I Sold My New Tesla Model 3 After Just 10 Months | Heres Why

In this video I’m going to be going over why I sold my New 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range after just 10 months of ownership. Was it because Tesla is bad? Did I not like Tesla? Was living with an EV bad? Did I transfer to a Model Y? Am I buying a Model S Plaid (haha no)? Well, you will find out in this video. Enjoy!

All right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the my tesla channel my name is jeremiah and in this video i’m going to be going over why i sold my 2021 tesla model 3 long range after just 10 months of ownership gonna be getting into the nitty gritty details the numbers all that good stuff so first in order to explain why i sold it we need to go back to around summer

Of 2021 at the time that i placed my order i placed my order on june 13th of 2021 so a little over a year ago now now if you were to go on tesla’s website right now you probably wouldn’t be too surprised given the current world situation our economy everything like that that the prices you’re seeing now are nowhere near what they were just a year ago at the time

That i placed my order on june 13th of last year and i’m going to quickly look at my notes just make sure i get these numbers right the base model has gone from 39.9 to 46.98 7000 increase the long range has gone from 48.9 to 57.9 a 9 000 increase and the the performance from 56 9 to 629 a6000 increase now i’m going to come back to the whole price increase of these

Particular models versus last year but for right now i want to focus on the price difference of the long range versus the performance at the time that i placed my order last year for my long range now i’m going to be honest i originally wanted and had specked out a model 3 performance to order last year but at an 8 000 difference not including the upgraded interior

Exterior i just really couldn’t justify it the differences of the long range versus the performance just didn’t really warrant an eight thousand dollar increase in my opinion and we’re going to be going over the differences in just a second so i ended up ditching the original build of the performance i had went down to a long range only got one upgrade that being

Gray paint yes before it was free and ended up walking out the door with an msrp of 49 990 dollars an extra seven thousand dollars in my pocket or 9.5 if you include the original interior and exterior that i expect for that performance and i was entirely happy with my purchase literally no regrets whatsoever i had that tesla fever if there was somewhere to drive i

Was driving it i would find reasons to drive i would find stupid little errands to run just so i could drive now even though that the price difference was a big reason as to why i didn’t end up going with the performance well there was also another reason that reason being the first time ev owner range anxiety that i’m pretty sure everyone has uh if you’ve purchased

Or when you’re purchasing your first electric vehicle i thought that that extra 40 miles that the long range boasted over the performance was gonna make a big difference now i’m not going to get into rated range versus real world range but just know that after three months of ownership all range anxiety that i had for my specific use case so how i used my vehicle

Was essentially completely destroyed didn’t have a single lick of ranging anxiety after about two to three months of ownership like i never came close to that zero percent that i had once feared now as time went on i was paying attention to the car market i knew that my car was either losing a little bit of value not nearly as much as what it should have been not

Losing value at all or maybe gaining just the slightest bit of value even as i was piling miles onto it and this was due to a bunch of different things gas prices were at an all-time high and climbing so a lot of people were beginning to switch to electric the massive influx of people switching to electric started driving up waiting times and tesla themselves were

Increasing the msrp of their vehicles it was literally a perfect storm gas prices went up people didn’t want to pay gas prices so they switched to electric that ended up driving up waiting times on these electric cars and then tesla themselves were like okay we’re just gonna keep raising prices to try and calm down the production and we know people will pay it and

It was it was really just a perfect storm now eventually a day came in sometime around spring of this year that i decided you know what i’m hearing all these things about my car is worth more than what i paid for it or people’s cars aren’t losing value as fast as they should be let me run my vin through a bunch of these car buying websites and well the offers i

Was getting kind of blew my mind a previous year model car with over 5 000 miles on it was getting me offers around 54 to 55 000 that’s anywhere from four to five thousand over what i had paid for it now while that sounds good and if i would have sold it then i would have essentially gotten paid to drive the car the last six to eight ish months there was only

One problem that problem being i didn’t want to switch away from electric more specifically tesla and if i were to have sold my vehicle at that point in time and put in an order for a new long range not only would i have paid just more right out the door from tesla because their prices had went up uh and that would essentially wiped out all my gains and i would

Have just got the same car i would have also been waiting upwards of four months if not more because like i said wait times were kind of skyrocketing now while yes i would have gotten a brand new vehicle essentially just hit the restart button got in a vehicle with zero miles and the odometer gotten a few small tiny upgrades over my 21 year in my opinion it just

