I Finally Got a Chevy SUV and Heres What I Really Think of It

Are Used Chevys the Best SUV to Buy? Let’s Find Out, DIY and truck review with Scotty Kilmer. Used Chevy Tahoe review. Are Chevys reliable? Does Chevy make good SUVs? Is the Chevy Tahoe worth buying? Buying a used Chevy Tahoe. Buying a Chevy Tahoe. Should I buy a Chevy SUV? SUV buying tips. What type of SUV to buy. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 53 years.

Rev up your engines if you’ve heard me talk about chevy’s i wouldn’t buy a modern one because they don’t make them like they used to it’s an 07 tahoe four-wheel drive almost the original owner the original owner gave it to his son so i still say it’s the original owner what does it have the original engine the original transmission the original four-wheel drive

System it’s all there it’s all still working and none of it has had any type of work done other than changing the fluids now as we look inside check it out yeehaw it was made in texas arlington texas outside of big d this baby’s got real leather seats well as real as they get the part that you sit on is leather but the back side is vinyl and the third row seats

Are all vinyl but in this case where are the third row seats hey where are they i see the second row seats well they are relatively heavy so he took the third row seats out throws him in the garage he uses it to carry stuff around so he doesn’t need the third row seats but that was one of the big selling points of these you can pull an awful lot of people around

In pretty good comfort it’s a pretty bulletproof v8 engine now the only thing he’s got against it is that it has that stupid system that he can turn off cylinders variable deactivation he doesn’t like it so he’s planning on putting the electronics in to turn it off but that said it’s got 201 000 miles on it and it had that system on and it’s still working he burns

About a quart oil every 2500 miles that’s really nothing i see the new ones that burn a quart every thousand he doesn’t like the annoyance you get a big truck you’re gonna get bad gas mods it doesn’t matter what you put on it and that’s kind of a gimmick but at least it hasn’t destroyed his engine yet it’s still the original engine this is rhode island so you can

See anything that’s got aluminum on it is going to look white and corroded like that don’t let it scary if you’re buying one from up here because that’s just superficial corrosion aluminum parts just do that what you care about is the frame so let’s look under there and what do we have again a little superficial but still solid as can be and look at that big old

Transfer case for the four-wheel drive it’s clean it’s not leaking and it still works fine as i said it’s rhode island so of course these allied wheels they’re going to get corroded when the coating wears off you can do them over if you really want to again that’s totally superficial it’s going to hurt anything a lot of guys will polish them off the reason they

Coat them is because they know americans are lazy and if they have the pure metal they know americans won’t polish them and they’ll look bad so they coat them with a clear cut like women’s fingernail pops well what happens it wears off then they corrode like that you see all the american motorcycles do the same thing they look horrible especially harleys after a few

Years you paint something metal the paint’s going to come off eventually and the wheels get hot from breaking and of course it gets flaky doesn’t hurt anything and they don’t lose air but it looks a little bad you can fix them up if you want if you’re lazy take them to a place and they’ll do it for you they’ll do them all over or you know you can just spray paint

Them yourself now he doesn’t tow with it but his father towed a 22-foot fishing boat that’s why he got this with a four-wheel drive and he had no problems at all towing anything like that it’s an enormous amount of space that’s why people buy these things on a highway it’s about 16.5 miles a gallon top gas mileage which isn’t bad for something this big and this

Heavy and granted this is real gas mileage on a real four-wheel drive vehicle this isn’t some fantasy epa made up on a dyno this is in the real world but you can sell it any way you want automatic two four high four low relatively sophisticated systems startup starts right up still sounds smooth with 200 000 miles you put it in gear it doesn’t shake at all v8s

Are notorious for being smooth vehicles now the seat belt lights on because i’m not wearing a seat belt at the moment so that we don’t care about got a lot of comforts on it it’s no enough than it has things you want but not as insane as those modern ones they got a little bit carried away with electronics and other than that stupid cylinder deactivation that can

Be taken off they’re solid built cars now i gotta say it’s a solid vehicle but and this is typical in this country these days he took it in to get inspected he took it to a gmc dealer afterwards and the guy decided that oh it needed some work it needed six thousand dollars worth of work now i don’t know what these guys have in their mind when they do that you see

An old truck with 200 000 miles even if you’re a dishonest mechanic dealer whatever you must have some kind of business sense and the business answer would be and i’ll try to sell a guy with an old truck six thousand dollars maybe try to sell him 600 or a thousand dollars worth of stuff but not six thousand dollars worth of stuff now granted the rear airbags went

