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I Built a Custom V8 Jeep Wrangler in This NEW Car Game

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Offroad Mechanic Simulator is here! The new Car Mechanic Simulator for 2023 is Offroad Mechanic Simulator featuring a Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Patrol and more Offroad Trucks! Time to build a V8 Jeep Wrangler!

I don’t know if i’m the only one who does this but i go on steam all the time to find obscure racing games to play and i came across this one this is off-road mechanic simulator it’s actually made by the same people who make car mechanics simulator there’s like proper off-roady physics you can lift your vehicle on like upgraded shocks and stuff you’ve got tools

You can make your car all dirty and right now there is a demo welcome to off-road mechanic simulator this jeep has no wheels it doesn’t even have suspension we’re missing like some shock absorbers there by the looks of it we’ll come back to that i guess let’s explore this garage look at this oh is this where i can watch my youtube videos how do i subscribe where’s

That button on here this is where i keep all of the things that i said i would use but i never ended up using welcome to the off-road mechanics simulator demo you will find two damaged vehicles in your garage for the possibilities of the garage and try to fix them when you succeed you’ll be able to move on to the next stage off-road driving this is to unmount

Parts i need to mount parts yes there are the springs that i was saying we were missing i have three different types of springs they are all the same amount of money chrome spring coated spring and a steel spring okay i see a lot of people in twitch chat asking for the steel springs so i guess we’ll go for those we’ve got to get four of them we’ve got all of our

Steel springs which i apparently bought twice accidentally i need two front dampeners and i need two rear dampeners and i also need i guess some brake calipers okay these are actually corner dependent look at these so this is front left front right rear left rear right i guess i need all of these then i also need some brake calipers thank you screw in my brake

Calipers beautiful how can i get this dampening in i guess i no okay i don’t need to raise the truck up anymore beautiful screw that screw the top in this is actually way way way more in depth than car mechanics sim okay our next step is gonna be wheels and tires so we’ll see how all of that works all of the rims are exactly the same size they are 19 by 13.5 okay

So i guess it all depends on what style you want the most i really like these i think these look really really good let’s go for four of them so this is perk friction plus four friction plus two interesting so these two tires down here have way way more grip that’s probably why they’re more expensive than those other ones these ones sure four of them please look at

This thing this thing’s sick all right combine the tire in the rim thank you bro that looks cool all right this is actually way way way way way way more in-depth than car mechanic simulator i don’t know what you guys think but based off first impressions i really like this already wait wait wait wait wait wait will i need five tires because i’m gonna need a tire

For back here i do i need a fifth tire my bad my bad clearly i do not live that jeep life enough also not gonna lie i wish the sounds were a little bit better when you’re using tools see what i mean the sound is just kind of i need some ugga duggars give me some ugga dugas if you want to make this legit just saying the game says i’m done with the jeep now we can go

Work on this thing what are they called it’s a nissan we don’t have them here in canada patrol is it a nissan patrol if it is a nissan patrol that’s probably why it’s called the nissan watcher time to work on this thing what does it need oh the rear like diff is all broke all of the rear suspension looks broken okay rear brake rotors are broken rear diff is broken

And all of my control arms jeez okay so i guess i’m going to need to unmount those okay i don’t think i needed the fancy inspection tool i could have just looked in there that is uh not good we can keep removing stuff this is just weight reduction they’ve also got way more parts than they used to in car mechanics and which is really nice look at this little detail

That i love you’ve gotta undo the screw and the bolt on the back or like the nut on the the back now i just remove the differential instead instead of the drive shaft oh look at that too that’s so cool all right then i need to repair two brake rotors and four control arms and the diff so we need to come over to my workbench oh that’s so cool you literally aim for

The little bits you clean up the part and it’s literally brand new that’s so sick oh wait this is how i would fix something yo this is so cool bro this is so cool i love this i love this i want to hit everything with a hammer i am so happy i accidentally came across this game see if there was a part of car fixing that i would be good at it would be the hitting

