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Im Sitting in the Best SUV Ever Made

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Lexus GX 470 review. I Finally Got a New Lexus GX 470 and Here’s What I Really Think of It, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Expensive luxury car. Lexus Luxury SUV review. Should I buy a Lexus SUV? Is the new Lexus SUV worth it? Is Lexus reliable? The truth about the buying a used Lexus. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 54 years.

Rev up your engines it’s a used gx470 and we’re gonna see what kind of shape it’s in because it was bought used now it’s purchased privately from a person in nashville a little over 200 000 miles on it he paid 13.5 for the thing so let’s see did he get a deal or did he get ripped off now it has relatively aggressive tires on it so the tires will make a little noise

That we’re not really worried about and as we can see here it’s what we want it was made in japan there’s a leather seat a little wear nothing outrageous it’s got the clancy interior with a little wood finishing check out the back plenty of room there you check the undercarriage you can see it’s a lot of complex systems but they’re pretty well built but let’s

Face it 200 000 miles is 200 000 miles so let’s start it up because it’s got an actual key not that push button crap and let’s put the breakout starter up it starts right up as we look under the hill we see it’s got that massive v8 engine hidden under a beauty cover of course now it sounds totally normal not particularly loud or anything just realize one thing

This has a v8 engine as you can see under here it’s got a timing belt all right somebody’s ready now that’s the one main maintenance headache on these it is a v8 engine but it’s an interference engine the rubber belt breaks valves hit the pistons goodbye engine they’ll break the engine so on these religiously you change the belt about every 100 000 miles so if

You’re buying to use one you want records of that if they don’t have any records and you’re going to buy it tell them you don’t have any records the timing will change i’m going to have to change it price it out at today’s prices it’ll go anywhere from a thousand to two thousand dollars having a guy changing it correctly with all the parts that need to be changed

So keep that in mind it’s good bargaining chip if it’s running as good as this but they have no proof you knock that off the price of the car because they’re gonna have to prove that it was changed don’t do some audio weirder change no you need a receipt from an actual mechanic with a phone number so you can call them up and see if they actually did the work but

You can see it’s not shaking it’s running perfectly fine just keep that in mind now it’s a somewhat older one being an o6 but it’s still got a lot of creature comforts not the steering wheel a modern one has it’s relatively limited in what it can do the information is relatively limited compared to new ones for sure but it’s still got a decent backup camera it’s

Dark today it’s raining and you can see what’s going on behind you not particularly large but it still works of course because it’s alexa it’s got some complex stuff you can do height control you can do comfort sport vehicle speed control on or off and of course it’s the lexus so these systems still work check it out if you look at the bumper on the matrix next to

It we’re going to do the lowering and you can see the vehicle is getting slightly lower you can see the bumper’s sticking up more on the matrix that’s the one big advantage of lexus so you have a lot of technology but it tends to last and still work perfectly fine but there’s so much technology on these things you gotta have a guy like me check it out with a fancy

Scan tool before you buy we’ll plug our smart link in turn on the think tool we’ll do intelligent diagnosis there’s event scan knows what it is so we’ll do diagnosis we want to do a smart scan to do everything while we’re waiting realize a lot of people are looking for a big suv that lasts generally these things do last but i’ll give you a warning as they get

As old as this with 207 000 miles on it some knocky things aren’t going to work i predict that probably the abs system some of these systems will have codes and stuff they often will when they’re this old although the guy isn’t complaining about any drivability whatsoever main engine everything that’s all green that’s all green that’s all green that’s all green

Which is good but we do have codes for the abs haha what a prediction the air bag in the air suspension so here’s the coach for abs battery low control module lost communication blah blah blah blah blah i see that all the time i’ve told you a million times about this stuff it’s got 200 7 000 miles who knows what works been done if a battery gets weak you can trip

Those codes and people don’t understand with the regular scan tool you can’t reset it so here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to clear these dtc’s so we’ll push clear dc now we got to turn the engine so it’s off but the keys on it’s not running and now it’s going to clear them and as you can see now it’s all green so we’re going to road test it we’ll see if

