I got a Tesla for Christmas (Unboxing)

I bought myself a gift for the holidays. 6mph, electric, and black rims. This thing is a beast! Hope everyone had a happy holidays and make sure you SUBSCRIBE for more awesome content of mine!:

Wow alexa turn hall light on it looks like i got a package i think it’s that of the thing that i got from a security event and they just delivered it let’s go ahead and see what it is it’s huge holy smokes wow it’s heavy i got a telephone number on the side maybe that’s for help turn my house down at least opening it wasn’t so bad voila i bought a tesla

Could’ve had a rope or something obviously it needs some assembly the charger instructions this is probably the clock to put over the top of it so that’s the truck let’s look at this just pops okay one and two probably for the speed and this is obviously the battery and i’m sure it probably doesn’t come fully charged so what do you guys think says tesla model s

It’s got a bunch of styrofoam bits on it folding mirrors if somebody’s gonna drive by and swipe my mirrors i can fold them in and as you can see i already open the trunk stubborn it’s got nice black rims i like that riding dirty holder for an ipod or an iphone and then it has an auxilary where you plug it in i guess that’s your headlights i usually don’t read the

Instructions but it’s a tesla for ages three to eight years old i’m 48 i’m still gonna drive it i think it works yep take it soon see if you look at the charger it even says tesla on that fancy here it goes watch me blow up it lit up it’s blinking it means it’s charging there we go and look it was partly charged you can have the battery already in and charge

It just probably like you would do a normal tesla with a little door right here and as you can see there’s four prongs that the charger would plug into so i wouldn’t have to take the battery out sweet they’ve got a protective cover on the one and two buttons whoa there’s 2.5 to 3.0 miles per hour two is five point five to six miles an hour i definitely don’t

Want to go to point 5 to 3 miles an hour i want to go 5 point 5 to 6 miles an hour i’m a speed demon so i’m removing the protective cover there’s 1 to 2 now i’m gonna put the protective cover back on so nobody can change it on me there we go ok i think we have power now so first things first let’s see if the lights work i got to remember i have it in high-speed

Let’s see what happens wow spinny alright i think we got this set so let’s go ahead and get this thing started pedal to the metal finally got this bad boy setup i took it out for a ride it’s actually quicker than i thought it was we’re definitely gonna have to shoot another video with it and show you guys a little bit more of what it’s got luckily my garage

Is big enough for two thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed this you liked it give me a thumbs up and i’ll see you next time please if there is actually somebody here that could actually help me huh thank you fire we got another shot where you going alright where you going we got another shot alexa turn halt light off

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I got a Tesla for Christmas! (Unboxing) By Verne Troyer