I Shurharacan drive this Jeep daily. My Jeep Wrangler 4xe Sahara

This is a better daily driver

What’s up everybody that car guy eddie here and today a video on look at this oh it’s my tesla i mean it’s my wrangler it’s my it’s my 4xc yes that’s right today this is the introduction of the 4xc and i thought what better way to tell you about it than would be to give you a quick once-over while i’m at an ev charges all right so let’s talk about the interior

For a second so the interior of the jeep wrangler 4xc is very similar to any other jeep that’s out there there’s just a few exceptions and i’ll talk to you a little bit about it because this is a sahara package it does come with the leather this is another thing i’m in my car a lot i commute with this jeep and i want something comfortable my wife’s seats the

Rubicon seats they’re great but they are a little stiff um the bolstering is a little bit more hardcore and these leather seats don’t really have the same stiffness problem uh that the that her cloth ones did so i kind of like the leather plus leather is just easier to clean up you know i got kids things are in this car leather is just always easier to clean up

I like it if you pan over here to the dash of the 4×8 it’s a standard nothing anything special you can see i’m plugged in i’m in charging here on the level 2 charger but if you come over here you do have the standard 8.7 inch uconnect it does have heated seats it does have all of your things uh regarding all of your charging ports and things like that and more

Importantly it’s got a real transfer case you know it’s got too high it’s got four high auto four high part-time neutral and of course the best one for everything is for low um in my experience with jeeps my limited experience probably six months is you really don’t need four low um but you can you can and the thing about it is is that a lot of the time the

Transfer case you’re multiplying power is what you’re doing the big difference is what’s over here so it is a hybrid and it defaults to hybrid mode so it will choose what’s the best for you electric or hybrid assist at the same time it has all electric mode which you can go 21 miles on a full charge and it has e-save so e-save you would flip it on and basically

What would end up happening is uh you’d save your battery until you got to where you wanted to be now originally i used this and what i mean my very first day is i used electric completely around my neighborhood dropping off the kids and everything it was great i dropped off the kids did everything with it and didn’t have any problems what the frick is this

Oh that’s a never noticed that before but it’s obviously been touched up i see the caveat of buying a used car that sucks anyways um come back over here where was i oh yeah i did and then when i actually drove um i put it in gas on the freeway and it gets about 20 miles to the gallon with the two liter in it and then when i got off the freeway i used electric

And then i used gas all the way home well that trip i managed 24 23.9 miles to the gallon which is about four miles to the gallon better than we actually got with everything else but this time i used hybrid when i was on the freeway and i let it do its own thing and i actually averaged 27.9 miles to the gallon so that’s exciting the one thing that’s different

About the interior i’ll tell you right here is actually this under here is your lithium battery pack and what this does is this moves this seat up one inch and forward two inches now that no that doesn’t seem like a lot and when you look here but i’m going to go ahead and cut away for a second i’m going to show you my wife’s so we’re going to go like this and

We’re going to show you the wipes and a good method of is i’m going to show you my seat my hand up against the front seat okay so you can tell if i go like this i can touch um you’ll see in my wife’s i won’t be able to do that because the back seat is going to be a little bit bigger but yeah that’s kind of the 4xc um that’s kind of the reason that i bought it

I really like it um the top does come off which is great because of the freedom panels here i’m gonna go ahead and do that because it’s a beautiful day out here at the chargers and i guess you can ask eddie how long are you going to keep this car well i don’t know um you guys know me and cars i’m up and down about them all the time but i’ll tell you one thing

That i learned about a car that i really like and i’ll be honest with you guys is i want something that is a toy and a car at the same time i had someone ask me the other day they go eddie you’ve had a lot of cars what are the cars that you missed the most to be honest with you the cars that i missed the most are the cars that i could play in right and sometimes

That’s a fast car sometimes it’s an off-road car but the cars that i don’t miss are the cars that are just utilitarian i’ll tell you before i bought the jeep i actually uh i went and i test drove a scat pack it was a 2021 charger scat pack and i was kind of let down by it you know i didn’t i didn’t think it was going to be good um just saying it was okay like

It wasn’t as fast as i thought 485 horsepower is not as fast as i had originally be thought maybe it’s because it’s an old v8 and it just takes a while to get there but this has 385 horsepower and 485 foot-pounds of torque so this is just as much torque as that scat pack and i’ll tell you when this baby’s charged and it i mean it moves um i think these run on

The quarter mile uh 13-7 stock in a jeep in a 5800 pound jeep so like i said it’s definitely going to be fun um as far as off-roading i do plan on going off-roading this weekend so definitely stay tuned uh go ahead and like and subscribe we’re going to take out my wife’s rubicon so that when i get stuck in my city slicker jeep she of of course get me out but as

Always thanks for watching and ride hard

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I “Shurhara”can drive this Jeep daily. My Jeep Wrangler 4xe Sahara By That Car Guy Eddie