I got a 2023 Nissan Z ALLOCATION

Info for 350z Twin Turbo Raffle Below!!!

He sends me a screenshot this dude put a thousand dollars down for the z i’m like what so i call my buddy that works at the dealership oof hope you got it locked in for msrp in writing gonna be hella mad if they come out the twenty thousand dollar markup what is happening everybody welcome back to another video i’m going to start off real quick by saying i’m not

Going to touch on it much right now but i am ralphing off the twin turbo kit to the 350. so if you guys are interested i’m going to talk more at the end of the video and i’m going to put info on the description so if you want to check that out pause the video now but otherwise we’re gonna go ahead and hop into it so as a lot of you guys saw my last instagram post

I did get my allocation for the 2023z and we’re gonna talk about all that today there does seem to be a lot of confusion across forums and pretty much everywhere and what an allocation really is so we’re gonna talk about that now um a lot of people are commenting on the forum prior they’re like dude you’re an idiot why would you put money down they could easily

Mark it up on you blah blah that’s not what an allocation is an allocation simply is basically holding dibs for you first in line when a car hits the streets so once a dealership gets uh let’s say the first three z’s if you have an allocation they cannot sell that car to somebody um before you so basically just hold your name in line and we’re going to talk about

How you can get an allocation if you want to get one what it does and the process of what it’s going to look like moving forward now that we are allocated for the 2023 nissan z did once i did make the post it sounded like a bunch of people were trying to get them but couldn’t get a hold of them and i actually have a story behind that as well so i called up the

Day after the reveal so i went live i streamed the live revealed the z and once i saw the cars you know what i’m sold i love it uh we went through everything of the specs on it looks great to me so the next day i call up nissan when i call up nissan the guy talked to him hey man i’m looking to get an allocation or get on the waiting list for the new 2023z and

Um he’s obviously not knowing what he’s talking about because he called the 400z as a salesman and obviously we all know now that’s not that it’s going to be called next red flag he says he was yeah i was talking to my boss about it yesterday it sounds like we’re going to be getting them around like september and i’m like what there’s no way because even on the

Video they said release date spring so i’m like that’s a red flag anyway the guy’s like basically i don’t know much info on it yet as i can tell so he goes let me talk to my manager i’ll give you a call back in like 15 minutes i’m alright that’s cool dude calls me back answer the phone and say yeah griffin i talked to my manager we got no idea when they’re gonna

Be coming um we’re not taking any type of allocations or putting people on the waiting list and we won’t even know anything on the car until like november on when they’re even going to be able to start taking stuff of that sort i’m like what so anyway i was just like all right whatever that’s fine and he’s like yeah we can follow up like every two three months

If you want and check and see where we’re at i’m like yeah yeah whatever do that so i just kind of sat sat it out and i was like all right we’ll just wait it out and see what happens a day later my buddy texts me goes griffin how the hell are you going to let this kid get allocation before you i go what are you talking about no he didn’t and he was yeah he did i

Go it must have been out of state then because i just called st charles nissan and they’re like nah we can’t do it and he sends me a screenshot this dude put a thousand dollars down to get an allocation for the z i’m like what so i call my buddy that works at the dealership in the service department immediately i’m like awesome listen here brother this kid just

Said he got an allocation they told me they weren’t taking them two days ago what’s going on because dude you can totally get an allocation what are you talking about who said you can’t get one and now i’m like pissed because the salesman literally just told me that i can’t do it so my dude go get your general manager put them on the phone i want to know what’s

Going on i want to get one of these right now i literally call my boss and say hey i gotta go i’m clocking out for the day and i ran up the nissan so i don’t know if this dude just a complete idiot or doesn’t know uh what he’s doing as far as his job goes but the guy straight up was like dude you cannot do this now i talked to a new salesman shout out paul he’s

The one that’s gonna be helping me out with my 2023z and he’s like dude i don’t know what that dude told you that for but he just missed out on a sale so that dude completely lost the sale for telling me that you can’t do it because you absolutely can if i were you guys all you got to do is call up to your local dealer say hey i want to get on the waiting list i

Want an allocation typically they’ll make you put a thousand dollars down to put your name on the waiting list and then you’re good to go from that point on the car is locked to your name and then msrp designing the cars optioning it out all that stuff gets decided later on moving forward once they get everything in from actual nissan where you can start speccing

The vehicle out for order so here’s what i’m talking about and people have really no idea what it’s about i literally posted on the forum i go we’re in there baby let’s go posted my receipt at the nissan dealership of me getting my allocation for it the comments on it are absolutely hilarious like some guys like what is that 2.5 down like they think this is like me

