I Wrapped My Tesla Model Y Performance Purple + Mods

In today’s video, I will show you the results of wrapping my Tesla purple and all the little modifications I have made to the car.

All right guys today’s the day i know you guys seen me pick up the tesla so but today’s the day when i finally make that exterior change we’re gonna rob the car you know i’m saying i did read some of the comments everybody wanted me to do it matte black some wanted narda gray i don’t know why but we’re here at test live canada here in vaughn shout out to test live

They’re about to rob the car they’re about to add the new bumper and hopefully the rear diffuser and tint the windows because right now the windows are the windows are not turning and you could literally see me perfectly fine clearance day they’re gonna attend a front windshield and also the back as well and yeah i’m excited it’s gonna take around probably a week

Max but i can’t wait to get this baby back i’m gonna miss her let me know names down below after i show you guys the color i’m about to pick this is clean though this is kind of cool it’s this one yeah there we go so yeah this is the car i’m going with guys gloss purple explosion it’s gonna look sick believe it we’ll see you guys in like a couple days four

Days or so we’ll pick it up and then i’ll do the review today is the day day four four days after i sent to my tesla to get wrapped i got the call it’s ready for pickup they’ve been hyping it up you know i’m saying i’m wearing the colors right now purple iphone 14 on deck so you know what time it is let’s see thank you it’s looking clean holy so i was scared

The purple might look i’m gonna fix this i was scared the purple might look a little bit too girly but this is mean god damn holy this is crazy the black fog lights is sick oh man you change the front loop so it matches yeah all the carbon and you put this um ceramic thing on it yeah i love the logo this is sick you guys killed it bro yeah guys killed it shout

Out to um test life if you guys ever need to drop your tesla you already know where to come 2150 steers avenue west van unit 22. you heard it here first i’m gonna get more shots for you guys but yeah this is this this purple is nice yeah in the sun too yeah oh yeah the black so is this a whole new thing so it’s a cover on the original one oh all right guys so

As number four if you guys need to get your cars wrapped just come to 2150 steels avenue west tell them your boy sent you siobhan and you can get something just talk to them you get something for free or a discount all you have to do tell them siobhan sent you and they’ll hook you up so yeah foreign the actual color is called gloss plum explosion it’s three

Material and i love it i know some of you guys are probably saying siobhan yg you’re up the car purple or why did you even rob the car in the first place well first off purples has always been my favorite color since i was a kid and i also decided to wrap it because of all the bad things i hear about tesla’s factory paint when it comes to durability it’s very easy

To chip so i just wanted to avoid that the guys over at test live did amazing job only took around four days to get everything done from tintin and everything and the end result is stiller i love how the rap hits in the sunlight it shifts color a little bit and at night it’s just very calm and muted that’s another thing i love about the 3m material and just it just

So calm but it still looks sick it’s still popping but very muted so i did do a couple of exterior changes they added a carbon fiber front lip the carbon fiber fog light accents tinted all the windows i think it’s around 15 or 20 percent tint and they even tinted the headlights to give it a more aggressive look i also blacked out the tesla chrome logo and removed

The tesla logo from the back instead i added a saturn tesla text logo at the back and i think it just looks so much cleaner that way i did remove the dual motor um badges let me know if i should put those back on 900 sure the only thing i would like to do next is add a rear diffuser and carbon fiber side mirrors a new steering wheel and then that’s it i think for

Now tesla also just made this car super easy to be modified or just in general get accesses for it so if you want to see me make a video about all my favorite tesla accessors let me know down below in the comments alright guys so that’s the car that’s the reveal let me know what you guys think about it to me personally this looks sick you already see me matching

Up the purple purple iphone and it looks even better in the sun i’m gonna actually reflects you guys probably seen it earlier but the quality is nice they did a very good job the back tint is nice my favorite part as well is just like the the tesla logo on the back here it just makes it look more i don’t know more sporty it comes default with the blacked out um

Handles already i might add carbon fiber to the indicators and also the mirrors that’s about it front lip is nice solid job this is sick let me know down below in the comments what you guys think of the new color the new wrap and don’t forget to check out test life here in vaughn what’s the address again white 2150 steeles avenue west union 22. all right you

Heard him 2150 steel avenue west unit 22 get your cars wrapped as always guys love peace and tweaks

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I Wrapped My Tesla Model Y Performance Purple! + Mods ☔ By Shevon Salmon