i got a new car…? *2022 Mazda 3 GS car tour*

I got a brand new car and am so excited to share it with you guys!! and yes… i did make a sad montage to my old car… much needed.

Hi guys so this is going to be a bittersweet whoa whoa i just drifted what the this is going to be a bittersweet video for sure as you can see from the title i am getting a new car the appointment is tomorrow 10 a.m that i’m going to go pick up my new car i’m so excited like this has been something that i’ve kind of been dropping in videos a little bit i still

Wanted it to be like exciting for the both of us right i wanted to be like a little a little build up a little fun moment yeah secrets out getting a new car basically i have been working with the dealership for two months now finding the exact car that i want had to wait a certain period for the car to actually be delivered here so drum roll please i am getting

A 20 22 mazda 3 all black gs and i’m very excited the car that i currently am driving right now is a mazda 3 2013 gx so this is a relatively old car cars have a pretty long lifespan so it’s not that old but i’ve got it second hand and i got it when i was 19 years old for my birthday my very first car that was my own which was so special and this car has been

With me through all of my little adventures i genuinely feel like i have an emotional connection to my car which is weird but i do i’m just the type of person that’s emotional and i get connected to things easily and for some reason my car is one of them i love my car and i’m gonna be sad to see it go because i am trading this car in for my new one but you know

That’s life you guessed it what i’m gonna say i couldn’t have done it without you guys thank you guys for supporting me for being with me for so long this like family that we have on my channel is the most heartwarming and like best feeling in the world and i’m so grateful for you guys i’m just so grateful that i get to do something that i love and that i’ve

Been doing for so long and then it’s something that i can also pursue in a career it feels good to put all my heart and soul into it and to get things back from it now and then but we can use this final moments of my car ride to be my final goodbye with my car so yeah goodbye to the car that i love and the fun experiences that i had in here and i’m very excited

To have some more good fun moments with my new car um but yeah tomorrow you guys let’s see new car and i’m very excited but this is it so um it’s time ladies and gentlemen it’s time to get a new car today’s the day i need to figure out what to do with my hair i just got out of the shower and if you guys if you guys watched my last vlog i talked about

The new conditioner that i got that is like the blue conditioner and low-key i feel like it kind of worked in parts of my hair basically what i did this is like totally doesn’t relate to my video whatsoever but these are for the long-term viewers that have been watching my previous vlogs and are potentially interested to know basically what i did is i washed just

Shampooed my hair got out of the shower dried all of the extra moisture out of my hair and then i sectioned it i put the blue conditioner i left it on for 15 minutes and then i rinsed it out i feel like my hair looks more ashier i don’t know actually maybe i’m just tripping out maybe i’m having placebo right now but anyways i need to fix my hair and i’m leaving

Soon basically everything that goes on in the dealership is kind of you know signing papers doing all that stuff so i won’t take you guys through that but i’ll just obviously show you guys my new car since i don’t have any time to actually style my hair i’m just gonna do my classic little clippy and call it a day go the next clip will be my new car i’m excited

For you guys to see she’s so beautiful i’m also freezing i thought it was gonna be a lot warmer today the weather said it was gonna be 10 degrees and it’s literally two but this car’s got seat heaters so i mean i think i’ll be okay all right this is so you’re kidding me you’re actually kidding me i literally just hit the garbage don’t worry don’t

Worry nothing happened okay guys now we’re really on the way why did my backup camera not warn me about that i just also wanted to show you guys some cool features that i have in this car we have a lot of different settings here on the steering wheel control some different settings on my dashboard up here this is definitely the biggest difference for me is having

This whole entire like center console being completely different i have a actual screen which has apple carplay and i can mess with a bunch of different settings of the actual audio of this car of course i have my seat heaters my steering wheel heaters i also have an application on my phone where i’m able to start my car from inside and also check through all the

Settings make sure my doors are locked back how much fuel i have how many kilometers i have left and if my car needs any maintenance or if there’s any engine lights that are on i’m so excited i literally feel like i already drove this car around a bit and it feels like i’m driving on a cloud like oh my god i don’t even know how to describe this feeling it’s like i’m

So happy and so excited and it’s not just like oh like having like a nicer newer car it’s just the feeling of like being able to do this for myself that’s so like it’s such a like rewarding feeling and i’m so excited because guys you already know i love to make my driving videos so this is the new car that’s gonna be in all of the new videos and i think it looks

Really good on the camera so basically for you guys wondering this is a mazda 3 gs 2022 an insane upgrade to the car that i had previously and mazda just has like genuinely like stepped up their game it’s unbelievable i think she’s beautiful i have a sunroof that i’ve never had in my life before which is so dope there’s just so many things like this is leatherette

A beautiful vegan leather for the car it’s all black interior all black exterior kind of sexy i don’t know it’s so cool and i’m so obsessed but i brought back some of my previous utilities from my last car but i’m just putting back some basics that i might potentially need my girlfriend perfume and this little purse which i’m potentially going to fill up with

More things right now it only has a cleanser and a moisturizer this is like my potential like last minute sleepover bag but i’m going to fill it up with some tampons and pads later because i want to make sure that i have that in my car and i’m going to put it here in the inner console wow it’s really raining down on us isn’t it so so far in here i just have my

Hand sanitizer i’m also gonna put this little this might be so like high maintenance i don’t know but i’m gonna keep a cloth in my car but this is a type of cloth that picks up dust so that i can constantly wipe my car of any dust because it’s all black so you can see that really easily i’m literally doing it right now so i’m going to keep that in my this passenger

Side thingy i am going to keep my sunnies and guess what i have a spot for them up here so free and cool i am also gonna keep my tape and scissors i keep this specifically for videos when i need to tape my camera to the dashboard but right now i have like a perfect little spot on this dashboard that i don’t know if i’ll necessarily need tape i don’t know if i want

To put tape on it but there’s no harm in keeping it for future reference and last but not least you know what i’m gonna keep a little clip in here too i think that’s good to have i am going to put another scent pod in here right now it smells like new car and i know a lot of people love that smell i don’t know i’ve never liked the smell of a new car when i was a

Kid it used to give me motion sickness actually so we are gonna put the scent thing and i just love the smell of these ones too from bath and body works so i have one left which is vanilla bean this is like the funnest thing ever i’m going to want to leave my house every single day and take my car out to do absolutely nothing which is kind of chaotic because gas

Is like a dollar and 56 cents right now which is kind of disturbing but i did get a full tank of gas when i got this car so i can burn that for a little oh she smells good this one smelled like a man i think it was like mahogany something and then when i walked into my car i was like okay does a man own this car or does a beautiful stunning woman ta-da why

Don’t i just give it to you guys as if you could smell it too ah perfect nice our basics in our basic spot and then we have just a little towel some masks scissors tape very random things in there i’m gonna need to get like napkins too to put in there because that’s a common necessity this is also how my fob looks if anyone was interested personally i think

It’s about time to go for a little drive don’t you let’s do it so you

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i got a new car…?! *2022 Mazda 3 GS car tour* By Alex Adams