I Sold My New Kia Forte GT After 3 Months

Today is yet another sad day. I have sold my Kia Forte GT. I go over why, what it was like too own. And why I am selling it so soon? Tune in too find out! The replacement has been purchased! New videos out on it soon!!!

Hello everybody and welcome back to performance on wheels this is my 2022 kia forte gt2 package that i purchased on june 7th 2022. it is currently september 2nd 2022 and i am selling it tomorrow morning yep i just took my last drive in my 2022 kia forte gt and i am already selling it after three months of ownership why may you ask well that is exactly what i’m

Planning to get into in today’s video thank you i’m currently 20 years old and this was my first new vehicle purchase that i’ve ever made and i am very pleased with it the car has been absolutely fantastic i was working for a dealership at the time and i actually got the vehicle under msrp the msrp on this car is just under 27 000 i believe it’s like 26 800 and

I paid right around the 25 500 range after tax title license it was about 27 grand right on and uh it’s been a true pleasure to own this car it’s been great i do have my complaints about the car there’s no doubt about that uh just a quick few of them that i can run through that you’re not going to notice the first time we test drive the vehicle that is going to

Be the road noise uh the road noise um like driving that night on a highway if you’re not listening to the radio um there is some pretty dramatic road noise on the inside of the vehicle and when i lift it up in the air and i look at the underside of the car i can tell why you can just look at the lack of insulation that there is on the underside of this car and

You can really see why uh and it kind of brings in into the aspect of that’s why this is the twenty seven thousand dollar car there’s a reason that why on this twenty seven thousand dollar car there is cooled seats that there is an incredibly good audio system that there is a really good display in all sorts of tech um they have to cut costs at some points and

Uh that’s just one of the places another thing i’m not a huge fan of is just the seats on long drives i talked about that in my previous video um another thing i’m not a huge fan of is uh just the engine in general it’s not super exciting it’s not very in your face but i do really like the transmission the transmission is a good time and that’s what i think truly

Makes the car the transmission mixed with the technology and just the looks is what i think truly sold me on the car it is a really great package that they have going here especially at the price point and it’s at but for those reasons i wouldn’t sell this car i would totally keep it i i do think it’s great but here’s the reason that i am selling it so like i said

At the time i was working at the dealership and of course works have benefits correct one of the benefits that i had working at the dealership i was at is every month they would pay 300 in my monthly payment i put a specific amount of money down on this car so it would set up to basically cost me nothing however after working at that company for a very short period

Of time uh i ended up deciding that’s not something that i wanted to do with my life and uh i talked about moving up but i was looking for ways to move forward inside of the company and unfortunately it just didn’t work out and i decided to move forward with a different company so then i lost my benefit the whole reason i got the car i was going to get free equity

Every month in this car basically under my name so it’s like hey why wouldn’t i take a free car right other than putting some money down of course not only that but i’m 20 years old in the insurance insurance costed me almost three thousand dollars this year and it’s just too much that was a ridiculous amount of money for insurance for example i actually ended up

Making a hail claim on my cadillac cts-v and i put pretty much all of the hail claim i money straight into insurance for this so i ended up not getting the hail fixed i’ll probably get it fixed at some point it’s not that big of a deal but i just i now that i don’t have a job where i’m getting the equity from this car under my name i’ve decided i don’t need to own

It um i can own a car for under ten thousand dollars it makes me just as happy so i’m currently looking at like a four six mustang i’m currently looking at a c4 or c5 corvette uh c4 in good shape a c5 not in the greatest shape and uh maybe something that’s just a bit more fun a firebird something ls power just because i’m super familiar with that power plant and

I’m confident working on them and it’s something that i could share with you guys and have fun making some videos on so there’s nothing that i don’t like at all about the forte gt foreign guys clicked on this video today assuming that it was going to somehow persuade you not to buy a forte gt or if you already have one why the heck i don’t like it um and i do i

I like everything about it like i previously stated um but if you are pursuing one i just have a couple of uh comments to make if you are a true car enthusiast of course you’re going to want to pursue the manual transmission car and i just want to let you know in my personal opinion i love manual transmissions i’ve driven a ton of them my cadillacs emanuel i love

