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I finally made it… solo female van life

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Foreign god filtered coffee is the way to go people if you haven’t already switched to filtered coffee do so because i’ve been on instant coffee for a long time and this is so much better so many of you were yelling at me to get this coffee so cheers i’m ill by the way which has been really fun the last few days i’ve literally just been in this car park

Working and laying here it still hasn’t gone you can hear my voice is very atrocious not to mention within the last few weeks i’ve had i’ve figured out about 100 mosquito bites they’re everywhere they’re on my face which is really gross or like here all up the back of my arms all they are everywhere i’ve got purple dots all over my body which just isn’t fun right

It’s time for my morning routine of going on the beach let’s go let’s let’s go to the beach each sorry okay oh thank you foreign i also bought some food for my friend i’m just gonna drop it off first let’s go i don’t like leaving the car park because pretty much there’s a hype barrier and every time i go out i’m scared they’re not gonna

Let me back in like i just wanna i wanna buy this parking space i mean is anyone really gonna miss it no it’d be very useful to me or just owning some land somewhere and fun fact gigi and i do actually own land in scotland in fact one square foot of it each and due to the old scottish custom of being able to call landowners in scotland lords or ladies we can now

Legally change our prefix to lady you know that’s on credit cards plane tickets all that kind of stuff and you can too with established titles thanks for sponsoring this video by the way pretty much they own landon edelston scotland and they divide the plot up into little plots and then you can buy a plot on their website and then you get the title of an order

Lady and you get a little fancy certificate like this one this one’s for gg and it pretty much certifies your new title and gives you a unique plot number so you can locate your plot in scotland in fact all purchases made with the link below and in my description box we’ll have land next to ours so our plots will be located together which is quite fun making our

Own little community in scotland since christmas is coming up it makes a wonderful gift especially if you don’t know what to get someone there’s always one person who’s like i don’t want anything guess what you’re getting this for christmas with each purchase a new tree will be planted to aid global reforestation efforts so check established titles out using the

Link in my description and use this wonderful code here to get 10 off your order um i’m gonna eat my pasta okay i have no idea where to go ever ever ever i really want to go somewhere quiet i don’t know why i reckon i’m just gonna start driving to see where we end up all right let’s go okay let’s go and get some food okay shopping has been done it’s the

Place we’re gonna go to is about 15 minutes away i think so let’s do it i’m a little bit worried about the wind but that’ll be a judgment call s apparently because of the wind it’s forbidden to be up here i don’t know what to do let’s find somewhere else okay so because of the wind basically i’m not allowed up here so i’m gonna drive 45 minutes back the way

We just came and try and find a parking space it looks really nice and i really hope we can do it because i really want to go somewhere quiet and i don’t really want to be in a town again we’ll see let’s try it okay i wanna did you see that that was so cool oh my god okay that’s not happening oh my god am either currently destroying the chassis of my

Van all the wheels are spinning one of the two oh my god it was such an angle holy let me draw n and it’s oh my god and my fridge is open do piss off right that’s what i was trying to get up um it didn’t happen perfect okay i found a place that’s 30 minutes away hopefully we can park there if not i’m gonna cry um yeah this place is 30 minutes away it’s got

A great view because i don’t know i’m scared now i feel like everywhere up in the mountains is just gonna be prohibited and this is ridiculous my god sorry maria okay gg thank you stay in our room um what the holla freaking luya i found a space and it is here let me show you foreign like glitter in it okay let’s go back to my van do some chefing

You guys are gonna be so impressed with me well i’m gonna be impressed with me because i’m actually gonna cook tonight just your way gigi is covering up the chicken thank you gigi couldn’t have done it without you oh i just squashed my thymo frog i’m trying to make a frog out of this air drying clay god it’s windy outside do you like my frog i’m gonna name

Him larry he’s gonna stay up okay tonight’s gonna be a real mad one because wait for it wait for it oh yeah i finally got an oven i bought this the other day with my dad never used it in my life don’t know what’s gonna happen i feel like i’m gonna this up royally but but we can give it a go i actually don’t know how to use this so i’m gonna take the next while

To learn how do this i’m gonna move everything out of the way that’s flammable oh my god this looks incredible okay let’s do this okay i’ll show you what i got hold up okay so pretty much is my grandma’s birthday today and i’m celebrating it by making a dinner that she definitely would have liked it’s just chicken and chips so let’s do it okay let’s fire it up

Right i heat for two minutes bring it on oh that stinks oh i didn’t put anything in it oh one more okay now we wait yes yes wow check the sunset incredible oh my gosh it smells incredible smells like a house in here now like a homely smell oh it’s beautiful we’re ready i’m slightly terrified okay it doesn’t look bad nothing’s burnt things are soft oh

They’re all burnt on one side okay i should have predicted that actually okay well i kind of cooked i guess i can’t really complain right i also bought a rotisserie chicken i was gonna roast the chicken because i thought that’d be really nice but then i realized that roasting a chicken thigh probably wasn’t the best idea in that as my first object to cook to heat

It up salad we’re using today my mom is gonna be so proud of me give it a little stir wonderful fantastic 10 out of 10. what look i just made that in the van to be honest i think my grandma will be quite proud of this right now i mean i don’t have like a time you or anything like that to go with the chicken but um i think we’re good i’m even using gold cutlery

Tonight it was gorgeous i can’t believe the oven actually worked that’s very exciting oh look at the pretty lights where are we going no i’m gonna go to sleep the wind has died down so we’ll see because it does get i do get pretty motion sick in here when it’s windy um i’ll see you in the morning cheers oh my god this is when van life’s amazing anyway

Sorry good morning my throat is literally closing up i don’t really know what’s happening it’s not my favorite thing but um at least i’ve got this view to like die too so it’s not too shabby you know anyway i have literally no clue what i’m gonna do today the world is wide i am ill and i have stuff to do oh my god look how cute she is look how cute she is the

Sea is so vast anyway thanks for watching i don’t know what the hell i’m doing next i don’t know why i’m saying that like it’s a surprise um i will see you next friday bye

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I finally made it… solo female van life By Ame in a van