Importing a 1996 Toyota Hilux Surf Diesel

1996 Toyota hilux surf diesel. Follow me on my journey with this truck and maybe get one for yourself

Without further ado folks i want to introduce my 1996 toyota hilux surf s r x turbo diesel right hand drive let’s get to it let’s go foreign i’ve been wanting a toyota hilux truck for the absolute longest in waiting waiting waiting getting my hopes up and then when i finally get it it didn’t disappoint so you may look at this truck and you think oh it’s

Just a 1996 toyota 4runner but it’s much more folks definitely worth the wait it’s definitely a totally different truck yes some body parts are the same but the motor transmission four by four suspension is totally different stuffed up like you wouldn’t believe and did i say the motor it’s got a 3.0 inline turbo diesel four-cylinder and you may also think oh my

God it’s so underpowered and you would be wrong again because this truck has plenty of power it will cruise at 80 90 miles an hour with no issues fun fact this is the most reliable diesel engine that money can buy look it up so i’m trying to hide my excitement for this truck and you know i don’t get excited over everything i’ve owned i ate bentley’s rolls-royce

C8 corvette porsche twin turbos i’ve owned a lot of cars but this right here gets a lot of attention and i am really excited about this car can’t you tell so people in australia is like looking at this video and says mate it’s just a high look surf but they don’t have these in america so this is like a prototype a pre-production model it’s pretty badass so you

Want to import one well first thing i need to tell you is right hand drive takes a couple of days for you to get used to it and folks these vehicles aren’t cheap over there so they’re definitely not going to be cheap here now is it worth it absolutely i bought mine and mine will be turned into a bigfoot tracking truck yes folks is going to be a badass bigfoot

Tracking truck i have shipped many of car australia in the years that i’ve been in business but since the law change and you can’t do that no more without it being bone stock a lot of regulations it’s crap it’s not worth sending anything over to australia now you rent cars from australia now it says it has to be 25 years or older but you can get a 20 year old

Car in the country there’s some extra paperwork you have to fill out but you can get a 20 year old car in the country well this one here is from australia but the next batch that will come over will be from the uk and the best part is it’s just an eight hour plane ride and you’re there and there you can pick out your truck drive the truck to a mechanic shop and

Do full maintenance on the truck i’m doing this one here because due to time constraints i couldn’t fly out to australia or if you’re mechanically inclined you can load up the parts while you’re in the uk or australia and you can have the parts when you get back over so you don’t have to order the parts from australia like i did i have ordered a lot of parts for

This truck from australia some has arrived some has not let me show you what i’m doing let me show you what all i’m doing to this vehicle so i want this truck to run tip top replace the ac compressor the ac compressor the clutch was bad so i’ll order just the whole new compressor new radiator new water pump is on the way all rubber hoses all belts i am replacing

Brake booster brand new uh master cylinder brand new everything is brand new this uh timing belt now if you read on the 3.0 turbo diesels you need to replace this every a hundred thousand kilometers which is roughly 50 60 000 miles uh and i don’t know when this one was replaced it looks pretty new but i ordered it and it’s going to be replaced i’m not going to

Take no chances at all also the alternator i’m gonna go ahead and get that and i’m going to order some common replacement parts like the power steering pump uh air filters oil filters fuel filters stuff like that stuff that you cannot go and buy at a parts store now folks anything to do with this engine right here you cannot go by at a parts store here in america

You have to order it i also ordered new carpet and new bottom seats they’re a little bit worn and touch screen radio you know just uh updated a little bit along with a badass snorkel and some lights to go up top it’s going to be a badass truck so before i tore it down to build it back up i drove it over a hundred miles and i tell you it’s pretty badass so in two

To three months i’m going to the uk to pick up a couple more of these bad boys and if you’re in my super group and the super group is a paid group but if you’re in my super group you can go over there with me and i won’t charge you anything to show you how to do this in the uk in person you buy your own vehicle and i will show you how to ship it and i’m there

With you can’t it can’t get any better than that hey if you’re interested it’s 2.99 cash out me at rick on the move yes i’m in another super classic right now baby but i’ll let you in on that later peace out

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