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I Cant Believe I Almost Missed This…

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This video is sponsored by betterhelp still really excited to get out of the city and into the woods this festival feels intimate it feels family oriented and it feels cozy bye guys hi i’m maddie taylor on youtube maddie in person and there’s a rather perilous slope to get there i have just been feeling so introverted and so introspective lately and

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Offering you guys a special deal today 10 off your first month of therapy when you go to maddie taylor thank you so much to better health for sponsoring today’s video good morning it is 7 15. i just woke up it’s been extremely cold here so first thing i do turn on the heater and wait until the van is warm enough to get up then i usually brush

My teeth while i’m still in bed the benefits of an 80 square foot house i’ve been at northwest nomads all weekend it’s a van life festival that happens about an hour north of bend oregon it’s been really lovely i’ve been surrounded by a bunch of friends and i’m going to talk more about it later today but i have decided i’m going to leave very early this morning

I feel like i need at least a week maybe even two alone completely alone okay i have quickly driven back to bend oregon because i am currently without camping chair i gifted it to one of my friends and so i’m going to run into rei grab a new one and then we’re driving out of town to go to a place i have never been to but i am really excited to see foreign

Ahead of us so we’ll get there at about 1 30 the day is kind of getting away from me but i’m still really excited to get out of the city and into the woods we are officially here i will say i haven’t been entirely honest i have been to this area a few videos ago i posted a video about umpqua hot springs but somehow i seem to have entirely missed that toketti falls

Is actually right around the corner and after having looked at some pictures of it i’ve decided that it’s something that i absolutely can’t miss when i was looking it up it says that the prettiest pictures are at the bottom of the falls and there’s a rather perilous slope to get there and so i’m going to try the dog friendly trail with eliza first see if she can

Manage that slope and if not we’ll have to turn back and then i’ll go up alone afterwards but either way i’m getting to the bottom of those balls what do you think you’re not down not down eliza is knotted all down to the steep trek to the bottom of the waterfall so i am going to go drop her off at the van and come right back the descent to the bottom of the

Falls is not for the faint of heart it’s a steep down climb the entire time with a vertical slope and rope to assist you on the most difficult parts i felt grateful for my experience in climbing and that i had a cozy van to leave eliza in while i was out adventuring once you get down though the view is entirely worth it foreign foreign this wonderful

Campsite that is free right next to a river only 10 minutes away from the falls and five minutes away from the trailhead leading to umpqua hot springs which is pretty crazy to me if you guys have never been to umpqua hot springs it’s definitely worth a visit it’s by far the most magical hot springs i have ever been to it’s tucked away deep within this fur forest

And it jets out along this cliff side that leads down to a heavily flowing river mist rises from the pools while you soak and it’s just straight out of a fairy tale honestly this entire place is kind of straight out of a fairy tale i will say the quiet here really beautifully contrasts the celebratory and social atmosphere that northwest nomads was last week i

Am currently at northwest nomads an up-and-coming van life festival that i had never been to until this weekend about a month ago i went to a van life festival called descend on bend which is one of the biggest family festivals you can go to i actually made an entire video about that and this festival northwest nomads actually only takes place a few miles down the

Road from where descend was but the feeling is entirely different it’s only about an eighth the size of descend on bend with far fewer rigs but just as much of a variety this festival feels intimate it feels family oriented and it feels cozy and it’s cool outside and it really does feel like fall those first two days of the festival all i did was edit i had a

Video that was due friday and so i spent a great deal of my time in my friend trends fan editing we are editing and trans fan you guys might know trent here on youtube as the fine print or the van life gamer he has become a very good friend of mine and i am so grateful to have used his office space and his starling for internet so that left me saturday and sunday

To enjoy the festival saturday was also the day that i decided that after the festival i was going to leave the caravan and do my own thing for at least a week or two before rejoining my friends that meant that on sunday i really wanted to soak in my time sunday was special in march part because sarah gave a wonderful presentation if you guys have been watching

My channel you’ll know that sarah yak is one of my best friends and she is the most beautiful talented creator here on youtube on tick tock and on instagram and if you guys aren’t giving her a follow on those platforms i highly recommend you check out her content at the festival she gave a presentation on both on youtube and it was so well done and it feels so

Rewarding to see all of my my hard work being paid off and manifesting a job that i’ve always dreamed about one of the key parts of manifesting though is believing that you can do it i think that’s what i struggled with for a long time growing up especially because i was constantly being told by my parents that it wasn’t possible at some point on my journey i had

To put in the work and start rewiring my brain to truly believe that i could be one of the four percent of channels on youtube that make it above 10 000 subscribers it’s really important that you keep believing in yourself don’t get discouraged and don’t let those limiting beliefs take over just keep focusing on making your videos better building a schedule that

Works for you and mastering your own style about a month ago she asked me and trent if we would like to cameo and share our journeys during her speech and so both of us took turns sharing our stories hi i’m maddie taylor on youtube maddie in person and i started youtube about two years ago actually when i got my van i kind of it was weird for me when i got my van

At the same time i was like i should start a youtube and i really had no idea what i was doing i had no experience with any sort of film any cinematography i think i’d taken like one film class in college i was not willing to invest and i didn’t have the money to invest on any sort of camera gear and so i had my iphone 7 and that’s what i had i didn’t have a mic

I also had um i didn’t have a tripod and i didn’t have money for a tripod because i was putting all of my savings into my build and so i had a painter’s easel that i got for like 20 bucks on amazon like a few months beforehand and i used two rubber bands to rubber band my iphone 7 onto this easel and that was my tripod for the first year that i was doing youtube

I just never upgraded and i saw that a bunch of people were living in their vans traveling across the country and i was like this sounds like a pretty cool idea so i bought a van on craigslist my brother helped me build it out and i hit the road and at that point in my life filmmaking was on the back burner for me um the adventure and these new experiences were

On the forefront and i needed this new change to sort of re-spark some life in me this was a very important time in my life and i wanted to document it i wanted to to have something so to look back on so i just started picking up my camera and just filming moments not with any sort of idea of like making a youtube video or making a movie out of it i just started

Capturing things because i wanted to remember this moment so my advice for anyone out there just make what you want to make and just put out there what you want to watch because at the end of the day i feel like we need to just make videos to just look back on after the speech i spend a lot of time laying laying needles next to our vans spending a little bit of

Time with each and every person there but not doing a whole lot of anything else anybody want watermelon yeah yeah of course wow look at that thank you so much but by the time the sun was setting our entire friend group got together went down to the blm land together and had a time how was it all right hold on bye guys oh yeah how was it getting your license

Was it pretty easy and now we’re here in this forest just you me and eliza i’ve really loved traveling in oregon this place is so special it’s definitely a place i could see myself settling down everywhere you go it feels really magical from these deep luscious forests to the coastline and also the people are just incredible and i definitely think i’ll stay here

A while longer for now though i’m getting hungry time to make dinner i can’t talk now we’re here hi maddie it’s me tori yeah a group we’re into motorcycle guys this is barking dog it’s like a lot of barking dogs so many yeah but uh i feel like i bit my gum 7 45. this pan over to toys foreign guys that i down climbed and climbed that twice to show

You see on the reason i’m out of breath

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I Can't Believe I Almost Missed This… By Maddie Taylor