Anything happens then but we’ll look at the engine and ect and we’re going to get some live data here that i can analyze to see what shape this 207 000 mile lexus is in and you can see right down here it may be older but there’s 208 points of data well it’s color-coded we’re looking for blue but i’m going to look at the data too 13.52 volts at the body module

That’s fine all kinds of data here the air fuel ratio is pretty good bank one sensor one is 1.00 is perfect goes between 1.00 and 0.99 and the second sensor is doing the same thing 1.00 to 0.99 almost perfection a vehicle with 207 000 miles and as we can see the cylinder misfire counts one at two or zero three four five six seven and eight is zero they’re all

Zero you can even see it had a trouble code at 131 000 miles ago where it was cleared that’s a trouble code the data that comes for the stupid airbag system and all that other stuff that’s not going to be included under dtc that was never reset to zero that’s why i reset those codes the long term fuel trim on bank one sensor one it’s subtracting and on bank two

It’s attracting two point three four percent which shows they’re not running perfectly evenly but on any other car that’s not bad with 200 000 something miles but on the lexus that’s not good enough i would say put some good fuel injector cleaner in it like that ats stuff i’ve been talking about for a long time and clean them out because it’s subtracting fuel it’s

Running a little bit rich the droplets probably aren’t spraying right because the injectors are probably a little dirty i’d put some cleaner in for that and see there’s no misfires it’s running quite well but it’s just a little off running a little rich subtracting fuel everything else as you see is blue decent data so let’s take it for a rainy spin now of course

It’s a big tall vehicle this is what people want to feel really secure even in the rain of course being a big tall vehicle with a big v8 engine in realize these are gas hogs there’s no way getting out it’s as big it’s as heavy these things are gas hogs most of my customers never even know their gas mileage because they say i’m afraid of checking it i just know

I fill it up all the time if i drive a lot the best you’ll ever get with this thing empty not pulling anything it’s about 14 miles a gallon if you’re driving in town and if you’re lucky you might get 17 on a highway maybe it just all depends on a lot of stuff now you take this car it’s got very aggressive tires so it’s probably going to get bad he doesn’t know

He doesn’t check it because like i said most people at all nice they’re too worried it’s so low it’s going to scare them make them depressed so they just fill it up when they need to and if you listen closely as i’m driving you can hear the tires they’re loud tires they’re aggressive hear that one one most people with a luxury car like this will put much less

Aggressive tires so they won’t make hardly any noise at all i guess this guy likes to drive in a little dirt and mud and you’re better off with a heavier duty tread but it’s going to be noisy we’re at our little drag strip let’s step on the gas and see what happens it takes off but you notice there’s no slip drive system on this thing has been perfected by lexus

It didn’t really lose power and it didn’t slip at all and that v8 engine makes a great muted sound not exactly what you call a country boy out in a cornfield car but hey if you want power and stability you don’t really care about gas mileage and you’re going to carry a whole bunch of people this is a pretty good vehicle for it and consider hey you paid 13.5 for

It you can buy an awful lot of gasoline with the price difference between that and a brand new one let me tell you a lot you’re not overwhelmed with technology what do you got fuel gauge speedometer tachometer and a temperature gauge all the warning things you really need in a car it is a lexus general you don’t have to heat any warning it usually doesn’t give you

Any but it’s there and you can easily see it at a glance and of course when you’re at a stop it’s pretty much whisper quiet so if you’re not the greatest driver hey keep your plenty safe but if you’re an aggressive one like me you can have a lot of fun and not get into trouble and let’s say you need a little more height well you just push the button and there

We go now it’s getting higher when it stops flashing it’s done you can drive these things pretty rough and you’re not going to slip it slide we check the computer out and the ghost codes are gone often happens on these things maybe after thousands of miles something will come back but it runs good enough it stops good enough you see the traction control works it

Doesn’t slip so it’s got 200 7 000 miles it’s still a really good car if you don’t mind the poor gas mileage so there you have it you want a giant vehicle like this and you don’t want to spend 70 or 80 grand for a new one drop system works fine everything is in excellent shape and you’re going to save a ton of money buying a used one so if you never want to miss

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