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For my second video in Dubai I surprised my girlfriend Danique with one of her dream cars! A brand new Ferrari Portofino!!

Ready today was one of my favorite days in dubai i’m going to surprise my girlfriend and leak with her dream car a ferrari and to be specific a 2021 ferrari portofino which is an absolute beauty this is how we’re gonna do it i told nick that today we rented a buggy a buggy to take us into the desert of dubai and enjoy some dune bashing in now although that would

Have been cool watch something that absolutely makes dubai dubai exactly supercars now this video would not have been possible without elite rentals dubai a rental company based in dubai who were so nice to give me this ferrari today they ran out supercars jet skis yachts and way more the other upcoming videos we also have some crazy content with this company coming

So stay tuned for that check them in the link in my description below now enough talking let’s get right into the video and see that nick’s reaction to getting to drive her dream car today what guys we are staying in a new hotel for our last five nights here in dubai we felt like saving a little bit of money believe it or not here in dubai you actually also have

Hotels like these five-star hotels where you only pay 35 dollars a night you even have your own kitchen where you can cook you have a regular bathroom you have a beautiful bed which is kind of not beautiful anymore and you’re even on the 23rd floor which in my opinion is definitely worth the money so i’m telling you guys if you ever want to go to dubai it doesn’t

Have to be expensive okay babe i’ll go pick up the buggy and then we’ll go to the desert after okay see you in a bit so since then nick had to do some work anyways this was the perfect opportunity for me to go pick up the ferrari by myself without her knowing right so i got in the building i’m not sure if i’m on the right spot um can you tell me where showroom 7 is

Thank you sir all right so i’m pretty sure this is one of their cars i’m just not sure exactly where i need to be look at that bad boy this thing is sick too check that’s rep that should be this door but uh is there like a doorbell or something hello can i just open it i’m gonna open it oh i can oh no way oh that was the moment i was in a little shock because i

Realized this is the monster we’re driving today so boys and girls it is ready and i’m pretty hyped to drive it thank you for the shots and anything thank you too and i’ll see you guys in like a month or so let’s get in boys ah so this is actually my first time in a ferrari if you guys are wondering i have driven super cars before but never a ferrari so this

Is going to be my first time ever in a ferrari which i’m really really excited for when i tell you guys it took me five minutes to find out that the window uh buttons were here instead of here this is super weird the blinkers are actually on the steering wheel i’m not sure if they’re that’s the only spot where they are but i can’t find them anywhere else that’s

Kind of weird i’m not nervous it’s just like a little weird it’s new first time ever i’m driving in dubai and then first time ever i’m driving ferrari so it’s definitely something new for me oh it should be fine i mean it’s beautiful here though all right so we’ll leave it in the garage for a minute and then i’m going to pick up the nic heartbroken your heart

Broken why because it’s very hot outside yeah it’s 42 42 freaking degrees it’s like 105 fahrenheit maybe it’s not the best day to go to the desert by the way but i mean we’re driving so the wind should do the job i hope so all right let’s go oh my god freaking 720s this car would have been nicer today i gotta be honest this thing is insane oh my god this thing

Is so sexy oh this one is also nice why are so many nice cars in this garage because we’re in dubai i guess which one would you prefer the ferrari or mclaren i think this one i like it oh where did you in that case what the in that case we can we can take it where’s the buggy there’s no buggy you you said we’re going to the nursery today yeah we’re going to

The desert today just not in a buggy i mean we can still take the bucky but the owner of this car just gave me the keys so you’re just like hey you’re here take the car you’re kidding me no i’m not kidding we’re going with this one we’re going with this one we’re going with the ferrari how did you get this elite rentals dubai remember the rest of the days we’re

Gonna have the other collabs with the jet skiing it’s the same company but they gave me the car today and i wasn’t gonna tell you because we had the three collabs with three article apps but today they gave him the ferrari so i was like okay perfect let’s surprise my girlfriend i don’t know what you’re waiting for wait you know the best part actually here hold

The camera for me what the hell ah oh this is nice it’s so pretty you like it yeah i love it well let’s hop in there so the surprise was revealed to the nick and she was super hyped that she got to drive her dream car today now since we’re obviously knowing europe today and don’t have a german autobahn here we’re taking this bad boy into the desks of dubai for a

Second because you guys already know what that’s good for ready but before we do that we first went for a little drive through the city of dubai so sit back relax and enjoy some beautiful rari driving of course in dubai we could have known freaking sf90 the thing is insane bro this thing is insane oh my god and this is one freaking beast all right back to the rory

We are going to call me hey yo someone’s trying to hit up on me call me right it’s time for some raw downshifting power alright so we’re driving 90. all right okay let’s do that again it was bad ready ready that’s so quick so we’re at a at a pretty nice location with nice lighting because we needed some nice shots for the edit that you guys saw earlier already

But i need some drive-by shots that i want to take so i need you to drive oh gosh just like slow you can do that right now yeah right now okay so okay so hold the brake and then use the right pedal shifter to go to the first gear the right one yeah just press it like click it this one yeah now it’s in first gear literally drive to the end there afterwards i’ll

Show you guys the shot which i did put it in first gear again because i want to take the shot again and now go a little slower okay i think that’s all i need but now uh that’s where the real fun starts because you’re gonna drive now if this is the last video you’re going to see online from me you know what happens now in this part we talked dutch for a little

Bit because we were also filming for the next channel but something really interesting happened here so i’ll just subtitle it for you guys never do you have and that’s when i knew i was gonna die right you had fun uh-huh uh-huh is this the first supercar you’ve driven or yeah so i’m going back behind the wheel oh ah women women let me back up oh there we go

That’s better now later that night the nick and i actually went out for dinner to enjoy some time with two of us but we actually found out a really cool life hack about a ferrari at least if it’s a convertible because as you guys might notice here that nick’s hair is still wet but after a little driving it’s working it should be dry at a ferrari school i gotta be

Honest but this thing hello man this thing is insane so that was today’s video i hope you guys enjoyed it upcoming sunday my 500 000 subscribers youtube special is dropping and will continue to drop for that entire week so stay tuned for that i’ll see you guys

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