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I FINALLY bought a Volkswagen GTI… and I think I love it

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WIN THIS GTI! Every $5 spent at gets you 1 entry! After all this time… I finally bought my least favorite car, and I may actually love it.

Boys and girls i did the unthinkable now before you skip ahead i did buy a gti here’s the thing about it i’m only going to own this for 60 more days this is the next giveaway car this is the first drop we have done since baby gabriella has been born every five dollars you spend gets you one chance to enter this gti we are about to go on a journey i there’s tons

Of memes lots of me on twitter saying i would never buy a gti and here we are guys i’ve got 60 days to prove myself wrong and i’m already starting to do that every five dollars you spend at grants you one entry for the chance to win this mark 7 gti let’s get it that’s you jiren right there check it out okay guys we’re really doing this so here’s

The deal we’re giving this car away so basically there it is i have two months to prove myself right that these cars are what i have said they are over the years or prove myself wrong i’m going to come at this with an open mind i’m pretty excited to be honest a lot of really cool stuff here we’re at rpm garage before we actually go in there and take the car home

I want to see what’s here we gotta do some paperwork but let’s check it out holy crap which one do you want jiren you’ve been wanting to sell your focus maybe you can start shopping now this is correct this is a lot of hey it’s you it’s you susan wanted a trader focus and uh i don’t know should we sell it should we give it away the car i’m taking home is right

In front of us and i’m pretty stoked on it i’ll show you guys more about it there’s a big cletus truck over there boys see that you know what’s up there evan great to meet you brother show me around this is really cool golly dude am i coming home with more than just a gti today there we go you guys want me to get an r35 again i don’t know if i will this is

Cool dude well ladies and gents here it is i wanted a mark seven honestly this was one of the cooler ones i’ve i was able to find i bought it it has some mods on it already but that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna build it and have fun a lot of people speak very highly of mark sevens i really did want the two-door i love the two-door it’s a cool package and i

Got the dsg i know some of you guys are going to be mad about that but that is the best transmission so we went ahead and got a dsg i really didn’t even want a manual because we are going to make some power carbon carbon wing these are these are definitely interesting to say the least should we keep them you guys i’m going to be racking this car a lot until i

Love it it’s like a block of cream cheese we gonna wrap it jiren they kind of sound like farts whenever you start them up they sound kind of silly let’s see if this one sounds silly actually first thing we gotta do sharon these jet tags are live on the site every five dollars you spend you get one entry for this car it’s not bad let’s go take it for a spin

Wow oh that’s his that’s his gti come on seriously mine won’t sound like that all right we got the dsg dog gearbox no that’s not what it stands for definitely shifts good duels dsg that’s it hey girl that’s how you pick up the ladies rev your gti ready we’re gonna hear some what this thing sounds like wow that was kind of impressive i just lost traction under

The bridge that was cool oh god that wasn’t bad that was kind of exhilarating it’s kind of scary i didn’t expect that what’s wrong with that a lot this car actually doesn’t sound too bad these cars sound horrendous whenever you do like enough of an exhaust on one i’m kind of impressed that it just like blows the tires off in first gear that’s kind of fun it’s

Not bad okay it’s not bad it doesn’t sound bad this one sounds pretty good i kind of want to keep it about this tame okay here we go oh god i don’t know we’re just gonna do we’re gonna shift like a boss here how do you go into manual on this little poop there’s a supra let’s race him no no you’re in the gti don’t do it please you’re the little pooty poots i

Didn’t that’s like popcorn guys i gotta figure out how to go to manual mode mode oh okay oh my god it’s not it’s not bad it’s not the it’s not it’s it’s it’s so far it’s it’s kind of fun compared to the the ones i’ve driven before this car doesn’t feel sloshy it’s just like a a big sack of poop like i’ve driven a gti and like the gearbox was was really bad i

Hated the manual it especially doesn’t have paddles why do the paddles not work is that a thing do they make you feel better like those are there buttons here are they just like those are hand protectors we got maybe can’t wait to go join me a volkswagen club and start selling my soul volkswagen every person i’ve known with the car like this is a douche every