Out ages ago but he’s been driving him six years that way he doesn’t care like i say he’s not towing he’s not carrying heavy weights he doesn’t care but a lot of this stuff was make believe they told him he needed ball joints now interestingly enough years ago he had the ball joints done now i’m assuming these clowns at the dealership just see here’s an old truck

So we’ll sell them ball joints because it’s got 200 000 miles they didn’t know the history that had been changed before well guess what it didn’t need ball joint he took him apart looked at him there was no play nowhere he’s driving on a highway it doesn’t shake it doesn’t clunk just total bs and that was of course just part of the deal they didn’t want to just

Sell them the ball joints they wanted to sell them the whole control arm assembly because what are they at these dealers they’re parts changers and they’re selling you their parts with their markup always take it with a grain of salt when they’re trying to sell you stuff like that you didn’t even need them to begin with which is the disgusting part but they could

Have just replaced the ball joints but they didn’t need replacing so you’re gonna see this all over the country here in rhode island texas tennessee i mean the problem with these dealerships are they have these immense overhead millions of dollars a year they got to pay that before they even break even so they just try to gouge all of their customers as much as

They possibly can and they hope that most of them or at least some of them one out of ten will say okay yeah do it i feel unsafe and almost always going to tell you your car’s unsafe you can’t drive it that way and he just told me that’s exactly what they told him just like the other day when i had that toyota sienna and they told it it needed a rear differential

For thousands of dollars and then he took it to his independent mechanic he said there’s nothing wrong with it they told him it’s unsafe the rear end could lock up you could spin off the road and be killed with him that was over a year ago it doesn’t make any noise it hasn’t locked up he drives it all over the place it’s the same thing you just can’t trust these

People anymore sad but true now as you can see you’re high up you feel comfortable even though the airbags on the suspension in the back are blown it still rides decently just don’t overload it fix them you can always put aftermarket ones on it cost a lot less let’s step on it see how it accelerates you can hear that engine kick in it shift perfectly fine got

Good acceleration 200 000 miles there’s a lot more left in this has most things but it doesn’t have a sunroof why because his father who gave him the car knows they leak over time he wanted something that would last forever and not have problems smart move really what do you need a sunroof and a truck for it’s got air conditioning and the air conditioning still

Works why would you need a sunroof on something like this you don’t so he didn’t get it and here we go 201 000 miles later it’s still working fine and it doesn’t leak now again i have to warn you if you want to get one of these get one of these older ones the ac is still ice cold and he said they’ve never touched it they’ve never even added refrigerant okay if

You remember last year when i was in houston i had one that was a year and a half old and the ac was broken already because the idiots made the condensers in the front poorly and they all leaked and you had to replace the condenser on a year and a half old gmc truck they just don’t make them like they used to he wants to keep it forever and basically not a bad

Idea everything wears out eventually but this is a conventional v8 engine there’s many different engines you can put in it and of course as they age the laws change too here in rhode island they have a very interesting law once your vehicles are over 20 years old you don’t have to get them inspected anymore for emissions so you could put in a 350 crate engine

Supercharger whatever you wanted and you don’t have to worry about all that epa bs what have we learned today we learned that you got to analyze everything fully yeah i’m not a chevy fan but an 07 200 000 miles still run shifts good engine training never been touched ac still blows cold never been touched made in arlington texas where they care about how they

Build spots as long before the day that the differentials came from mexico or they’re even built in mexico they were better made he wants to make this thing last forever he’s got a good chance at it hey eventually the engine wears out put another engine in it but another transmission if it finally goes off the price of a new one those astronomical figures he

Could put in 15 or 20 engines and transmissions and here’s some bonus questions and answers us air force dozer pilot says 2015 to 2021 f-150 rear axle rust has any else seen this my 2015 there’s more rust than it should i’ve even seen the newer ones have it what’s the story it is too much rust and the geese agree they’re having a little honk fest there luckily

It’s superficial rust it looks bad but that’s all solid steel and what you see is a superficial rust they’re obviously not painting them right sealing them they must have done something wrong and you see all the superficial rust and i have seen ones that are six months old and they’re rusty as could be but it’s superficial rust that’s a solid rear end you know

There’s a lot of heavy steel it doesn’t really mean anything it makes ford look bad i mean you can imagine he buys a new truck they look under they say look at all this rust it just looks bad so if i were you ford i would paint them better seal them better with something because it looks bad now it really doesn’t mean anything because that steel is real thick but

It looks bad so ford you should do something about it you’re doing something cheaper than you used to do so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that bell

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