate cars with the rs6 etc that i’ve chosen the saloon but let’s run through some stats

Of this car so it’s a two liter four-cylinder that replaces the v8 it’s also the first ever plug-in hybrid on a c63 this produces 600 180 brake horsepower and 1020 newton meters of torque the part which completely sold me with this car as well is the naught to 60 is 3.4 seconds i personally am used to the amg a45s and this is the same engine which is in the a45s

At 420 rough brake horsepower this has been made to 470 rough brake horsepower so it’s a tuned up version of the a45s engine for me the design is incredible as well you get flared wheel arches the front of the car is also slightly longer than the standard mercedes c-class to make room for the cooling system and v8 lovers are not going to be happy we know this but

Also the car with 470 brake horsepower produces 204 brake horsepower extra with a rear mounted motor which is borrowed from the mercedes gt four-door and this is why it makes a whopping 680 brake horsepower and 1020 new speeds of torque but that is 170 brake horsepower more than you get in a bmw m3 and it’s enough like i mentioned to launch the car in 0 to 60 in

Just 3.4 seconds it does weigh 2 111 kg that is 400 kg more than the old car and if you fancy taking this around the track which i will do many many times you can select rear wheel drive mode only so you will be producing a hell of a lot of smoke and for me a big selling point as well is the interior i love an experience of a car and this with its upgraded steering

Wheel the dash you name it the bucket seats it really is an experience and all fun at the same time so all in all what an incredible bit of kit this is let’s talk about the price it’s coming it’s coming and 80 to 90 000 pounds is going to be the rough price of that car i still need to do my final final spec we’re gonna do the whole specking thing and bring you guys

On the journey of that car and i just can’t wait we’re gonna drag race it track it and just make some fantastic content with it and i know you guys love that sort of price range of car and i think we can do a lot with it but the spec’s not final so i need you guys to help me out get it in what you think you think do on the spec if there’s a color you think do

Something a little bit different apart from stealthing it out you always do it with cars and it’s very very boring i mean i didn’t know the a35 and it was very very yellow but i’m not gonna do yellow on this one i don’t think but get the spec in the comment section and uh i’ll have a little look and we will see what we can do but exciting times and wow summer roll

On they might be here sooner we don’t know but i can’t wait hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs up comment down below

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I BOUGHT THE NEW MERCEDES-AMG C63 S! By Archie Hamilton Racing