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Good morning ladies and gentlemen i hope you’re having a fantastic day if you’re new to the channel my name is parker nir in steen and this is vehicle virgins i haven’t given the special yahweh a pair to enough attention on film recently i’ve been driving her everywhere even in the rain was pouring rain the other day but figured gonna bring her back to the vlogs i

Hope you guys enjoyed my auto show video i’ve actually gone to a bunch of bmw dealers since then trying to find an allocation for a new x5 m the color options i’m thinking are absolutely insane but a little update on my leg so for those of you who missed the race day video i injured my leg alex joy offered to give me a ride to my car which was awesome we went in

This electric cart with a trailer on the back hit a turn at like 10 miles an hour the rear trailer rolled rolled onto my leg and caused it to be sprained pretty badly now i couldn’t walk for about 3 4 days i couldn’t put any pressure on my leg whatsoever but thankfully i woke up on like day 4 or 5 and i was able to start moving on my foot but before we take the

Ferrari out for a spin let’s go over to the e63 because it’s got a check engine light on so as you guys know my car wasn’t running quite right so we replaced the spark plugs and it fixed it for a little bit now i’m praying that it’s not this recall notice that i’ve been seeing posted on the forums apparently with these east 63s over time the new generation ones

Are getting leaks in their intake manifolds and it’s a big deal to replace it causes it to run rough and shake exactly like it’s doing but we’ve got something really handy that’s gonna help us out thankfully i have carly the obd2 sensor and app that gives you unlimited control of your car can allow you to check fault codes can allow you to customize features

Of your car and even check odometer fraud so thanks so much carly for sponsoring today’s video let’s check out what’s wrong with the e63 all plugged in the coolest part about their new adapter is it works on any car before you had to buy one specifically for bmw now if i want to use that adapter for the e63 for the ferrari for the mclaren or for your friend if

Your friend’s car breaks down and you need some help you can bring out carly and save the day well that doesn’t look very good engine and transmission mount issue oh boy well that’s certainly not the issue i thought was going on carly understands the car and it tells you the severity of the issue which means yeah i probably shouldn’t drive this car so we should

Probably take the speciality seriously guys if you own a car you need an obd to scan tool so click the link in the description below and get yourself carly it’s worth it all right i think it’s time for a canyon run in the special a so i’ve been asked a lot recently what car do i like more the speciality the 600 lt and that was a much easier question to answer

Before the 600 lt well actually it wasn’t that easy of a question but it was an easier question when the 600 lt wasn’t tuned the speciality is so beautiful i mean just walking around the car looking at it in the sunlight it’s filthy right now but the way the triple-layer yellow paint shines like gold it’s just a breathtaking car and something about being behind

The wheel of it just makes you feel special it actually does feel like a special car in the driver’s seat it dries fantastic the steering wheel is awesome the linear power band obviously because it’s naturally aspirated is incredible that being said the 600 lt that insane amount of power yes it has a tiny bit of lag because there’s turbos so sliding this thing

Around drifting this car much much easier maybe maybe someday i’ll post a video of that i’m not sure but overall i mean looks wise i think i got to take the speciality drive that 600 lt is so on rails has so much grip and is so fun around the track i think that’s my choice that being said this is the closest second to any car i could possibly imagine alright we

Got something to talk about let’s hop inside alright boys i think for audio reasons we’ll put the top up on the car fire this up first i’ve also noticed a lot of you guys commenting about a check engine light on the ferrari when the ferrari starts up for about 10 seconds i’ll pull my camera out on the dash it has this check engine light and then it goes out

All right come on go out maybe have to be driving nope there we go and it’s out so yeah the car doesn’t have a check engine light i wouldn’t drive this thing around with one obviously all right yeah so i’m buying a tesla truck let’s talk about it man with the top on it’s so much more boring i guess with that rear window though all rights fix a little bit but man

This car i mean i’m sure that the coupe drives a little bit better because it’s got that less weight more structural rigidity of a man the open top experience of this and being able to hear that v8 with the top down something else all right guys the new tesla truck it’s called the cyber truck and it is the most controversial design of any car since the wienermobile

It honestly looks like a four-year-old tried to draw a cheese wedge painted it silver put some wheels on it and called it good and the design is so far we’re thinking or backwards thinking i’m not really sure at this point that literally nobody has any idea of what to think of it is the cyber truck cool looking i guess it’s cool is it ugly it’s also probably ugly

Is it beautiful definitely not but it’s so futuristic and so unique looking that’s why i like and honestly think about that car legitimately out on the road with all the other normal cars it’s gonna stand out like like absolutely crazy now i’m picturing it with some off-road suspension with some crazy wheels and tires i think it would be pretty cool so for those

Of you who don’t know anything about the cyber truck yet it was a nice bikes gone by i was going to do this video sooner after the reveal but because of my foot i couldn’t drive around so now we’re here it’s actually really really affordable for what it is the cyber truck starts at thirty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars even think about believe

The average new car price today is about thirty seven thirty eight thousand dollars for it to be an average priced vehicle that’s all electric and the base model single motor rear wheel drive is able to do the 60 in under 6.5 seconds is pretty damn impressive then we move on to the dual motor all-wheel-drive version so it’s got a motor in the front and the rear

