I think the VW Id Buzz will be your next car

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Foreign hello everyone and thanks for hanging out with me here i have the folks from id bus today here in copenhagen the folks from adibas media drive i’m very excited we’re gonna drive this car a bit show you the car uh what it has it’s incredible drive we just drove 10 kilometers it’s awesome it’s so soft so comfy i love it a few specs this has the 82 kilowatt

Hour battery from the meb platform so 77 kilowatt hours can be used only rear wheel drive at the moment the all-wheel drive will come next year at the end of the year has 204 horsepower 150 kilowatt wltp range is 423 kilometers it can charge with up to 170 kilowatt the car already has id software 3.2 on there what do we have outside we have the charge port now in

A different position then in other mep platform cars it’s here and you have to think that you can get out and put it up on there ac charging by the way is 11 kilowatt is in all mab platform cars um very interesting the key is different now you have also on the remote for opening the side doors so for example this opens this one and you can close it and of

Course the trunk there we go that took a while we have our usual trunk closing button no lock button we have a little handle because this is high i would say this um 190 centimeters tall we have this extra floor down here that you can have little pockets with stuff in there look at that we have our tow hook here that you press and hold it beeps then your toe

Hook comes out and you press and you put it you can do it with your foot and backwards you can do it too with your foot oh no and it’s in there then we have our what is this 12 volt outlet here design extra pockets here i think this is already designed for the six seater or seven seater that in the back you have usb-c or so i think this is preparation for

That a second floor and we still have a thing to close that and even put stuff on top of that if we want to close it again let’s look in the rear seats we have a a little button here you press this and it opens up yeah they put umbrellas for us in there that’s nice the seats you can adjust the whole the whole row with this you press it and then the road goes

Front and back we have a little tray how does it work ah up this go further yes there’s a button and then this is up like this you have little handles here to get out usbc’s in the door on both doors let’s go inside yeah it’s very spacious we have the normal lights but we have three rows so here’s lights too we have no handles on the roof here in the rear

Only for the front seats and what is this and here is your tiny button to open the door inside or your big handle there what this is closing i’m guessing no middle armrest yeah and you can remove the two seats on the left and the right seat separately so this is now all the way in the front look i already made the made the floor dirty because here’s water and

Of course i stepped in it i’m so mean the front we have a trunk opening here a window control the same as uh in in the normal mvp perform but here you don’t have rear how can you open the you can open the rear windows anyways so that’s not happening you have a little pocket here the key was there and you have different a different design for the air winds we

Have memory seats with massage function uh steering wheel is the same as in all meb platform cars except that this is now animal free this is vegan leather we have usbc here in the middle in the pocket to put your phone i haven’t found wireless charging we have armrests for the front passengers we have a big pocket here everywhere there’s big pockets used we

Have another usbc here in the in the in the door so we have three here in the front and we have famously this part that is functioning as a cooler and here we have two cup holders but you can close this of course like this and we have buttons to open and close the rear doors and you can press that the rear passengers cannot do that cannot open it themselves

And we have a lot of space here in the front and look at the view here to the back you can see so much it’s an amazing it’s the best view outside of an id car i have seen because it’s all window you can see very very well huge pockets here in the in the door too oh my god here and here and this on both sides of course let’s check out the space so the height of

The car is higher than any other uh meb platform course you almost need this step and then you whoop go in here like this well let’s check out the space i’m sitting here and it’s really comfortable there’s so much headroom like this much i’m 180 centimeters which is six feet you can have easy open in the car since 3.0 software so where it’s more back and lower

To get in and out of the car and once you turn on the ignition it goes to your position as you want to sit you can adjust the steering wheel up and down in and out again as with all uh meb platform cars and when i close the door i have an armrest here and what i notice is that the armrest for me is a tiny bit on your door is a tiny bit too high so i’m sitting

A tiny bit crooked the door uh is very rectangular but that’s just the shape of the car that’s how it is oh but overall seats uh are amazing very comfy the same with both armrests are soft and nice it’s very comfortable to sit and we drove already a bit it’s an amazing comfortable ride but i will make a video about uh about the drive anyways getting in you can

Use this to pull yourself in ah and sitting inside can i adjust this yes i can even the seat goes a bit look you can adjust that but go in yeah i don’t have a middle uh armrest it’s not possible and you can close it here or there’s a button here both just enclosing it and like i said usbc is in the door and the arm rest in the door is also a tiny bit too

High for me but it’s fine a lot of button to open it a lot of headroom again this much i have oh my god legroom also this much oh my god my feet fit go very far but not under the seat but i think the seat goes all the way down there’s even a closed for air vents and stuff there’s no air vent in the middle but i can see big air vents under the seat here so much

Space and like i said this tray you can put up all the way it doesn’t hold a lot it’s not but if you want to put something light in here and i think for the usbc and charging it’s uh you use it more to keep the phone in the door when you charge before you open it i can see that for me being a problem with having it plugged in and then opening the door and still

Have the phone in there and the cable i can see that for me because i would forget so much room and the light is awesome oh my god an extra pocket here and another pocket down here nothing in the middle though that’s fine i totally forgot to show you the 230 volt outlet here in the front here and 300 watt but 230 volt yeah that’s the volkswagen id bus a very

Great car i love the design the color is questionable of course but that’s all of taste for everyone i think so much space uh so comfortable um wait for the drive review and maybe a bit of a range test won’t be a perfect test but i’m gonna try a bit of a charging test and really excited about today so thank you much for watching have a great day and take care bye you

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I think the VW Id Buzz will be your next car! By Battery Life