Wasn’t worth the hassle of going through the ordering process and re-securing alone and just all that it it just wasn’t worth it in my books to get the same car just one year newer so i passed up on all those offers and decided to not sell but not without taking notice to something pretty particular remember just a moment ago how i mentioned all the price increases

Of each trim of the model 3. well at that time it was very obvious that the base and the long range model 3 were becoming the most price inflated they had increa increase the most in price over the past year compared to the performance and the price difference between the long range and the performance was slowly closing i believe at this time it was around six to

Seven thousand so a few thousand dollars less than the previous year so i stopped and i told myself that if i could sell my long range and get into a performance for five thousand dollars or less then i would do it because like i said i was noticing that that price difference of the long range the performance was slowly starting to close so five thousand dollars

Less i would do it because at this point in time i had a zero ounce of range anxiety and i wanted the performance but i was only willing to pay up to five thousand dollars more because anything over five thousand just in my opinion wasn’t worth the slightly under one second faster zero to sixty the 20 inch uber turbine wheels the carbon fiber spoiler uh the bigger

Brakes lower suspension etc it all that just wasn’t worth it to me if it was going to be over five thousand dollars more so now fast forward a few months into summer of this year it was sometime in early june uh tesla ended up doing something that i did not expect at all they increased the price of their model 3 long range up to 58 000 it was previously 55 which

I already thought was pretty high but they gave it a three thousand dollar increase in one swoop up to 58 000. to get your hands on a long range at that point in time was more expensive than buying a performance just a year ago oh wow the performance had gotten up to 62.9 just five thousand dollars more so i waited about a week for a lot of the offers to update

With the higher msrp and i started running the vin through a bunch of car buying websites and i even took it in person to get an in-person inspection done to get a in-person quote because well the ball really starts rolling if you’re trying to sell the car if you go and get an in-person inspection quote so then you have proof to take to other places to see if they

Will beat it so that’s what i did for about a week i ended up taking that in-person inspection offer that i got to a bunch of different places to see if they would beat it and well they did beat it and then they started kind of battling each other for the car so like one company beat it by 500 the next company beat that by 500 and the next somebody beat that by a

Thousand all the way up until i finally got an offer that i was very comfortable taking sixty thousand dollars right on the head about a three thousand dollars over my initial uh in-person inspection offer because my initial in-person inspection offer was about 57 000 so it does pay to negotiate and take some time going back and forth just to see who will give you

The best offer so that same night i went on tesla.com ordered a 2022 model 3 performance black exterior white interior the exact spec i wanted with a total out the cost store of 65 490 so not only was i able to get in a performance for only three thousand dollars more because i got 60 for the car it would have costed me just under 63 to get a base performance i

Was also able to add the exact upgrades that i wanted that being black paint and white interior while still just barely going over the five thousand dollar limit that i had set to just get into a performance so i ended up paying an extra 5 500 out of pocket to not only get into a performance but get the exact upgrades that i wanted and let’s just say i was a very

Happy camper for a few reasons first like i just said i got the original model and spec that i had originally wanted a year ago second out of my own money from the job that i work and i get paid for i’m only out 55 500 on this car fifty thousand for the original long range range that i sold and then i added another 5.5 000 to get into the performance which if i

Had gotten the performance the year prior i would have paid almost 60 000 out of my own pocket and lastly i now own a vehicle that like i said is much more expensive than what i paid for it that will hold a much higher price the base and long range versions are extremely inflated and when production starts catching up and inflation begins calming down which is

Already starting to happen with the production inflation is kind of at a standstill these models are going to fall substantially that being the base and the long range they are going to fall substantially from where they’re at now while the performance won’t fall nearly as hard because it hasn’t increased nearly as much the harder you climb or the faster you climb

The harder you fall in my opinion the base model 3 and keep in mind this is coming from someone that has driven all of the models right so all the trims the base long range and performance i really think that the base model 3 is a 37 to 40 000 car i think that the long range is a 47 to 50 000 car and i think that the performance is a 57 to 60 000 car so if you stop

And you look at the current prices and the prices that i just mentioned the base and the long range are way over that where the performance is just ever so slightly over it not to mention the prices that i just mentioned essentially line up exactly with what these cars were worth a year ago and this is not even taking into account the tax credits that are coming at

The beginning of the year this is going to encourage people to buy new for a bigger discount and if you think tesla disabled the long range version which we didn’t discuss in this video but they did disable the long range version for purchasing it says coming in 2023 but if you think that they disabled the long range and they aren’t going to re-enable it at under

