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I Found My New Dream Ferrari The 488 Pista

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The Ferrari 488 Pista has to be one of the best Ferrari’s of all time. In todays video I do my best to explain why it’s so good, Thanks to LW Automotive for providing the Pista in todays video!

Foreign this is a ferrari 488 pista it might be one of the best ferraris ever made it is so great that it actually intimidates me to film this car i’ve never felt that way with any car that i’ve filmed ever on my youtube channel because how am i going to be able to do a car like this justice after having it for only a few hours it’s my good friends at lw

Automotive who’s lent me this car today this car is actually for sale at their dealerships or if you have a 525 thousand dollars to spare and you’re looking for a pista i’ll link their contact information in the description below so like i said this car is pretty intimidating but we’re going to do our best in today’s video to show you guys what it’s like to drive

One of the greatest ferraris ever made the 488 pista now pista stands for track in italian so when you drive this car whether you’re a familiar track driver or not you just feel like you want to be on a track because that’s where that car’s true potential is you don’t get it driving around here on just normal roads now it’s extremely fast the 3.9 liter twin turbo

V8 has 710 horsepower and over 500 pound-feet of torque it is crazy in a straight line but still that’s not what you want to do in this car it takes turns so well it weighs 3 300 pounds so it’s extremely light and an even crazier thing is if you buy a 488 a piece the spider that’s lighter than the coop usually a spider is heavier because of the whole mechanism you

Needed with the roof and additional reinforcements and so on since it doesn’t have a traditional roof but a spider is actually even lighter than a coop now in 2015 the regular 488 was announced which was the successor to the already amazing four five eight and in 2018 the pizza so the biggest difference between a regular 488 when it comes to the styling is here

Up front so we got a gigantic air duct right here where air will travel through and obviously give the car a lot more down force in the front end this car is just absolutely stunningly gorgeous it is finished in tour de france blue hopefully this comes out on camera it is an absolutely amazing color we got carbon fiber everywhere these side skirts we got carbon

Fiber around that air vents here as well for cooling of the engine in the back of course we have carbon fiber here in the engine bay as well and we got a huge carbon fiber diffuser now not only does it have the gorgeous tdf blue color it has a two-tone stripe and check this out we have the original sticker the two-tone stripe alone is a 15 187 dollar option and

Doesn’t it look amazing now our car here today has the black ford’s wheels the wrapped in a cup two tires but you can also spec your 488 pista or could back in the day with carbon fiber wheels as well now the grip in these tires are amazing once you’re out on the road which we will demonstrate here in just a minute i mean i’m gonna do my best again this car is

Very intimidating to film because i want to do it justice and i know that i can’t unless we’re driving it on a track but uh before we take it out on the road here we’ll jump inside take a look at this gorgeous interior you got carbon fiber in the doors doesn’t have a regular door handle it has this little strap right here everything for weight savings of course

Now the interior is very classic ferrari and i love that i don’t like that they’re starting to digitalize everything more and more the steering wheel we’re gonna have to start the car up here is the exact same that i had in uh my f12 everything is located pretty much on the steering wheel so we have turn signals got led indicators here for the rpms this is the

Suspension button bumpy road mode start stop the light switch we have the windshield wipers there and then we have the manatino uh where you can drive it in wet mode sport mode obviously you drive it in race mode uh if you have a lot of skills and a big cojones you can drive it in esc off i uh don’t so we’ll be keeping it in race here where we have some traction

Control and then uh you have your little bridge here with reverse auto of course you drive it in manual and then for launch control right here you got your window openers right there you have a little slot for the key um no longer at least when you buy a four day piece so you have like a traditional key you have a fob and you can place it right there and then we

Just have the air vents and stuff we have the tachometer in the middle and then we have two screens on each side let’s start her up the very loud ferrari beeping in the beginning it’s like you’re about to like get in a fighter jet or something i actually like that beeping it’s amazing foreign so you always drive a ferrari in manual click the right paddle we’re

In first gear let’s take this out on the road foreign oh my god this car is so well made holy crap come on and pulls that power that’s just nasty that foot sits on their own yeah how do i properly put it into words how great this car is to drive it’s it’s a combination of just everything obviously power plant the engine transmission seven-speed dual clutch

Lightning quick sports seats are the best sport seats i’ve ever sat in my life i had them in the f12 as well and they’re just i mean they’re stiff like they’re supposed to be but they’re not complete hold on this thing is a freaking missile it is mclaren 720 fast in the straight line it’s just stupid foreign i mean what a car this is what a car i can’t i

Can’t do this thing justice i just can’t i want more time with it i want this car on the track because it feels so light the steering is so good the power delivery is amazing this is the best ferrari that i have ever driven now i haven’t driven every ferrari ever made of course but out of the ones that i’ve driven it’s just such a difference like i said i want

More time with this car specifically i want 525 000 so i can buy it and drive it every day unfortunately i’m not in position at the moment but man you know in the beginning of the video i i said that this car intimidates me and it’s not intimidating in a way where i feel like it’s going to kill me because it’s so well made you know except from a standstill and

You just you know mashing the throttle uh it will you know it wants to spin but when you’re just driving the car around and you’re driving it aggressively in turns and you’re on the throttle i mean it puts the power down everything feels so well made it’s actually very confidence inspiring so you know i’m not driving around here scared to death because i’m driving

A over half a million dollar car in these twisty little forest roads it’s it’s just that good when a car makes you feel like it wants to show you what it’s made for and it gives you the confidence to just go for it i mean that’s amazing and for those of you who follow my channel you know i had an f12 it was straight piped na v12 and you know i was in love with

The sound it was so much talk about the sound because those cars are amazing and they do sound incredible in this i in this car i don’t if i own this car i don’t think i would have even worried about like oh it needs an exhaust and all that stuff the car sounds amazing for a forced induction v8 and it’s just the driving in itself that is so satisfying about this

Car i can’t believe i’m saying that that like i don’t even think this thing needs an exhaust maybe i’ll change my mind after a while but man it sounds great it’s not in a v12 but it drives so much better than what i’m used to now obviously a 48 pieced and an f12 is not really comparable in that way that’s grand tour this is a track car but wow wow

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I Found My New Dream Ferrari! The 488 Pista! By AutoVlog