I Made My Own Cybertruck, Then Brought It To Tesla…

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Cyber truck yeah wow you want wow wow i stayed up late and watched the live unveiling of the tesla cyber truck i’m a huge tesla fan and when that when that truck rolled out you could say that your boy was caught off guard it was like 11 o’clock he i was tired and still i had the energy for my jaw to literally drop and start laughing out loud at what the cyber truck

Looks like sigh bird wyatt why cyber truck guard luke it’s like the most metal thing i’ve ever heard that should be the name of like a metal band from the 80s hey everybody how’s it going this startled i digress to my surprise over the last few weeks the cyber truck has grown on me and sure there’s an option to spend a hundred dollars in reserve but the truck

Isn’t available until like 2022 so we’re going to build our own first problem is i don’t own a truck or a car for that matter i just use the boosted boards but we can figure that out i’m sure there’s a rental thing rent a truck fetch okay crew cab pickup truck $17 an hour select click to add a selfie there’s my place and set deadpan serious mister seed you’re gonna

Be approving materially good ok see you guys then good bye hey a cyber truck day i have to go pick the truck up in we twenty five minutes we’re gonna have to get cardboard duct tape we need to get silver spray paint yeah this is not gonna be good okay here we go all right okay we are okay we’re all going after a short ride and a cheesy page flip transition there

We were yeah the bed is so long dude i don’t know how we’re gonna get cardboard to go from the top to the bottom there it says on the app that they just don’t walk oh dude i just heard it unlock oh my gosh now upon first glance i can already tell them this is a very special truck use batteries oh plastic things just in the back a copy of use ncaa football 14 for

Ps3 oh there aux cord or anything in here no music in here dude are you asking with me after the quietest and most lonely car out of my life we made it to home depot where i picked up the duct tapes the paints the cardboard that we needed which this nice lady actually gave us for free really i also found the shoots of foam that i have no idea what the real purpose

Is but it looked perfect for the back hatch and on my way out i meet this guy this is all you need to know is right alright that’s enough from you are now we just had to check out thank you so much let’s see the best pose best pose yeah let me see have a good day and get to work but first i had to call in some help from my friend tony yes boy yes boy yes boy this

Right here is tony aka zesty boys i even cameoed in one of the videos so if you want to see some extra air act head over to zesty boys so the idea is that we have to box this off and then just cover the entire outside of the car with our spray-painted cardboard where we spray paint i think like maybe in these and that is exactly what we did we painted we cut oh

Yeah baby it’s way too big and we recut oh cut number two trial number to test the cyber truck number one oh yeah and after that it looks so good and we were finished this is this is the cyber truck alright the next step is gonna be the cut out this cardboard fit it to the side of the truck cut it at two we vastly underestimated the amount of cardboard women need

And the homie art hooked it up dude it looks so funny from over here more paint more cardboard more duct tape you guys get it at this point okay it’s it’s been four hours how did it take us that long it’s called tony and i said this is gonna be a two hour total shoot it’s four hours later if we just finished with the truck okay well let me give you the tour let

Me give you the tour welcome to the tesla cyber truck right here we’ve got a unibody design wow wow here we’ve got the unibody design wow over here we got this thing it’s called the unibody design yeah baby let’s go she just says hey tesla give us a start huh that’s weird it’s making noise i thought these were silent but whatever is it broken dude what how

Do we think that that was a good i was okay don’t mind me we got one final piece here give a sharpie i could borrow and thank you so much okay that’s it i went from a twenty thousand dollar drug to a seventy thousand dollar truck try me mom and after a painfully slow 1.4 mile drive we had arrived at the mall to flex on every poor soul who found themselves there

That day ready it’s original i promise it is the cypher truck how’s it going dude from here it looks so crazy everybody in the apple store behind y’all is staring so hard how’s it going man i’m eric great to meet you i have got this tesla cyber trip every year for drop-off it’s for display i’m supposed to bring it here for to display for you guys did you want me

To park it right here you’re gonna bring it right inside yeah i do have one cuz seriously serious is the first one okay i’m gonna take a picture pick this up from california brought it on over so why is that the single duel or try miss the tri-motor guess you the new cyber truck out there aston a cyber truck that’s their new model it kind of looks like trash huh

I gotcha it’s a unfinished bug they haven’t done any paint job done or done anything their powers and their car with car boots ah maybe they need to rethink the whole thing though you know i don’t know if i love that i’ll pull it around i’ll get it in the showroom here in a minute okay yeah i’ll use the charger okay thanks guys thanks huh that’s not mine that’s

Not mine it’s mine i’ll move it i’m gonna i’m gonna park it in the display room real quick literally this guy’s the tesla guys taking a picture the mission had been a wild success and we thought we would try to push our luck by trying to get the truck of valeted next to this bright orange mclaren we’d seen earlier there’s gonna be a whole thing i can already tell

What’s up guys this is the new cyber-shot yes it’s legit i just what are you talking about yeah man yeah he personally handed us one of the keys over to me yeah we were immediately met with security but after some negotiating we had done it we parked the truck right next to the mclaren for all to see and this began our public q&a forum bulletproof glass it’ll

Perform just like it did on stage where you know it’s shattered and everything elon handed me the keys personally for this one i drove it all the way over here from california you know yeah this is this is the real cyber truck what do you mean i don’t know what you’re talking about my man this is oh my cyber truck yeah yeah yeah sure it’s amazing it’s the real thing i

Don’t know what you’re talking about yeah yeah yeah 70 k for that bad boy oh yeah oh my gosh yeah it’s definitely not a ford f-150 under all that the local high beasts this is the real thing yeah bro go for it get it get it cool we got to get out of here how do they believe that dude what if i back into the mclaren right now that’s pretty much it we spent four hours

Building this truck does any one of these girls ever here at chick-fil-a staring at us ah don’t i have the new tesla cyber truck it’s the real thing it is it is okay there we go so that’s the end of the video should we uh should we tear this all apart scrap it real quick okay all right we got the back left that was nice thanks for all the help tony all right that’s it you you

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