I GOT MY DREAM CAR | 2021 Jeep Wrangler

Hey y’all, I Just got my dream car and wanted to share this special moment with you!! The car is a 2021 Wrangler Sport 4×4.

It’s literally perfect i’m not gonna scream what’s up youtube so if you are new here please make sure to like comment and subscribe and hit that post notification bell so y’all can get notified every time that i post because i would love to have you all here not gonna lie right now it’s like seven a.m in the freaking morning because i’m editing this video

That you’re about to see right now but before we get into this video i had a few things that i wanted to talk about briefly just real briefly um i honestly didn’t think that i was going to get this car so i look crazy i just came straight out of school so don’t even mind that don’t even mind that and um the second thing is um i’m only posting this video for

Motivational purposes you feel me it’s not to brag or anything like that like i said i am very very blessed i did not think that i was gonna get that car yesterday um but it ended up working i ended up getting it it was the last one on the lot that they had and it wasn’t even supposed to be there like it was tucked away in the back like they had it hit or whatever

So everything worked out how it was supposed to work out yeah i’m just so grateful thankful i got a brand new apartment i finally got the apartment that i wanted my high rise apartment i got the jeep that i wanted my dream car one of my dream cars y’all and my business is doing good like i just basically i’m just sitting here looking back like doing like everything

I want in like high school or ever dreaming about it’s like all coming true and it’s like so surreal you feel me it’s really just crazy and i do want to share this moment because i want you know i want to share with y’all and then i want to be able to look back and see all these moments that i’ve had and you know when i have kids and stuff show them all this stuff

And stuff like that so i don’t know what else to say but um i just want to say as it goes for motivational purposes um anything can happen if you really believe you put in the work you know as long as you stay focused and like you’re just doing stuff for you and not for other people because i know how social media is everybody’s doing stuff for other people as

Long as you’re doing stuff for you and you’re focusing on you like it’ll be easy to achieve your goals because that’s what you personally want if y’all remember i have a video up here um i didn’t enter a clip of it but it’s what i made my vision board i did have put a car on it and i put a tesla but what ended up happening was i really need space in my car because

I’m gonna be shipping out orders i’m gonna have to take all stuff usps and stuff like that and one thing about me i wanted yc’s in my tesla and i was not gonna let nobody get in it so we’re not going to do that right now we’re going to probably save that for later on if i decide to get another card it will definitely be a tesla this is just what i wanted now i

Wanted a jeep since i was like what before 16. i always wanted a really big truck um what ended up happening was i test drove the jeep and it was over with it had everything out all the features i can literally customize it like with the tesla i could only wrap it but with a jeep i could take the doors off i could wrap it i could add on things like features and

Little stuff in it so it’s just totally customizable so it was definitely the card for me all my friends have said that it fits me so well so yeah i’m so excited for y’all to see so yo another thing it’s only been three months into this new year and i’ve already checked off multiple things on my vision board new york fashion week new car new dream apartment what

Was that crosstalk i went i just came back from miami beach like traveling awesome i’m still working on crossing off other things and stuff like that but it’s only three months in the year so we don’t even you know no rush everything that’s happening is just happening everything that has happened in my life has happened for a reason and i’m so glad it did when i

Say i’m so glad it did i’m so happy where i am and yeah i don’t really like to talk about stuff like this because it just feel like bragging but it’s not really like bragging it’s just you know like i don’t ever mean it like that let’s get straight into this video i’m about to show you on my brand new jeep let’s go i did do a vision board like the last time i did

One was probably like a year or two ago i didn’t do it last year but things that was on my vision board didn’t end up coming true so i do believe in doing them and um writing down goals keeping up with them stuff like that because y’all could be really helpful um it’s so easy to literally lose sight of what you are looking for on a day-to-day basis so we gotta

Stay focused easier this girls like these focus so what’s up youtube um right now i’m currently just in my car i have to hurry up because he’s waiting on me to charge the um tesla but if you are new here make sure y’all like comment and subscribe let me go ahead and tell y’all this is really last minute because i just came out of school but right now i’m looking

For a car your girl’s looking for a jeep we’re gonna see if i get it today definitely gonna vlog it but um yeah let me just go in and see what’s like happening and i’ll show you all the car and everything yeah i got a backup camera so right now this is a wrangler um i don’t know what else oh i can see everything when we go out here we’re gonna go to the

Left at that stop sign the drive on this is nice oh wow get up and go is the get up and go is really good on it i’ll show you how though okay suitcases back there this is so cute up so freaking cute y’all look at the front of it let me know what y’all think she’s so cute this is the jeep i’m thinking about getting y’all let me know i’ll just give

Y’all a little another look of it so let’s hop up inside it i know the lighting is like really bad y’all but so this dash is like completely digital it’s 2021 we got to push to start of course gonna need that the only thing is like the doors these are like manual but that’s because like you can take the top off of it so they would of course need to be like this

You know what i’m saying i don’t know if i would take these off or not but you could probably put like a bar right here and please put these up probably put these up and um it just has so much stuff i really wouldn’t even know what to do with it okay 2021 i feel like i should get this guy i’m not going to capture you back of the truck so cute y’all rate

This car and it’ll be so cute in it it comes with hella space just a two-door because nobody’d be in my car for real for real anyways so i got a regular drive right here and then we got a four-wheel drive or whatever they call it if i want to go up the mountains and stuff like that because y’all already know this year we take it what trips period so hopefully

I’m gonna get this car uh i’ll get back to y’all in a couple of minutes so cute the color is so cute at first i wanted like a white or a black but i kind of don’t want to worry about it getting dirty and stuff like that just literally i’m not gonna scream it’s perfect okay so we’re gonna see how everything goes so let’s go back inside and get this paperwork and

See what it’s talking about so i have my paper right here and this is my brand new car this is my brand new car y’all what are we gonna name her so freaking cute shout out to my dad look at him oh yeah we gotta go to my car to get the rest of my stuff out so i can move into my brand new jesus i almost don’t understand how excited i am like i feel literally

I’m sorry for the keys i feel literally so blessed like i feel so blessed y’all i got my brand new car brand new apartment business doing good i’m literally so excited we gotta say goodbye to my car say goodbye to my veloster bye baby you did be good for the past two years it’s literally so cute but it’s time to go we want some bigger and better things all year

Eerie all right so this is going to be all’s last time seeing me in this car it’s so bittersweet let’s get out of this guy say bye bye to my old car my little hyundai veloster my three door got myself out of here it’s so crispy now bye girl you’ve been great so excited shout out to my parents to my daddy oh my daddy hey you don’t want to be seen get a shout

Out to them two shout outs to my mama and my supporters i love you all so much thank you

Transcribed from video