That 55 000 tax ev credit cut off you’re delusional like that is probably one of the reasons that they disabled it because they’re going to re-enable it at a lower price may maybe just slightly below 55 000 so it can get that tax credit in my opinion i sold at the perfect time as quotes that i’m getting nowadays are around 53 to like 54. uh and that’s with using the

Same vin so i mean of course i still have the vin of my old car i just don’t own it anymore uh but yeah like i’m i’m getting quotes for about seven thousand dollars less which i didn’t i never got a quote for 60 that’s just what i eventually negotiated up to but my quotes then were like 57 so i guess technically i could probably negotiate up to like 55-ish maybe

Now for a long range but either way the i feel like that the worst part of you know used cars selling for a crazy amount or you buying a car then a year later like selling it for literally 20 above what you paid for which is what i did i think that that’s kind of behind us and the market is slowly starting to fall so i believe that i sold at a perfect time but that

Is why i sold my 2021 tesla model 3 long range after like i’ve said now just 10 months of ownership it was just because i saw an opportunity to where i could get into the original spec that i had wanted that being the performance for at best saving 500 to a thousand bucks and at worst breaking even and you know even though i just said that it was cheaper for me to

Buy the car this year than it was last year because of how much money i made on the long range and the fact that the base uh price of the performance hadn’t went up as much um that’s just like the msrp that’s not including taxes you know comparing buying it this year versus last year and all the money that i made extra on the long range but when you start looking

At taxes as well that’s well the picture isn’t as pretty uh i paid just under three thousand dollars for taxes on the long range so take that original 50 000 that i said i was out the door on that car and add 3000 to it so now we’re at 53. uh and then you take the 5.5 extra that i added to get to the performance uh now we’re at about 58.5 then you take the four

Grand it was under four grand just a little bit under but we’ll just say four grand on taxes for the performance and now we’re at a little you know right around 62 a little bit over 62 under i can’t remember exactly you know taxes but it was around that price uh and we’ll just say we’re at 62.5 and then you look at how much it would have costed me to get into a

Performance last year out of my own pocket so that would have been 57 base and then add the upgrades that have been another two and a half grand so now we’re at 59.5 and then you take taxes on that which would have been around three and a half uh now we’re looking at 63. so saved probably like 500 bucks maybe close to a thousand just depending on exactly how much

Taxes were but even if i would have broken even i would still say that that’s was a great deal i essentially got to test drive the long range to see if a i would like the vehicle if i would like tesla uh if i would like living with an ev and then i essentially just got to take it back and say okay i drove this car for you know seven thousand miles now let me pay

Exactly how much it would have costed me last year out of pocket to uh you know go up to the performance you know and this just kind of reminds me of the story that uh or this kind of scenarios that i wouldn’t really call her story when one of my buddies bought an m3 a bmw he didn’t get the competition he didn’t get the x drive and about six months in he said if he

Could go back and pay that difference to get the competition and get the x drive he would a hundred percent uh uh did it but of course i mean he couldn’t do it uh but that’s essentially what i got to do i got to go back and pay out of pocket the difference that it would have cost me after taxes and everything to uh get into into the performance so uh pretty happy

About that now it’s not all sunshine and rainbows um as if you watched my accessories video you would know that well i had ppf on that long range and well i think that you know there’s always a few purchases in life where you’re where you look back on you know if someone asks you like what’s the stupidest purchase you’ve ever made you know one or two things always

Pops up in your head and uh yeah ppf is definitely that purchase for me um i spent roughly about three and a half to four grand on it uh and i didn’t get any of it back the people that i sold the car to did not care i actually found the listing for the car uh a few weeks after and then it was only up for like maybe three or four days i’m pretty sure someone bought

It but they didn’t even mention ppf on it uh they more than likely they took it off uh but yeah i mean i could have taken a bigger rail if i would have got like full tint and then also bought like a celebration boost because that’s also like they also don’t care about that i only got like the side like the sides tinted i didn’t get the back or the front uh or the

Top um and i also didn’t buy acceleration boost think thank god because uh no place cared about that either because i i was asking like oh you know if i was a buy celebration boost you know would i get more money for it and all that um but no yeah they they they don’t care so i could have taken an even bigger l uh but it was just the ppf never gonna do that again

Learned my lesson uh and yeah but uh yeah that is the video hopefully you all did enjoy if you are new around here and you do want to see more tesla related content like this uh then feel free to subscribe i’d appreciate it thank you all so much for 2 000 subscribers uh we recently passed that um and well if you enjoyed the video then don’t forget to drop a like

And i’ll catch you all in the next one peace

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