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I Competed In a Land Rover Defender Off-Road Competition & it KICKED MY BUT

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Last year i competed in an off-road competition called land rover trek and our team won we even beat an olympian well we’re back this year let’s see if we can take the title again but first a word from our sponsor it took a while to get up here we started out around 1959. but we didn’t do all that just to get here we did it to give you a truck that’ll take you

Anywhere this is the new nissan landover trek is a really cool competition put on by land rover for its dealers and dealers from all around the country participate against each other and it really is supposed to support the essence of the brand the adventure seeker the rugged nature and of course the problem solving that landover is all about i’m not a dealer and

Neither is anyone on our team but land rover really wanted to tell the story of landover trek so they invited several teams of journalists out to compete against each other and here’s how it went hey everybody i’ve got such a cool adventure for you today because it’s survivor but with land rovers that’s right it’s land rover trek 2022 and in this video i’m going

To participate in an off-road physical adventure where we compete with other teams to see who is the leading champion of the land rover trek so basically we’ve got various challenges throughout the day where we test the vehicle test our cells physically and this first challenge is a running obstacle course you got a bear crawl right into a water jug carry to load

Up these landovers with water for the rest of the trip it’s a uh competition there’s points involved in every challenge and i’m going to take you along this journey so you can see there goes team three gotta run we got this bear crawl down there we got a balance beam there’s my buddy brian so there are three people per team on our team it’s myself brian door and

Jeff glucker and we’re competing against four other teams oh man i’m not good enough shape for this so this is the relay nice work on good shape man if you’re in any shape you’ll be fine yeah bro i’m walking let me grab it dude you have the energy yeah uh you know what you just ran you want to hold the gopro yeah sure make sure that’s tight yeah you’re rolling

Yeah all right here we go so the team so graciously filled up the canisters now it’s basically a kettlebell carry all the way back to land rover how you doing big guy oh doing great yeah way out of shape you got to make it or you need a swap uh i’m gonna make it okay i mean we can swap if you want no it’s up to you okay we’re good we’re way out in the head we got

A nice cruisy finish i don’t know what is what is how many gallons of water weigh it’s not like i can’t see the size on it it’s gotta be five guys now you can’t tell on camera this is easily 25 300 pounds so what we’re doing is almost superhuman here end of the first challenge feeling pretty good the team right behind it so finished not far off from where we were

At look at the teamwork wow embracing the landover spirit so at the challenge one we got the full 10 points now we’re gonna check out challenge two let’s take a quick tour of the defender which is going to be guiding us through our adventures in the 2022 trek now the basis is a 110 so it’s a four-door land rover but this is actually a p300 and what that means is

That this is the four cylinder defender now there’s a straight six a v8 but this is just the smallest engine the inline four-cylinder model so right around 300 horsepower now this landover has a mixture of jlr components as well as components by a company called lucky eight which does a lot of the outfitting so let’s start out at the front now first of all this a

Bar this kind of push bar is a land rover accessory and behind it you’ll see an integrated worn winch with the the xeon unit mounted there behind that little grille now we do have a lot of kind of emblems and stickers and rafts on this vehicle we got these limb risers which go up to this accessory mounted to the roof along the side we’ve got these enormous sliders

They look really beefy and should keep the side of the vehicle nice and protected now this vehicle is equipped with fairly standard sized tires but they are a wrangler dirt track 255 70 r18s and i wish that these came equipped with the steel wheels like they did last year but they’re running the alloy design uh land rover badging alongside we got a couple of cans

Mounted along um the left portion of the vehicle we’ve got the awning up top we’ve got a roofness tent and outback the trek for tire carrier got this ladder love the big chunky mud flaps we also have of course the recovery points in the rear and the interesting thing about this challenge is it’s designed for land rover dealers to come out and experience a vehicle

So every one of these is owned by a dealer and then they’ll take them back and sell them there’s about a hundred of them this one is owned by land rover flat irons which coincidentally is our local landover dealer which i think is pretty fun now on the right side of the vehicle we got the recovery board up top here we have the landover box probably locked which

It is and let’s take a quick peek on the inside and see what we are dealing with all these also have the snorkel so we’ve got the full vinyl interior with the manual seats keeps things nice and simple keep things nice and durable we got the winch controller right here charging up so when we uh when we need it it’ll be ready to go now this is like i mentioned a

Relatively entry model so we don’t have the big screen we also don’t have the full digital instruments partial digital instrument cluster no sunroof in this model and then i love this kind of decal that they’ve incorporated down here along the center with the track this vehicles are numbered this one is 62 out of 100 land rover of uh flatirons we’ll do our best

To keep your vehicle in one piece because i know someone is really excited to own it one day all right let’s open up the rear now they provided us with a lot of gear we got some camping goodies we got this arb fridge mounted on this little slider system got fire extinguisher of course the little rack to keep the the passenger compartment and the storage area