Manuals however i’ve driven the dct and i’ve driven the manual version of this and i just truly feel that the dct is a better fit for this car the clutch in the manual is incredibly light the shifter feel isn’t super engaging however the dct in this pairs with that motor quite well and the fast shifts that it snaps off and the engagement with those paddles really

Does just fit this car’s personally personality better in my personal opinion obviously it’s totally up to you your decision but i’m just letting you know i don’t know that it’s truly worth spending the extra thousand dollars of course you can opt option this dct higher than you can option the manual because you can get the gt2 package on it which this one does have

But other than that i think that’s all i really have to say about it i do have to say however um the competitors are built a little bit better the interior quality like i said is fantastic there’s no doubt about the fact the exterior quality does have some fit and finish issues for example the first time it rained only a week after purchasing my car my tail lights

Were filled with water yeah the you know condensation inside of the lights and stuff like that my taillights were filled with water the entire inside of it was full of water that’s just not okay on a brand spanky new car you know i mean this thing had 3 000 miles on it at the time and that’s just not up to build quality well i think that brings us to the point in

The video where we’re going to talk about selling it obviously so like i said i paid about twenty seven thousand dollars for the car dead even after everything and i had it listed for sale for about thirty one thousand dollars on auto trader which at the time was actually quite low a lot of dealers currently have them marked up five to seven grand over msrp very

Hard to get these cars right now i’m sure a lot of you that are looking to buy one are in that stage and i i actually factory ordered this car i was planning on it taking three months or so now and it actually came in three weeks it was already built and they just allocated it to my dealership and there i was if it would have came in three months i would never would

Have had this car but i am very glad that i had the opportunity to own it it’s just something that i can’t financially uh decide to move forward with right now i just i want something cheaper there’s no doubt about the fact so i ended up continuing to lower the price because i wasn’t getting a ton of interest and it was a used car and on how these keys work is it

Has the 10-year 100 000 mile powertrain warranty but as soon as you sell it private party it drops down to a five-year i believe it’s 60 000 mile warranty comment down below if i am incorrect on that but i do believe that i am accurate so it’s a very hard you have a very hard time selling it to somebody private party because of course the warranty is uncut in half

So i kept having this one company reach out to me that i’ve never heard of before that apparently is absolutely massive they’re actually out of texas the name of the company is called texas auto value you i guess we’re going to see if they’re legit tomorrow but they’re actually they have a representative here and then they’re going to be flying somebody in and that

Person apparently they’re going to give me an equity check pay off the loan they’ll take the lean release i’ll get the remaining equity amount that i have in the car and then they’re going to have somebody drive it back so they i just don’t understand exactly how their business practice works because they’re buying this car for twenty seven thousand dollars so they

Are paying over msrp for this car they have to have at least a grand in a transport unit back home i would think so that means they’re now 28 grand into this car they’re not a kia or hyundai dealership so they’re not going to be able to certify pre-owned this car so that means for it to be worth it to them that i would think they have to sell it for at least 29 to

30 000 and i just don’t see somebody spending thirty thousand dollars on a four thousand mile car now um well it’s going to be like 4 500 by the time they get back so i’m just kind of curious to see how this goes tomorrow if they’re a legit company if any of you guys have ever heard of texas auto value please comment below based on everything i’ve read they have

Fantastic reviews they’re meeting me at my local bank so so i guess we’ll see how it goes i do also just want to apologize for the random push of forte videos this week i was trying to crank them out because it was kind of last minute that i was selling the car it was just uh winter’s approaching very rapidly i’m gonna need something for winter and i don’t want to

Sell this thing midwinter because i don’t want to drive my cts-v in the winter one it would be horrible two it is rust free and i just want to keep it that way it is in really good shape so i’m going to try to sell this and then buy something before winter starts so if you guys see anything that might pique my interest i think i’m going to try to look in the 10 grand

Or less range ultimately i really think i’d like to stay eight grand or less so if you guys see anything cool i’m willing to fly around the country to buy it comment down below shoot me some links if you find anything cool that i should pursue other than that i think that pretty much wraps up today’s video i know it’s not super long and i really do feel bad that i’m

Selling this car the community is a little bit weird based on facebook that i’ve seen no offense guys but um thank you guys so much for tuning in today’s video it has been a blast owning this car i have nothing i have no i have no beef with it i think it’s been great but i’m just ultimately selling it for financial reasons so thank you guys so much for tuning in have a great yesterday

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