I Reserved The Cadillac LYRIQ… Well Tried To

Well… We tried to pre-order the debut edition of the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq but sadly the website would not pull up the stupid dealers. I don’t know why I had to pick one, It should of knew by my address. I am so mad that we will not have one of the first Cadillac Lyriq’s. 🙁

All right so what color we got this color or black black okay that was that was kind of what i thought too hi i got a really cute outfit and i’m excited so it’s saturday february 18th which i thought was yesterday february 18th february wow way off i’m way off september 18th where’s my mind i don’t know either way this one’s grandmother’s birthdays today

Happy 75th birthday to you we’re leaving ross i got a aeropostale 50 shirts on ball and rich white boy now but what this was actually about is uh 4 p.m today we’re pre-ordering the debut edition of the cadillac lyric the all-electric cadillac for this one it’s going to be her car it ain’t gonna be my car but because i’m still waiting on the cyber truck that’ll

Hopefully come next year but uh yeah hopefully we’ll get this in the first half of 2022. let’s get to the pre-order all right we’re 40 seconds now perfect timing so uh i’m on the computer i got a screen recording going i couldn’t set this up any other way but we’re gonna go through the process and reserve the 2022 2023 2020 2023 cadillac lyric 17 seconds away

I’ll refresh the screen unless i have to click got the credit card ready i can’t show you that of course you look beautiful michael thank you oh it’s yours that’s so good okay all right reserve yours and then watch the website it’s going to crash a lot of people are doing it yeah reserve your 2023 lyric be the first to reserve the lmu lyric 2023 debut edition

Rear wheel drive uh choose the color choose your dealer provide my information complete it all right so what color we got this color or black black okay that was that was kind of what i thought too interior interior do you want the gray or the black i like green i think the gray looks great yes great okay gray and then uh zip code 30102 or 308-0 view dealers

It’ll be the cop parkway one no dealer selected well you’re not giving me i’m not even getting the dealer option review dealers it’s not evolving 282 isn’t it like the website’s not giving me can i do a dealer name here we go georgia capital cadillac no their website’s like not working yeah it’s literally it’s supposed to like show right there and before

People ask yes i tried safari i tried google i tried different devices i tried different ways to get to the website from my end sadly no matter what i did i came across the same issue where i would not pull up the stupid pointless dealer so yeah i’m sorry my queen i don’t know what happened cadillac if somebody cancels reach out to me because i’m still posting

This video even though your website didn’t work and wouldn’t pull up the uh wouldn’t pull up the dealers i shouldn’t even have had to pick a dealer your website should have just knew by my zip code which dealer but close to you yeah either way maybe we’ll still get one we won’t have a debut edition that really sucks i still want one yeah we’ll just have to wait

Till next summer either way bummer of a day now but click the like button click subscribe indulge in your life and indulge clothing for the merch deuces

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I Reserved The Cadillac LYRIQ… Well Tried To! By BigC Vlogs