Buying the car already you got more people that are like good look this shop replaces vr vr30s on a daily basis blah blah blah’s got a warranty we know the new car is going to have flukes i’m not worried about anything like that at all but these are the people that are really funny oof hope you got it locked in for msrp in riding gonna be hella mad if they come out

The twenty thousand dollar markup and then all people just going off of stuff like that i just i’m like alright i’ve done looking at this i got you guys are all uninformed and weird this is an allocation not a down payment i just have a spot saved in line to get first dibs at the car so i wanted to put that all on the line this is not saying that i already have a

Car like i’ve it’s been bought everything’s set in stone because no dealership is doing that yet no matter where you go that’s a fact so now moving on to that they said i should be able to come into the dealership in november and spec the car out um i think i have a pretty good idea what i want to do with the specs and i’ll pull up my laptop in a second we’ll go

Through it together i’ll show you guys what i want to do with the car on that end i was initially going to try to hold it out wait for nismo but i really don’t think they’re going to be doing a first year nismo if at all it doesn’t seem like they have anything in the books for it um just the two different specs i forgot they called it they called like premium and

Whatever but uh it sounds like there’s just two models for the car itself sub models that is so we’ll see if they do but if there is an ismo down the line i probably will be trading mine off for one we’ll have to see in the time comes if and when it does tell you what is weird to see now is to see that the 370z is literally sold out on nissan’s website it was

A good run brother at least we got you baby you good girl oh i don’t believe there’s too much information on here yet but we can look it over a little bit to see what uh what we do have here if i see this one more damn time brother never going to your website again okay so what options we do know i’m going to be getting the six-speed manual obviously i thought

About buying a launch edition just to flip it but honestly i want one to keep for myself so i’m probably not going to go that route although for those of you that are wanting one of these they’re only making 240 of them so you better hop on that brother now as far as color goes i’m definitely rocking with the blue i think i’m either going to do blue or white and

Then also on the interior i do like this a lot i do like the blue i am worried because it looks like it’s suede right here i’m worried that i’ll probably get it dirty quick so i might have to still run with black um we’ll have to see when the time comes but for the pictures i have seen it looks like the blue i will get dirty fairly quickly so we’ll have to think

On that one i like the color of it a lot but um like i said as far as getting it dirty goes you boys probably gonna do that brother and i’m definitely rocking with the red brakes i think i’m probably gonna go with the same thing with this one my tes obviously aren’t right now they’re on my 350 which is at the shop but um i think i’m going to do that i think i’m

Going to stick with the white red brakes and then mag blue wheels we’ll see if i do i’ve seen a render of v1s on it nismo v1 wheels and it looked absolutely sick so that’s definitely a thought as well if i don’t roll some different nesmo ones or tes but like i said i think in november is when i’m going to actually be able to spec the car out i’ll probably bring

My camera into the dealership and film the whole process of me specking it from a to z and uh get everything the way exactly i want it done so like i said we’re probably gonna run with white with red brakes manual we’ll see about the blue interior when the time comes but i am leaning towards that way i’m just gonna have to get a little bit more details on it to see

How easy it’s gonna be to be able to clean that suede up but like i spoke about in the beginning of the video if you guys are still watching right now um i am raffling off my twin turbo kit for my 350z so my car made 580 horsepower on 10 pounds of boost um basically we’re gonna be doing a hundred spots it’s a hundred dollars a spot um if you want to get entered

There’s going to be three winners so the first winner is going to win the twin turbo kit for the z second place winner is going to get 500 cash after vend mode to them and then third place winner is going to get 250 bucks so there are going to be three winners 100 spots total some are already accounted for right now if you are interested hit me up on instagram

Also at she wins to z shoot me a dm and then once you guys are entering like i said whether you do cash app or venmo to pay me all you have to do is put in the notes let me know your instagram handle and the spot that you want so if you need to see the available spots hit me up i’ll send you a screenshot of what we have left as of right now and we’ll move on from

There but like i said guys stay tuned we’re about to have three z’s on the channel now so the 370 the nismo 350 and uh the vet’s going to stay here too i don’t know what i’m going to do because i i’m running out of space for cars brother but um and i’m thinking about getting another track hawk soon too so we’re going to really have to see what happens here going

To have to make some moves happen if you guys are new to the channel like comment subscribe we got tons of stuff coming and i’ll try to get this ball rolling trying to hit 10 000 subs by the end of the year and then we’ll move on to 100 000 next year but hope you guys enjoyed the video like comment subscribe share the video and we will see you guys in the next one

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