Single person i’ve known is a douche there you go yeah you’ll probably get some you probably get some backlash you know what it’s fine it’s okay at this point i don’t care oh sport we weren’t even in sport what were you in i don’t know normal you’re having too much fun so such a thing i’m a volkswagen gang now i gotta go join vw for life 69 420 facebook group and

Start posting about my my ride height if the highlights my wheels that are 18 by 4 plus 72 that have aggressive fitment you know this thing was at 120 range whenever you first got it i’ve used 20 miles worth of gas yes in about five minutes oh my god dude i gotta start buying stickers that say like bad um listen to my fart bubbles or blood crackles what are

You that what those things butt crackles i’ve owned this car for like 30 minutes and i already have a check engine light yeah whatever that was so sick goodbye brother i feel like you’re gonna park really bad on purpose no no he flipped his hat backwards no did you really flip your hat backwards to park that’s what you got to do if you’re a vad you got it

You got to do it i’m going to flex my wheel specs out here oh this oh it’s kind of cute for the camera i know volkswagen gang baby badge guys i’ve owned this car for a couple weeks now and here’s my first thoughts i’ve driven this car for about 250 300 miles or so gone through a couple of tanks of gas and honestly i’ve enjoyed it and that seems weird because

I told you guys i’d never buy one i have driven a mark 5 and a mark 6 and i honestly didn’t like them i don’t know what it is about the mark 7 but this car has actually been really fun and pretty fantastic i’m not trying to over hype it because it is what it is it’s honestly it’s been a fun car now this thing is like grippy it’s fun i actually like the gti over

The r why here’s why front wheel drive can get fun it can be sendy the torque steer is is an experience honestly it sounds weird but all-wheel drive can get super boring because you know you can’t do all the burnouty fun stuff you know what i mean check engine light by the way that’s just an o2 sensor like normal um i wasn’t really concerned about it but i’ve

Driven it with that check engine light now here’s the thing guys i am about we’re about to go pretty fully sendy here this car is fun it is tuned i don’t know anything about the tune to be honest i haven’t even gotten it onto a lift yet i don’t really know what’s all’s done to it i do know it’s tuned obviously it does the pops and all the all the bangs and stuff

Like that like you guys you guys like but it’s not fast enough we’re gonna make it faster i’ve got a bigger turbo and a bunch of other goodies we’re gonna be working with the fcp euro and we’re gonna be working with integrated engineering guys this is going to be a really fun build a couple things to note i really like i got a little distract a couple things to

Know i really like the height of this car i don’t like bottom out or anything it’s really simple to drive it’s it’s like it’s like almost perfect the suspension is also comfortable i don’t know what it has but the stance is really good the wheels are kind of growing on me i’m not sure if i’m going to change them you guys let me know what i’m me to do we gotta

Try some launch control i’m i’m really enjoying this that was fun i’ve been really impressed honestly just with how fun the car is um like naturally naturally this car is just easy to drive it really is pretty fun and i really am eating my words here because you guys can dig up so many things of me talking smack on gti’s but i have really enjoyed my time

In this car it’s pretty grippy like i was saying it’s pretty grippy it drives phenomenally the gearbox i’m so glad i didn’t get a manual i’ve heard a lot of amazing things about dsgs and now i understand why for one the gearing itself let’s do this nice corner here the gearing itself is uh is almost perfect like when you’re ready to shift the power band is like

You can make you can make a not so high horsepower car feel really fast by having a very engaging gearbox and i’m telling you the the dsg it’s like it it’s per i’m going to say perfect but the gear ratio like then every time you shift you are in the next gears power band and it it makes it more fun to drive it really is fun and it’s honestly honestly pretty

Quick on the highway i haven’t raced anybody yet yet i i’m looking forward to uh enjoying this car to its fullest i will say vw you guys are a cult stop being so weird but you do have pretty fun cars i like this car so far i’m just sitting here sending it and just torque steering for days it’s so fun i will say i like the radio the radio is actually pretty

Impressive it’s legitimately a good time i um you guys are probably wondering is this evan shanks that’s actually talking right now i don’t know i don’t know who i am anymore i don’t think i will say it’s got some quirky things here and there from all the stuff that i’ve read online it has all the normal oddities that gti’s do but really it’s been a it’s been