Separated but overall i think this thing should be pretty good on the adventures that we have lined up for today it does have the air suspension so it should be ready to go in terms of capability there underneath got some skid plates got the recovery point exposed so if we need it we’ll be able to recover the vehicle the next challenge was pretty interesting it

Was kind of a thought game and navigation challenge so one person took a look at a picture a vague picture of a course drawn on the piece of paper and then the other person had to drive the course exactly as shown on the paper with no hints and then when you get through there we’re going back through here all right we gotta watch this cone that challenge actually

Turned out to be a piece of cake jeff glucker as it turns out is a mind magician next up though was something a little bit unique all right the next challenge two teams are coming together to push this discovery to egyptian style down a couple of car lengths we got to move the pipes in front of the vehicle and try not to get our fingers squished so the next

Challenge is totally up my alley we’re driving 192 miles from new jersey to vermont um for kind of the overnight off-road portion and we have to do that in exactly 247 minutes so it’s a lot of maths and i quite like doing mads on the road it’s kind of like my guilty pleasure you can’t tell i’m a nerd can you but in calculating it brian’s been driving just been

Navigating because it’s kind of this obscure route book and now we got lunches snacks damn son open the door son let’s put these up in there all right pop them in there been doing the maths here got the gps going got the mask got the route book and we should be hitting our finish point within exactly a minute so we’re waiting here on the side of the road so we

Get the time distance portion right all right go for it so the time distance time distance comfort rally what is the time time speed distance rally so this time speed distance rally took us to this incredible picturesque property in new york and the guy who owns this property is a huge landover enthusiast so he’s got like this 109 back there he’s got a series

Two up at the house and there’s gonna be a number of challenges here which we have to compete in so after driving a lot of hours we made it to this really beautiful property and the first thing we had to do was remove the spare tire and carry it through an obstacle course and after that we entered the trailering challenge where we had this discovery hooked up to a

Flatbed trailer with these noodles sticking out on either side and then we had to navigate a really really tight obstacle course without letting the noodles touch the cones brian how did it feel it was really good that was tough uh having these things stick out you never have that experience when you’re trailering anything wide trailers sure but having these and

Then being able to pivot them around a cone is a different way of thinking because you needed to on this course if it was dead straight there’s no way this would have fit through that course really hard really fun always a good time to trap after that we had a compass reading challenge and then something really cool we actually had to build a pulley system using

Snatch blocks and a tree to manually pull the defender several feet across the finish line one two three go foreign well we made it to camp here in vermont at the land rover experience center and i think the adventures are going to continue tonight because we got to get ready for camp and then we got to go cook an appetizer for a judge and then cook our dinner

And it’s like uh six six thirty and pretty cooked but the fun never ends all right day two so uh it’s about 6 45 in the morning we’re starting at seven with another running obstacle course and then we have seven more challenges throughout the day to complete and then like a four hour drive back to the airport and we’ll see who won um but it should be a fun day

A little overcast this man over here is creating all the torture devices that we’re going to be going through throughout the day get these a high lift jack which is just a a head clamp that sometimes can be used to winch stuff so it’s going to be a day but i think we’re going to start with breakfast thank you sir how was it good nice smash that like button so

We are cruising down some farm tracks here in beautiful vermont this horrible compass is our marker and let’s see if we can win this the issue is the lady behind me is very sporty after winning the relay we moved on to this obstacle course we had to back up this defender through really tight course over rough terrain and then from there was a bridge building

Challenge and the challenge was it’s kind of bridge building slash balance we had to drive the lander very precisely over these set beams a little more a little tiny door stop all right so on this challenge we have to drive a land rover across a balance beam you can see there it’s called on track and i am driving the next one was a real pain and it’s hard to

Describe but basically there was a really steep hill with a pretty big kind of bump at the top and we had to winch the defender up the hill not a big deal except we couldn’t let the winch line touch the ground we had to come up with creative ways using like logs and sticks and stuff to keep it over the ground it was just a big pain in the butt and from there we

Went to something pretty unusual i thought this was really cool so it was a target practice game which was supposed to test how well you could spot the vehicle through an obstacle course and we had this these cones that were hanging from trees and this little target located on the roof of the vehicle we had to line up the defender perfectly to land the cone in

The target except as we went along the terrain got harder and harder and then lastly we went to something pretty nuts which was a high lift jack winching challenge biggest pain in the butt we had to winch the defender sideways over a log and it just takes forever and it really is actually pretty hard to do now there were several other challenges that we just ran

Out of time for the dealers would have continued on we had to get back to the airport so we zoomed on back to new jersey and here are the results okay 108 points it was really good very good nice word media team five got 112 where’s team five media team two right there 120 points whoa and media team one got 11. yes 161 points yeah hey well look at that so we

Actually came out on top which was awesome with over 160 points a huge thank you to jeff and brian for putting up with my shenanigans just working as a team and he’s taking a land rover for putting this event on we had a ton of fun as always within tommy we’ll see on the next episode

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I Competed In a Land Rover Defender Off-Road Competition & it KICKED MY BUT! By The Fast Lane Car