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Come on thank hey what’s up boy whoa he got you right but that’s your part of your best cut bro that look like damn yeah i want what hold on hello hello yo you see that right today is the day i go get my car the rap car you feel me hopefully it looks good i honestly don’t know if it looks good cause like the way he was talking to me i don’t think

This he said but you got a unique coach nah i’m smiling you texting me the other day yeah by the way y’all i got the money hold on got i don’t see how people vlog like this bro i got the rest of the money uh i know let me see i realize we never vlogging them all no more nobody really got down record in the mall like no public interviews on the name i think

Uh really females don’t even be in the malls no more so you can’t really do the public interview no i was saying that i kept getting scared because like it looked like they kept trying to block us in but like they wasn’t at the same time after we get the wrap we’re going out to eat after we need the car after we get the car we’re going out then i don’t know

What y’all didn’t be wanting a to vlog but like it’s cold there’s really nothing to do in the winter bro like nothing no no this is what you just don’t do that they gonna be freezing on the ride chicken boy gonna be freezing on the rise i’m gang boy what the we’re really triggering yeah they really don’t be knocked on the dead logs there would be nothing to

Do with anyone to be honest on the deadlocks what are you fold tripping on her clothes you guys you want that what the gay ass girl so that what girls be doing uh you can’t trust me you can’t trust females for bro oh you see the they doing like what the like they can be at a party with all girls they still gonna cheat they’re gonna kiss like another is

That considered cheating i don’t think you should care but i don’t think that’s cheating i don’t know i don’t know how to that’s a good question yeah yeah that’s cheating is he cheating if your girl kiss another girl not if you allow it like if you’re right there say hey y’all go ahead you feel me but i don’t care no then what you can’t yeah he’ll be maddie

The straight face on there yeah like but uh yeah like i was saying this is a scenario this is a scenario really your girl goes to the party the number girls right now i’m saying you you cool you like ooh their number girls they ain’t gonna do they ain’t no good gay and that’s considered children fingering each other yeah yeah goddamn they got deal though they

Basically they’re basically each other don’t be dead man what the is he doing oh that’s a girl that’s a lady what the hell is she doing she’s trying to feed the birds she’s sage in the place oh i think that’s soap why aren’t you doing that so like you want to sleep on the stairs or she protecting us from the demons that was two different songs ready

Buddy you’re done check it out i’m quite good here oh she just coming up whatever you want to say oh my god look like you got kinda like if you can find something on the internet like to replace it i would say do that because it’s going to chip regardless how chrome is like chrome you got to scratch it up for it to stay alright so now we’re going to do bad

News bad news we couldn’t get your lights because they they didn’t have the right um thing so we got something ordered for the bumper it was supposed to come again nothing else came with the bumper nothing else all right so it’s this little piece right here that we put in them and it’s pretty much we just screw the light in so but they didn’t even have they even

Had it on the bumper so we already ordered that that should be on the way soon because you got you gotta come back in in two weeks i think for your checkup and then we’re pretty much just putting them in and then uh any mess-ups or any pill-ups and we just let you know we just do that so yeah then so it’s going it’s going up you see your size you see your lights

So we pretty much went black a black trim kind of just to make it look a little meaning give it a little details to it and then everything else i can’t say for sure i’m crazy sometimes um sometimes you know the molded hoods just to make it with your knife in here everything nice so you don’t really have to worry about nothing coming up with most of these but

You know we’re just going to see how it go because this ain’t had no pain or nothing on it so yeah it should be smooth it shouldn’t come up for nothing but like i said you know you come in anytime if anything come up so that ain’t ain’t no issue but what’s your try not to do um uh try not to do what is it jordan oh wax don’t worry if you do wax it’s gonna end

Up glossing and then you’re gonna mess up the rock all right if you watch me you can use regular watch that self wash yeah you can do something all right the only thing with self wise y’all know the brushes yeah the brush is hard so it’s like the brush is going to scratch i don’t need to do it on a regular car yeah so like me i messed up by going to the stuff

Watch and start watching my car with my wrap and then mess up my rap but it’s like i killed it now what to off but if you want to throw this enough just give it about two weeks after two weeks everything will really do what it’s gonna do all right so you see this went right now but these type of brushes that you might that you need to use right here i don’t

Know what to call it’s like spike oh no you know we’ll see we’ll see like if i really really can’t have that today yeah i see somebody have a little brother that look crazy bro like that’s just wraps but that’s why i made it look like you had a little details to it i was like that’s really hard okay so i had to do that for you oh yeah we popped that in there

The best we could i’m not good maybe it looks on the back you you ain’t gonna have no problem with my bad right all this tuck man went all around here tucked in there real good back yeah bro go ahead my boy come on pull out man i gotta get a video you pulling up with a tail lighter oh hmm um that bit yo with that bit uh you in the garage i don’t know

How this is going they said it’s gonna snow to my own hey you know jordan won’t know about snow so i don’t know how he’s gonna do it snow i’m gonna ask my mom let me get the garage yeah i must definitely try that because i don’t know how this is going to do with no snow i don’t know i ain’t never had nobody had snow on rap so like at all probably ice ice cube

Oh yeah see it but like when you’re editing this kiss the screen you’re basically kissing me like what the all right something like that it don’t shrink yeah we can fix it easy yeah all right boy man bro hi man for sure though getting ready

Transcribed from video