Im buying a Lucid Air but is it the right car for me?

After following the Lucid story for a couple years. At the first announcement that pre-production reservation was open on December of 2020, I placed my deposit.

Foreign like you said two years ago and christmas of 2020 i put a deposit on a lucid and now we are on our way to pick it up to take delivery except not really um it’s been two years and this is the first time that i’m gonna get a chance to actually test drive one let’s see how that goes i’m excited i just found out i’m gonna drive a loser exactly awesome

We love a good on brand yes so we’re going to take a test drive and seen it red with taco interior and just to happen to be taco tuesday so perfect well executed oh wow that’s stunning now personal disclaimer i’m not getting the electric car because uh it’s a fad statement or a fashion staple i went in electric car because i recently drive four

To five hours non-stop like all the time and i want a car that’s electric because i’m driving right now a boat of a mercedes gl 450 that really does not do good on gas i mean even though i get about 17 to 18 miles per gallon but that’s still not a lot so an electric car definitely would be useful for what i need to be and on top of it it would need to have good

Wrench because the drugs that i do sometimes are i mean not sometimes the average is about 250 to 280 miles those are the 45 hour drive non-stop and i know there’s a lot almost like the average car our electric cars right now can do that however do they have the interior space or the equipment that i would have that i would be bringing with me that is the main

Question and for that i’ve looked into the model y tesla the model x i’ve looked at the rivian now the model x or the model y from tesla do not have the same amount of interior space as my current mercedes gl450 which makes you think well if those two cars which are suvs don’t have it what makes you think this um four-door service then is going to happen i’m not

Sure but since i put the deposit on it two years ago i still want to get to test drive it and see a little bit about the car before i make that decision because on top of it uh delivery it’s probably not going for another year year and a half so i still have time to maybe do something you know else while waiting for this to come in and this will be my day will dry

So let’s go for test drive and check it out now i just got that little thing but now i can actually see everything here yeah or you can move it left and right so just in and out oh okay yeah i’m like who move it all the way right give it to the passenger there you go you could literally say do you want to drive when someone’s back she’s driving yeah yeah um okay

Yeah that is an upgrade feature number that’s right yeah you just need a software upgrade yeah that’s it exactly yeah outdoors same and this one is if you did that yeah every track oh it opens up for it’s a storage yep it’s very nice there for you love that so something you don’t want to put in the glove box kind of more accessible even though it is pretty easy

To open that glove box up gotcha yeah cool and then the easiest way to get out of the garage you’ll just take it right here and you kind of just do like a giant u and then we go down this okay and then you guys are you’re visiting from vegas right yes well vegas california i think would live in both places okay our job brings us to both so we’re kind of a little

Bit everywhere okay yeah i’ll do again i am digital media the photography videography okay fine okay yeah let me put this on yeah go for it did you already get how you feel oh my gosh i feel great this is so beautiful okay you can take that back here i’m gonna give you that you want to give that to you stephen do my social media there you go love more olive on

It you look great in it babe scale and actually although it is wide and the way that this kind of bevels and it makes me feel very like hug like i am inside of a kun of some sort yeah it feels very spaceshippy yeah but in a good way yes definitely definitely close it down i think probably a development will go out oh okay yeah always doing something all right

Right but also completely lit so i’m going to do something yeah i agree there’s some shade there if you want oh did you see that go down in the back right there i missed it sorry i didn’t mean to scare yeah my bad no i i it sounded like i was impressed maybe yeah love it perfect and then you’ll just tap it on in perfect hazard oh hazard it’s gonna be right up

There yeah oh very nice what do you want to hang on to this while he explains or do you want me to um yeah i just want to make sure i don’t get that crowd there okay so 24 from set for a second that one works fine perfect oh yeah how many models does lucid have the air you said correct yeah so right now we just have the air and then it comes in three trims uh

Technically the grand touring comes in two like sub trims we have our main grain touring and then we have grand touring performance okay okay we do have our midterm touring uh that will be one below the grand touring and then when we have that base trim the pure um which will be like our entry what you’re gonna have how many models at least that we know of right

