Im Having a 2022 Sienna TAILGATE PARTY: Lets See What Works with 1500-Watt Inverter

It’s a 2022 Toyota Sienna Tailgate Party!!! I test out the 1500-Watt inverter and see what works – get ready for blenders and microwaves…and more!

Hey everyone i’m jeff teague i’m in raleigh north carolina this is auto jeff reviews where we look at everything in the automotive industry we test things out we do how to buttons controls and dials reviews comparisons today we’re going to find out if the 2022 sienna is a true tailgate vehicle we’re going to find out what it can plug in what the heck we’ve got a

Shopvac a microwave a blender you who who drinks yoohoo and we’ve got a 2022 sienna platinum hybrid we’re going to walk around it first platinum is the highest trim level you’ll get about 36 miles a gallon city and highway and combined on this front wheel drive bad boy here and then we’ll do a quick look inside so you can see what you’d see if you were driving

If you were a passenger it’s all new redesigned as of 2021 modern interior lots of storage space this one has two captains chairs and it’s got a nice third row back seat we don’t need that third row backseat let’s put that down sienna comes equipped standard with lots of storage room in the third row behind the third row those seats though we are getting ready

For our tailgate pull the lever pull it down pull the strap pull it down now we got a spot to hang out to chill to tailgate sienna’s equipped with an optional 1500 watt inverter so now you can plug in ac power right there and do your business this one also has power to the middle row let’s turn on our power are you ready for some football plug it in this is the

Worst blender ever no power at all but we’re gonna crush some ice it’s not the sienna’s fault this one sucks now what are we gonna do yoohoo chocolate drink had to pick something oh mama i truly don’t know who drinks yuhu let’s blend it up baby oh yeah oh yeah uh-huh oh yeah and now we’ll get ready for this fine yoo-hoo drink oh anyone want some come on over

Sienna and now my friends it’s microwave time this is an 1100 watt microwave it turned on at least the sensor’s going off here when i get close to it but we got us some microwave popcorn get it ready here can’t wait to see how this works all right so now i’ve got two minutes and 45 seconds if you’re looking for a minivan toyota sienna could be the one for you

Because it’s smooth it’s quiet it’s comfortable there’s a lot of versatility here you can fit three people in the back you can fit two in the middle row and you can fit two in the front or you can get a sienna that has a bench seat in the middle so then you would have three people across i can take this seat here i can slide it all the way forward all the way

Back i can recline it this also has seven different usbs in it so there are six charging ones two in the back two in the middle row we’ve got some more in the front there’s a lot going on here and everybody gets to stay plugged in and charged you guys hear it what’s going on in there oh popping it’s all up in here popping so anyway the sienna gets either 35

Or 36 mpg and it’s a combination of a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine combined with electric motor power works with an electronically controlled cvt gives you 245 net hybrid horsepower it’s got good acceleration up hills merging onto a highway pulling out into traffic and it gives you 36 mpg so you get the efficiency you get the cool factor with this sienna it looks

Great it looks sharp it looks cool is it cool to drive a minivan now it is if you’re tailgating baby what oh yeah the bag is growing and leon is getting larger very cool here so the platinum it has heated and cooled seats it’s got a nine inch multimedia touchscreen that you can see up there android auto apple carplay amazon alexa siriusxm so much going on with

This platinum and i’m enjoying this i’m smelling the popcorn and i’m ready to tailgate so let’s hop on in here we’re all ready for the big game because i got my yuhu my yuhu milkshake or slushie then i’ve got my popcorn now where am i going to sit well i can put the yoohoo right there i gotta get comfortable because guess what i’m gonna be watching my movie so

Let’s get this set up here where we slide our seat all the way back our ottoman got to get my popcorn first let’s take this all the way and then we’re going to recline and then we’re going to watch the game touchdown uh oh that wasn’t good jeff why would you do that well after the big game no one likes it but we gotta clean up right good thing i brought my

Back i’m gonna be here several minutes cleaning everything up but look at the versatility what can you plug into your sienna for overnight camping trips you can also do it for trips beach trips mountain trips or just when you’re in the car for five ten minutes what can you plug in game systems the limit there are no limits it’s limitless thanks everyone for

Watching tailgate extravaganza i hope your team won what did you think of sienna’s capabilities when you get that upgraded power source pretty impressive right i got popcorn to eat i got my slushie still to drink i was busy cleaning up but anyway my team won i’m real excited about sienna i hope you are too what minivan is your favorite and tell me why in the comment

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I'm Having a 2022 Sienna TAILGATE PARTY: Let's See What Works with 1500-Watt Inverter! By AutoJeff Reviews