A pretty fun it’s been a pretty fun car so far anyways this could be yours let’s get back and talk about it a little bit but yeah remember you can enter for a chance to winning this beautiful fun ass gti thankfully these neighbors are cool they don’t care i’m really eating my words here guys but i’m very excited over the next 60 days to not only drive but

Work on and and build this car i think it’s going to be a fantastic time and this thing needs a detail because i’ve been doing so many burnouts and and stuff is i’m gonna have to get you guys some new tires by the time this giveaway is done too don’t worry guys i’ll get you guys set up right we’ve got a bunch of parts already again we’re working with integrated

Engineering and fcp euro this is cool i’m actually not falling in love that sounds weird but i’m really liking the styling of this car the mark sevens specifically have a pretty cool rear end he’s got an exhaust i don’t know what it is but we’re gonna replace all of that and he’s got some carbon fiber bits i need to do some some detailing and restore that carbon

Because it’s not in very pristine condition hell yeah brother smoke stacks for days carbon here the paint’s really good actually the bumper hasn’t fallen off i really haven’t scraped much i’m not sure if i dig this weird thing right here so we’re gonna end up wrapping the car because uh you know i like the one preserve the paint and two gives us some cool

Options and we’ve got a ton of new merchandise actually we’ll top inside i’ll show you okay say hi gabriella hi baby say hello goo yeah she’s a little shy but she’s very cute we’ve got some really sick new hats um really cool designs this is my favorite oh that’s really cool i didn’t know we had that yeah that’s really sick some dad hats we got a really cool

Uh i want to say i’m not going to say logo but like we’ve got a really cool design that logo on red and black shirts we’ve got it on a beanie toboggan it’s about to get cold for some of you guys we brought back the gym shorts i know you guys love the shorts we’ve also got socks banners uh new tee this one’s sick design flags shirts socks new jet tags jet tags and

Air fresheners white and black and stuff like decals oh yeah the range track whatever bag i used this for going to the range the other day and it’s amazing it’s like an ammo bag but this is really cool so if you guys need a nice track bag or just a travel bag this is a really nice high quality bag so we’ve got a lot of good stuff guys every five dollars you spend

Grants you one entry i did this one for the boys um i hope you guys enjoy everything about this and all the other amazing content that we’ve got coming to the channel but you guys can win this well you can you can win what it’s going to be at the end because it’s going to be way cooler faster better it’s going to be amazing guys i want uh to i every video i make

I end it with daily advice just some some good old dad advice for you so just to be your dad i’m actually doing something so this uh right now october 1st marks one year of i’m not going to say sobriety but i had a really rough time with alcohol the past few years depression and anxiety does that to you and i did have an issue with it and so i i chose october

1st to 30th 30 days no drinking i’m calling it sober tober i want you guys um i want to challenge you guys some of you guys might not be old enough to drink good don’t i’m going to be doing sober tober and i want to challenge you guys to uh get a grip on your vices if you have been drinking or smoking or whatever your your thing is doesn’t have to be sobriety

Necessarily it could be just a bad habit let me help you break that this month and if you think you don’t have a problem try going a week without something just to see how desperate for it you are i am not going to be drinking the month of october because uh it’s just a really good factory reset cleanse your body resets your vises just in case you start going

Down a slippery slope it’s very it’s very important i encourage you guys to do that with me whether it’s weed alcohol cigarettes vaping even like just do try for a week sober tober let’s get it together i’m gonna be doing my best i’m not gonna cave i didn’t do it last year and i’m honestly pretty excited it made me feel much better and i just want to encourage

You guys to get a grip on your vices anything that’s dragging you down and i also want to encourage you guys to go to five three supply right now right nizzle go spend five bucks and get an entry or spend a hundred bucks and get twenty entries right did i do that math yeah i sure did thank you guys so much for watching from the bottom of my heart i love you so

Much i’ll catch you guys next video yes hey i have two videos for you guys to watch by the way it helps me a ton if you continue to watch my content i’m going to sweep out the garage because this place is let’s play as nasty as hell bro

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I FINALLY bought a Volkswagen GTI… and I think I love it By Evan Shanks