Now we work are working on project gravity um that is a full-size suv yes um so we should you know be getting some more details you know hopefully soon but we’re looking at 2024 sometimes thank you foreign foreign foreign oh i see so if it were just the two of us we’d have all that storage yeah interesting i mean yeah a lot it feels it

Feels weird it feels like you’re crawling underground thank you foreign how much is you know that front is a little deceiving wow when there was a massive thing underneath there i believe that you couldn’t understand with wires and cables and stuff they just call it an engine now when you open it that it just like more space how gorgeous is that see

That’s how it should look you know me i don’t like clutter every time we open up the trunk of my or the the front of my car i’m like so this works i mean what is this like so that back there will be a part of the dc uh yeah all right so we moved it out you know in front of the vehicle and put in this funk area it’s again give you more interior i mean it still uses

Traditional like you know brake fluid and washer fluid and stuff so you still have to have some stuff yeah they’re so stumps and it’s massive it it’s massive and that’s why it reminds me of my dad’s black car which reminds me again when it is the mercedes um s500 it does it has this like a long leg space so you don’t feel like you’re cramped but then also you

Feel like you’re low to the ground yeah i don’t know it’s very deceiving but it’s very comfortable i like it a lot pure what is the what are we looking at so pure as well as touring are both slated to go in production in quarter four of this year um so you know sometime between october and december um in terms of taking actual delivery you know you’re probably

Looking into next year from the majority of those deliveries um okay do you think everybody that reserved the air air toying like this one will get theirs by the end of this year so probably not yeah you know once we’re in production once that starts yeah um we’ll have a better time frame um currently like grand touring it’s two to five months um but again

Yes is this still open because right now people like myself that reserve many reservation two years ago can upgrade to get one of these before because the this one is the air touring it’s just the one that had the limited rental they’re limited how many is being produced on this one that was the dream edition the dream is the one that had the the 520 520 okay and

Those are already sold out yeah so this one you can still get this is like the next main yeah main like top trim yeah gotcha okay so this one you can go as well it’ll continue on with as the other ones are being produced at the same time as well that is such a stunning drive my goodness i can get it out here once that bear comes up you’ll be good to go to go yep

Yep holy oh my god i was there now i’m here oh my god which is that there’s someone there yeah and it just completely stops you yeah stunning we need that a lot of people need that on their cars oh my god that’s amazing because i was like did i hit a speed box i feel like i can go does you feel like yeah i know we’re good yep wow it stops you that’s incredible

That is because it would scare the out of you the first time yep okay i was like let me at least try it okay yeah that so you kind of that’s something you kind of have to relearn you really do because when you’re not used to it you could get real jerky yeah so it’s like you kind of have to keep your foot on the pedal a lot longer than you normally would in your

Gas car gas it’s honestly really nice i mean you don’t even really need it that one pedal driving a village i know at this certain point it’s just come you know have it and kind of like institutional in that sense sometimes when you’re driving you’re just like oh my god but there’s too many things that it’s telling me and i feel like something’s going wrong um

No we were talking about so we were just in europe for two months and so we were driving and you know we have my family out there so we have cars and everything and roundabouts and all the different things that they do there and the way that people drive on the highway and they use a passing lane versus here it’s a free-for-all it’s a driving lane here yeah i mean

Technically you should always be passing people on your left etc but people don’t do that no they absolutely don’t do that and you should be driving on the right and passing on the left and you see i mean we’ve seen some crazy instances here in the united states where you’ve got even cops that they’re trying to get through and you just see people just coasting in

The left lane one you’re not supposed to be in that lane two how do you not see the cops behind you for like the like the last five miles yeah move over yes 360 over the top yeah this is great and then not at the stop sign but the next one you’ll take a left as well take a right you said um at the next one take a left oh and a left you said that on vehicles so

What do you say babe i don’t know that’s a little question but i will say the experience was top-notch um it was a very eye-opening and i had a blast not a yes or no we’re gonna keep going with that oh look at the burgundy yes like it’s not though it’s a mer level yeah it looks different in every car it really does but i mean burgundy is a very specific one of

My first car actually was a honda accord 1991. yeah i had it repainted for like 800 at maaco when it was so cheap and it was to like that color that burgundy love the heck out of that car and it had some white wheels ah yeah and then i sold it i wish there was a i made money on it of course since day one been hustling but um

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