It with a hammer part oh you need to drain the oil of the diff uh that’s not a big enough bucket but okay then unbolt the entire thing are are we gonna see like the entire diff clearly that’s seen better days spray whatever this is on it it still doesn’t look very good okay then i wipe it down and then it’s brand new again and then it goes back in oh that’s so sad

I don’t even know if this is something you can do in real life i would certainly not attempt this so i guess i’ve got to put these back in the car all i think this game needs is a better sound and it’ll make this game feel more satisfying and it’ll make this game a thousand times better i don’t actually know when this game comes out i think it comes out next year

I was actually playing car mechanic simulator in real life yesterday i was doing an oil change on my subaru i will have a video about that soon be on the lookout i might have slightly crashed the suit subaru into a snow bank and broken it so i had to fix that as well i think honestly what i’m most excited to see for this game is how is the actual driving that is

Gonna make or break this game you got mail it’s like living in 2003 all over again the cars are functional out but off-road driving is demanding you’ll need to prepare for it properly by a set of additional parts for each car and a few tree straps i have no idea what this is but i guess i’ll take it it’s nearly three grand then i need the same thing for the watcher

More than three grand these are these are it’s a jack it’s a jack all right i’m gonna buy two of them i don’t know if i need two but i’m gonna buy two of those and four of those also i’ve just realized doing this on stream is probably not a good idea this is where i can put very roof rack that’s so cool and then i guess in the future i’ll be able to put like yeah

Led lights snorkel hood lamp to open the car inventory point the cursor at the car trunk and press e two tree straps in there and and a jack beautiful okay then i need to select a vehicle and drive out of the garage i gotta drive the jeep the jeep looks awesome get my winch i don’t know if i’m gonna need that but i’m probably going to want it so yeah all right

Let’s go yep rancher that’s really cool so i press b i turn the engine on very cool and use throttle limiter press one or two to change drive modes i’m gonna try this in rear wheel drive to start you can limit your throttle so you don’t go flying straight through the environment follow a marker on compass to reach quest point okay so i’ve got to go that away give

Me a little bit more throttle please uh look how dirty this thing is oh my god you can definitely tell that it’s not like snow runner but it’s still pretty cool so now i’ve got two possible ways i can go i could either go the easy way or make my life difficult um you saw nothing maybe we’ll go to the left instead yeah that’s probably a better idea dealing with

A log that size i guess it’s gonna be a fairly similar concept to snow runner where you get like this large open world and you kind of need to figure out your path from point a to point b very cool i wonder if i’m gonna need to whip out that win probably through this go slow go slow i guess i’m gonna need to go through this water yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Okay go through that’s a bit deep you what happened vick’s engine for 2k or buy a new fix it wait so i don’t actually need to like i could have v8 swapped this much better i think that was actually a happy accident oh you want me to buy a snorkel oh that’s so cool that’s so cool that’s actually so cool now go back to the force but it looks like it’s starting to

Get dark prepare to drive by installing an additional light on the car okay all right so let’s swap this front bumper out for our new one yo that’s so cool i should be able to get my lights yes onto my front bumper all right there we go now my big lights are on beautiful so now hopefully we don’t flood our engine it is extremely dark out here i can’t see here we

Go there’s the water come on down come on down no flooding the engine this time beautiful beautiful beautiful we made it unscathed all right here we go i think this is where i needed to be yes rude finished so wait how can i actually use like some of the stuff there we go there we go wait no way no way you can get out of the car and walk around so if i take the

Hook of the winch and i set it to i’m gonna need a pretty big tree and then winch into the tree yes yo that’s so cool i love how you can actually see like the line oh that’s so cool i absolutely love it what’s normal oil temp does anybody know apparently 130 celsius is more than normal so this one looks like somebody pooed on it and this one has a blown up engine

That’s all we wanted to show you in the off-road mechanic simulator demo in the full version you’ll be able to experience even more polished activities and many new ones we’re currently working on i think the feedback i’ll give is one i need more ugga dugas foreign

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I Built a Custom V8 Jeep Wrangler in This NEW Car Game By AR12Gaming