Another one in the garage and this time it’s something special! 24/55 Nring Edition Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrigoglio!

What’s up guys welcome back to channel we are now in florida with my brz um me and i have been driving for 19 hours already and we actually when i was away from the dealership to bring out our new car so see you guys there in a little bit um ruby all right so this is going to be my new car and we are saying goodbye to my subaru brz um thank you for treating me

So well for this six month and finally it’s a time for you to go it will be missed and we will talk a little bit more when we get home we wish all right after 20 hours driving we are finally home i am exhausted right now but we still need to talk about the car so for those wondering if our milk can do a road trip this is a result we never have a problem in

This 20 hours this car um did great all right so what we got here is a 2019 alfa romeo julia quadrifoglio and ring edition so this is a 24 hour 55 they have ever built in the united states so let’s briefly talk about why i bought this car and the story behind it so originally i wasn’t going to get an ending edition because they are totally out of my budget i saw

One for sale like 80k so i wasn’t planning to get an end ring i was looking for get a quarterfold wheel with the spark plugs carbon fiber seat and also the covers around the brake but i couldn’t find the right one in the right price so this one popped up and i saw it and it was in my budget and also but it’s kind of a little bit too far it’s in florida it’s 2

000 miles away from where i live which is boston massachusetts so but i decided in an hour and me and my friend was driving downstairs and picked this up and traded in my brz we also had a fun little road trip so this car hold up well so um interesting story before i bought this car a guy actually at the dealer wanted to buy this one but his wife denied it so

I was lucky enough to get this car after him so um even though this car doesn’t have the options that i wanted it like the commonwealth brake and the sparkle seat but i was thinking that i had always upgraded and this is the end ring edition i will never get a chance to get one in the future so i decided to pull the trigger on it um and also something that also

Made me put trigger at this car have a full car paint protection film you guys can see full car so it’s around 7k value if i got the car new i will do the same thing yeah and also this color is insane i mean i don’t let the camera capture this you guys can see this color under the sunshine is insane and also it got some carbon fiber bits um the front grille

Everywhere is carbon fiber they are all included in the end ring edition package the rope they are exposed and the spoiler this is insane yeah i will upgrade the sparkle seat for sure and the red interior i was always dreaming about it when i got my last two yeah um this is kind of the reason why i bought this car and there will be a bunch of video coming

For this kind of future i’m going to do a lot of upgrade on it for example the sparkle seed and also maybe maybe the exhaust and a tune like my last one but this one is special just special hope you guys enjoyed today’s video this is my new car hope you guys like my decision i love this car so much i love off-road so much i hope you guys go buy their car so

They can become bigger to compare with bmw i know their dealers are shutting down because they are not earning money but i mean i love this brand so much and so i thought this is my third portfolio that i bought i love it so much alright so this is going to be today’s video and hope you guys enjoyed it i need to go get some rest after 20 hours of driving yeah

Hope you guys stay tuned for this build this is going to be my next build and see you guys next time

Transcribed from video