INCREDIBLE SPEC Ferrari F8 Tributo Walk-Around Review #ferrari #f8tributo #supercar

With some confidence, I would say that this Ferrari F8 Tributo is very likely the highest spec’ed F8 in the world! As always, press cars always tend to be very generously spec’ed, and in this particular instance Ferrari have gone all out. In fact, this car was ready for the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill Climb later in the year.

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Ferrari f8 tributeo i’ve worked really closely with ferrari over the years and for the first time they’ve trusted me enough to throw me their keys to this this is the v8 or so the name suggests possibly their last v8 uh it’s a tribute to the last v8 for ferrari so i’m going to take you for a quick walk around the car because i reckon this is one of the highest

Specked f8s in the world i don’t know that for sure but it’s a press car by ferrari and it’s pretty much fully loaded they’ve ticked everything on this it’s 325 000 pounds the list price for this is 202 so ferrari have almost put 120 000 pounds worth of options on this car and i’m going to take you through most of them uh and give you a little walk around tour

Of the fh rubioto and if you’ve got any questions pop them in the comments below and i’ll happily answer them i’ve actually got my phone with me because this spec sheet i don’t know if it’s picking up it’s two pages long there’s so many things thrown onto this car it’s ridiculous right let’s get stuck in first of all let’s talk about this this is the key and

I’ve loved having this on my bedside table it looks so cool and i actually have to pinch myself seeing this ferrari key for a 325 000 pound f8 next to me it’s so cool i love it how good is this blue oh my god this color is amazing it’s called blue corset it’s one of their special options you you have to pay quite a lot for it i think it’s about seven or eight

Thousand pounds but i can’t believe how good this color looks it’s insane and actually and i know i say this about a lot of the cars i have oh the color’s amazing but this color really is amazing and a lot of press cars do look amazing because they’re press cars and they put their best colors on them and in this instance this blue looks incredible i think

It was the same blue in fact i know it’s the same blue that was on there um geneva launched for this car back in 2019 i just want to talk about these lights as well very different to the 488 they’ve still gone for the same shape but some of you may have noticed the light actually stops here and what we’ve got here is an air intake so it directs it channels

Air in through here and then it relieves the pressure in the wheel arch and also cools the brakes they’re carbon ceramics on those 20 inch rims i don’t think i’ve seen the carbon ceramics on the spec sheet so maybe it comes standard having the ceramics you have to have them though because this car is insanely quick it accelerates naught to 60 miles an hour in

2.9 seconds a ridiculous speed this engine has been lifted straight out of the pista it’s 710 twin turbo v8 it’s it’s mad it makes the car slightly overpowered in my opinion especially when those tyres are cold it’s very very difficult uh to keep the rear planted it’s just constantly breaking traction but it just adds to the fun and the drama what this car is

All about it’s very very raw experience definitely keeps you on the toes in on your toes and one word to describe this car from me would be feisty it’s definitely feisty let me show you this when you open it you have to then jack it up yourself and to have that privilege of having a carbon uh engine bay you’re looking about ten thousand pounds in total but

It looks awesome personally i think i would like a little more of a splash of red in there because it’s a ferrari i’m not sure if it’ll clash with the blue i don’t know but i i kind of feel like it should have a bit more red in there but it looks cool and then to close this just give it a little push and then here this is all um i forgot what this glass is

Called it’s like lexicon lexicon gloss um and it’s very much like the f40 look at that and it’s so cool when you’re in the car and you’re looking in the rear view mirror you can actually see into the engine bay but you can’t see anything really through this window because it’s distorted by these these vents it really kind of distorts the view out of the mirror

So there is a bit of a blind spot but you’re aided by cameras and and all sorts so make sure you do spec in sensors and everything because you will need them on this one thing i’m gonna be honest i don’t get this so this is uh the bird’s eye um view camera and it’s like they forgot to stick a camera on it and they’ve just literally just gone just stick it on

Why ferrari why have you done that you’ve ruined the beautiful shape the perfect shape of this car and you’ve just stuck that on the mirror why carbon everywhere i’m not going to go through every single carbon option because we’ll be here all day but let’s just say they’ve ticked every single carbon option on this car um so you’ve got the carbon diffuser this is

Actually active aero as well so under heavy braking um i’ve not seen it myself obviously because i’ve been in the car but this all um all comes down the mechanical grip of this car is insane and it’s aided not only by this but it all starts up front with the s duct which we first saw with the 488 pista um so the s duct again more carbon fiber in the splitter here

But what it’s essentially doing is it’s directing air in through here and then it’s like an s shape that’s why it’s called nest duct and it comes out through here more carbon fiber that’s almost 2000 pounds just to have that carbon fiber inlay which you can’t really see from any other angle than that so that’s two grand but anyway sorry i digress channels air up