That’s able to do 0 to 60 in under four and a half seconds and it’s towing capacity is over 10,000 pounds i think that’s what’s impressive to me is seeing these electric cars finally able to tow the model x only had a towing capacity of just under 5,000 pounds which to be honest if you’re trying to tow a reasonable vehicle with the trailer that’s not going to

Happen with 10,000 pound towing capacity you can and then there’s the one that i want the triple motor car that starts at 69 thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars zero to sixty in under 2.9 seconds or a truck and a towing capacity of over fourteen thousand pounds so what’s cool about what’s unique about obviously it looks different than everything else an

All-electric truck it’s fast it’s got towing capability that front led across the front of the car is definitely my favorite feature it looks so futuristic and well i’m still not sold on the design that element is very cool the other thing i love about it is what they did with the design of the rear end namely the cover for the truck man so normally with trucks

You’ve got a sweared off rectangular looking fat they said now we’re tesla we’re gonna do something else we’re gonna make it look like a triangle but more importantly than that usually you can buy aftermarket bed covers to cover up your belongings so nobody steals them the tesla comes with something that looks like an industrial garage door you know those doors

Where you pull on the chain and it ratchets up well they’ve got one of those and it’s automated so it actually rolls up and over the bed and then down underneath out of the way which i think is nobody’s done that it’s really unique and nobody’s made a car that looks quite like the cyber truck unfortunately you can’t spec one out yet in terms of the wheels that

Callers but once we get home in this car i’m gonna order one right away the interior of the truck is something else to say the least it’s very minimalistic kind of like the model 3 has one massive screen in the center but the – it gonna blows my mind it looks like a marble kitchen top which i think will be perfect for food vlogs set up a nice well you can’t set

Up a wineglass because we’re driving set up a nice i don’t know some pasta some spaghetti and meatballs eat that off have a mukbang drive-through a review i don’t know it just in its comical the car is literally setting itself up for memes and it’s already become a giant man because well look at it so during the actual presentation of the of the desolate truck

There was a couple mishaps so the car is made from cold rolled steel it’s very very strong and they showed how strong it was by whacking the car with a sledge hammer which was cool now elon musk later went on to say that smacking it with that sledgehammer caused slight damage to the windows which led to what happened next now they’re supposed to demonstrate how

Strong the windows in the tesla truck are i believe they’re supposed to be able to withstand like a 9-millimeter bullet i don’t really know why you wouldn’t need that the majority that people buying these cars are going to be in northern california in southern california and the amount of random times are heading up in a gunfight are probably pretty low when

You’re driving around in a tesla but whatever they’ve got it as an option and to show off the strength of them they should have just shot a gun out and though it’d have been way cooler but i guess yeah hard to do in california they threw a metal ball out the window to show how strong it was and it broke the window and then elon standing there like oh man that

Wasn’t supposed to happen and then they go again thrown in another window and it breaks again there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that you don’t typically see at car reveals that people don’t post but tesla obviously everything being live-streamed everyone there with cameras i imagine that was pretty embarrassing preparing that and then having it well

Miserably fail and apparently that delayed the test drives in the car because obviously they had to fix the windshields let’s head back home one of these puppies shall we that’s the crazy thing i can just literally order this online i’m about to buy it with a credit card a truck what back at home i love seeing these two beauties next to each other they are so

Different in so many ways the characteristics of driving both honestly it’s amazing going back to back alright wait what my mclaren door is open lovely seriously all right cool time to head inside after i lock that all right model three get out of there cyber truck time cyber truck i mean look at the headlights on that thing it looks ridiculous it looks better

In this picture than it ever has in any other picture i’ll give them that that picture is a great representation of the child triangle drawing some cool info on this but that’s not where we’re about to do we are about to order one let’s do it all right try motor all-wheel drive 69 9 you got a hat i mean if you’re getting a tesla this is really expensive to be

Honest but you gotta have full self-driving capability so we will check that is a checked or unchecked due today $100 check that out guys you can buy a tesla cyber truck for $100 online on their website let’s try this out there we go what happens does it appear 3d printed right right here your order is complete i tried to go back on the page check out what happens

When something has an error on tesla’s website alright guys so we just ordered the cyber truck on a card which is hilarious and honestly it’s it’s an interesting strategy for tesla to have a deposit cost only $100 and this is what i’m thinking i’m thinking because it’s such a low barrier to entry they’re hoping they get so many people signing up for the tesla

Truck they’ve got 250,000 pre-orders already though they’re using it to rack in cash so that they can use the cash to continue building the cars that they’re already trying to get into production it’ll be interesting to see how many of those 250,000 people actually don’t take delivery of the car reason being the car doesn’t actually come out till 2021 or 2022

So i just bought a car as can exist for three years what am i doing well guys with that i hope you enjoyed this video like always please browse the channel and subscribe on friday i’m gonna be picking up the supra with its upgraded turbo and the stage 2 vf tuned it should be making crazy power i can’t wait that car was already so much fun i miss it i actually

Missed that car it’s been gone for a while i don’t want it back via vf please finish it up no they’re taking their time they’re doing it right and it’s gonna be awesome when the products done see you guys next video you

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