Through here and you can kind of see i hope you can see it in the uh in the camera channels air up over the roof and then channels the air down here and then through some more aero um components there and then it all nicely ferrari worked their magic and it’s just perfect check these four point harness seats they are a faff to put on i’m not gonna lie about

How cool do they look and this car is ready for goodwood because if you look here they’ve got it all ready to be um miked up so you plug these into the helmets oh look carbon fiber back seats i’ve not done this yet but yeah just pull this here and they come forward quite a bit of space behind these seats by the way you could almost fit a bit of hand luggage

In there you know if you’re small like me and have the seat quite far forward you could actually fit quite a big bag behind here you’re greeted with the f8 tributeo logo and ferrari logo over here you have to spec in the yellow speedometer that’s an option as well and then the steering wheel carbon fiber typical ferrari really these haven’t changed for quite

A while um getting a little bit dated if you ask me but i still think it looks cool don’t like this so this is the air con um controls for passenger and driver it’s dual control but it just again it’s plasticky and just looks a little bit rubbish so yeah two two criticisms of this car would be that and then the horrible camera on the um bottom of the mirror

These come from the 812 superfast on the 488 they were more built into the dashboard they were like vents that kind of wrapped around the shape of the wheel whereas in the f8 they’ve taken these straight from the 812 super fast and i actually really like these these are really they feel nice really nice quality another thing i really like about the interiors

You’ve got these these two cup holders here but actually one of them is redundant because it’s not a cup holder it actually holds your key and i love this so much and i do actually use it for the key because i just think it looks so cool when you’re driving just to see the ferrari key and then again carbon fiber all down this uh central console uh and here you

Have your launch control you have the transmission you can tran um you can quickly switch between auto and manual and then reverse alcantara seats um with with a light leather and then you’ve just got the embroidered ferrari prancing horse as well in the headrest there which is a must and like i said that view in the rear view mirror you can see a little bit of

The engine there as well but i don’t know if it’s picking up on camera you can see those uh vents in that lexicon glass which makes the view quite distorted but just have a look at that guys look at that what a view from that rear view window if i just hit the ignition everything comes to life so you have i don’t know why i don’t know if this is just because

It’s a press car but you’ve got a load of stuff that always comes up every time you turn it on and you have to accept it and then you have to then close it which is a bit annoying because that then brings up your speedo and then turns on the passengers display as well and the passenger can toggle through and see various um so if i just change some of the uh

The drive modes you can see the passenger sees all that as well uh and they can then change the music and navigation they can have loads of fun over there keeping themselves entertained so you’ve got two dials each side of the steering wheel and each dial controls either side so if i just toggle this at the moment it’s showing the speed it’s actually quite

Slow isn’t it and then the radio your media navigation as well can come up there and then over here on the left hand side you can just toggle through various um displays showing uh your oil temperatures and tire pressures and your speed as well and back to the oil there all right let’s turn the engine on i’ve just left the door open just so you can get more of

The exhaust note here so fit on the brake as always just turn on the ignition the engine comes to life very it’s a bit of a cold start the car’s been sat here for an hour or so so it’s a bit of a cold start but let’s just give it a few blips these are actually fake unfortunately so these are just tips but if you look through here you can see there’s still

Fairly sizable exhaust tips on there and it sounds awesome yeah we’ve got the turbo and we’ve got the filters which unfortunately is the future and we can’t get away from that but the cast still sounds awesome and this as well is an option here to have the f8 tributeo floor mats and again more carbon fiber here in the kick plate so you can actually have the

Scuderia ferrari shields on both sides of the cast you’ve got one there and you’ve got one on the other side as well and to have those put onto your ferrari it’s just over 1 000 pounds but why would you not spec those in because every ferrari deserves to have that on there’s a little latch just on the inside here there you go and actually this is actually quite

Spacious um okay it’s it’s not huge it’s not a boot but it’s actually quite spacious and one thing i really like about ferrari is they put a little plaque here for all their customers to see what all the options are so you can see here this car has had like a million options put onto it i think the font is actually being shrunk down because there’s so many these

Are actually titanium wheel bolts um and they they’re 960 pounds to have those put on your ferrari but why not let’s go crazy i love that little carbon fiber prancing horse as well that center cap as well with the brembo calipers on carbon ceramic brakes so there you go guys the ferrari f8 tributor i’m so sorry i went through that so fast i’m just trying my hardest

To keep my video times down they’re normally about 20 minutes which is far too long so hopefully i can keep this under 10 minutes but yeah if you’ve got any questions leave them in the comments below if you haven’t already please make sure you hit that like button and subscribe to the channel because it enables me to do many more things like this and i’ll see you in my next video

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